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  Unit 1
  1.Always read the  instructions  (instruct) on the bottle carefully and take the right amount of medicine.
  2.In  conclusion  (conclude), I would like to say how much I have enjoyed myself today.
  3.Mark is a  cautious (caution) shopper who always does some careful research on the market before he buys something valuable.
  4.When he came back three hours later,they were still sitting on the sofa, absorbed  (absorb) in conversation.
  5.It is so  challenging  (challenge)  a job that I can't finish it on my own.
  6.Children,when  exposed  (expose) to an English-speaking atmosphere, will pick up the language much more easily.
  7.He made an apology to me for his not  attending  (attend) the concert on time.
  8.It may not be a great suggestion.But before a better one is put  forward , we'll make do with it.
  9.Whenever he didn't perform well in his studies, he would blame his failure  on  carelessness.
  10.Although her relatives didn't think she could live for three months,the old doctor finally cured her  of  her disease.
  1.It makes a sense to work on the problem before it gets out of control. 去掉a 
  2.Neither the teacher nor the students is content with the result. is→are 
  3.He was struck by the beauty for the first time he visited Guilin. 去掉for 
  4.Although defeating in the match, we didn't lose heart. defeating→defeated 
  5.When I opened the door, I found my father sitting in his chair, completely absorbing in the newspaper. absorbing→absorbed 
  1.在读了Lucy 的信后,我得出结论:她是诚实的。(conclusion)
  答案:After reading Lucy's letter,I drew a conclusion that she was honest.
  答案:Being exposed to the sunlight for too long will be harmful/do harm to your skin.
  3.人人皆知他应该为此受到责备。(be to blame)
  答案:Everybody knows that he is to blame for this.
  答案:I can't help laughing every time I hear the joke.
  5.强迫自己学习是毫无意义的。(There is no sense in...)
  答案:There is no sense in forcing yourself to study.
  Most teenagers in the United States spend their time trying to make time for school, family and friends. But some choose bigger goals.
  At age 15,Winter Vinecki has already had more successes than most people have in their lifetime.“I recently completed a marathon on all seven continents and became the youngest person in the world to do so. And I was really doing this for my dad.”
  Unit 2
  1.Will it be convenient  for  you to chat with me on the Internet tonight?
  2. Attracted  (attract) by the movie starred in by Jet Li,I decided to see it again.
  3.Remember that your ideal life does not always consist  with  the reality.
  4.—Would you like to go to the football game tonight?
  —Oh,sorry.I have arranged  to see  (see) the film Personal Tailor by Feng Xiaogang.
  5.With so much work filling my mind,I broke  down .
  6.The factory is well  furnished  (furnish) with modern equipment.
  7.It is thought that the scenery of the West Lake is beautiful beyond  description  (describe).
  8.China held a grand military parade at the Zhu Rihe Training Base  in  celebration of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army on July 30,2017.
  9.Than for writing and allowing me  to clarify  (clarify) the present position.
  10.We should not overlook this possibility  that  we can't arrive on time because of the weather.
  1.My husband arranged me to ride in a hot air balloon for my birthday. arranged后加for 
  2.To his delighting,he got the first place in the maths exam. delighting→delight 
  3.Rainbow Valley is great tourist attraction,drawing many visitors every year. is后加a 
  4.Please come and see me for your convenience. for→at 
  5.r eyes opened if you want to find the boy in red sweater. opened→open 
  1.真奇怪你的妈妈竟然知道了所有的事情。(It is strange that...)
  答案:It is strange that your mother (should) have known everything.
  2.众所周知,塑料袋很难分解。(break down)
  答案:As is known to us all,plastic bags are difficult to break down.
  答案:He found himself lying in a hospital bed.
  答案:Please go to see your parents at your convenience/when it is convenient to you.
  5.他们不可能在这么短的时间内完成这个任务。(There is no possibility that...)
  答案:There is no possibility that they can finish the tasch a short time.
  (2018•南昌NCS0607项目第一次模拟)When people introduce themselves,I always hear them say “I'm just a housewife”.I don't understand why their introduction is always filled with regret and self-pity.Is it really a crime to be a housewife?Is it really embarrassing when you choose not to wortside and instead choose to worr home?
  How could you be “just a housewife” when the basic social unit of society depends on you and your service?A housewife works for the longest hour,supporting your husband,child's studies,caring for elders,managing finances,paying bills,grocery shopping, cooking according to individual taste,cleaning,etc.A housewife could be anyone:daughter,wife,mother, teacher,financial advisor,fashion designer and nurse, gardener,driver,cook,and so on.Don't thin are not being paid for Unit 3
  1.Nobody can tolerate  being cheated  (cheat),and that's why he has no friend.
  2.—Did you recognize your former classmate whom you hadn't seen for many years at the party yesterday?
  —Yes,I recognized him  instantly  (instant) I saw him.
  3. Lacking (lacch experience will constantly trouble you in your business.
  4. Guided  (guide) by the sun,they walked towards their destination through the woods.
  5.Since you have settled down in a new country,you have to make an  adjustment  (adjust) to the new environment.
  6.If you  constantly (constant) regret things you did or didn't do in the past,then you won't be able to move forward.
  7.It is more complicated than we  previously (previous) thought.
  8.As far as I know,the government will speed  up  the pace of our economic reform.
  9.When not in a room,you'd better switch  off  all the lights and the fan.
  10.Jennifer is having a hard time getting accustomed to new  surroundings  (surround) in Australia.
  1.Sales director is a position which communication ability is just as important as sales skills.
  2.As far as I know,the school can't tolerate cheat in the exam. cheat→cheating 
  3.We must never lose the sight of the fact that man must live in harmony with nature. 去掉第一个the 
  4.Basing your life on popular culture is liilding a house on a constant moving foundation. constant→constantly 
  5.It's impossible for her to have more free time to accompany her parents because her work takes on much of her time. on→up 
  答案:Tom sat there watching the monkey dancing very pleased.
  答案:Founded in the early 20th century,the school keeps on inspiring students to love art.
  答案:Under the tree stands a little boy reading a story book.
  答案:I recognized her directly I saw her.
  答案:He can't tolerate being laughed at by his classmates in public.
  (2018•江西省百校联盟高三第一次联考)Listed here are four of the thousands of impressive museums around the world.
  The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Bilbao,Spain
  Built in 1997,the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is one of the newest in the world.It has transformed the industrial city of Bilbao into a travelers' desired destination.The beautiful architecture of the museum has provided a dramatic bacnd for movies and commercials.
  The Louvre in Paris,France
  Probably the most famous Louvre also holds the most famous painting in the world,the “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci.Crowds can be found any day surrounding the small,but mysterious painting of the smiling woman.But,the Louvre is much more

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