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  专题三 完形填空
  第一讲 记叙文
  (2017•全国Ⅰ卷)导学号 47404035
  While high school does not generally encourage students to explore new aspects of life, college sets the stage for that exploration.I myself went through this ____1.A____ process and found something that has changed my ____2.B____ at college for the better: I discovered ASL—American Sign Language(美式手语).
  I never felt an urge to ____3.C____ any sign language before.My entire family is hearing, and so are all my friends.The ____4.D____ languages were enough in all my interactions(交往).Little did I know that I would discover my ____5.A____ for ASL.
  The ____6.C____ began during my first week at college.I watched as the ASL Club ____7.B____ their translation of a song.Both the hand movements and the very ____8.A____ of communicating without speaking ____9.D____ me.What I saw was completely unlike anything I had experienced in the ____10.B____.This newness just left me ____11.D____ more.
  After that, feeling the need to ____12.B____ further, I decided to drop in on one of ASL club's meetings.I only learned how to ____13.C____ the alphabet that day.Yet instead of being discouraged by my ____14.A____ progress, I was excited.I then made it a point to ____15.C____ those meetings and learn all I could.
  The following term, I ____16.D____ an ASL class.The professor was deaf and any talking was ____17.A____.I soon realized that the silence was not unpleasant.____18.C____, if there had been any talking, it would have ____19.B____ us to learn less.Now, I appreciate the silence and the ____20.D____ way of communication it opens.
  ❶  A.searching   B.planning
  C.natural  D.formal
  解析:根据上文中“While high school does not generally encourage students to explore new aspects of life”的关键词“explore”及下文的内容可知,此处指作者在大学通过学习美式手语经历了探索(searching)的过程。planning“计划制订”;natural“自然的”;formal“正式的”。
  专题三 完形填空
  第二讲 夹叙夹议文
  (2016•全国Ⅲ卷)导学号 47404046
  When I was 13 my only purpose was to become the star on our football team.That meant ____1.B____ Miller King,who was the best ____2.D____ at our school.
  Football season started in September and all summer long I wort.I carried my football everywhere for ____3.A____.
  Just before September,Miller was struck by a car and lost his right arm.I went to see him after he came back from ____4.C____.He looked very ____5.A____,but he didn't cry.
  That season,I ____6.B____ all of Miller's records while he ____7.D____ the home games from the bench.We went 10-1 and I was named most valuable player,____8.C____ I often had crazy dreams in which I was to blame for Miller's ____9.C____.
  One afternoon, I was crossing the field to go home and saw Miller ____10.A____ going over a fence—which wasn't ____11.B____ to climb if you had both arms.I'm sure I was the last person in the world he wanted to accept ____12.C____ from.But even that challenge he accepted.I ____13.B____ him move slowly over the fence.When we were finally ____14.D____ on the other side, he said to me,“You know, I didn't tell you this during the season,but you did ____15.A____.Than for filling in for ____16.C____.”
  His words freed me from my bad ____17.D____.I thought to myself,how even without an arm he was more of a leader.Damaged but not defeated, he was ____18.A____ ahead of me.I was right to have ____19.D____ him.From that day on, I grew ____20.B____ and a little more real.
  文章大意:本文是夹叙夹议类文章。在学校“我”喜欢踢足球,并且很崇拜Miller King,但是他因为车祸失去了右臂而不能参加比赛了。“我”代替了他,并且取得了骄人的成绩。“我”心里感觉对不起他,但是他的话让“我”深受感动。
  ❶ A.cheering for B.beating out
  C.relying on D.staying with
  解析:上下文语境题。联系空前的to become the star on our football team和空后的who was the best...可知,“我”要成为足球队的明星,就意味着要击败(beat out)最好的球员Miller King。cheer for为……欢呼;rely on依靠;stay with与……待在一起。
  ❷ A.coach B.student
  C.teacher D.player
  专题三 完形填空
  第三讲 议论文
  As a general rule,all forms of activity lead to boredom when they are performed on a routine(常规) basis.As a matter of fact,we can see this ____1.A____ at work in people of all ____2.D____.For example,on Christmas morning,children are excited about __3.C____ with their new toys.But their ____4.B____ soon wears off and by January those ____5.A____ toys can be found put away in the basement.The world is full of ____6.D____ stamp albums and unfinished models,each standing as a monument to someone's ____7.B____ interest.When parents bring home a pet,their child ____8.C____ bathes it and brushes its fur.Within a short time,however,the __9.B____ of caring for the animal is handed over to the parents.Adolescents enter high school with great ____10.D____ but are soon looking forward to ____11.A____.The same is true of the young adults going to college.And then,how many ____12.C____,who now complain(抱怨) about the long drives to work,____13.B____ drove for hours at a time when they first ____14.D____ their drivers licenses(执照)?Before people retire,they usually ____15.D____ to do a lot of ____16.A____ things,which they never had ____17.A____ to do while wort ____18.D____ after retirement,the golfing,the fishing,the reading and all of the other pastimes become as boring as the jobs they ____19.C____.And,like the child in January,they go searching for new ____20.B____.
  ❶ A.principle    B.habit
  C.way D.power
  解析:根据文章开头的As a general rule...“作为一个通用的规则……”可知,此处意为“我们能在……中看到这个定律”,上文中rule暗示此处要用principle。
  ❷ A.parties B.races
  C.countries D.ages
  解析:由For example后面提到的几类人children,adolescents,young adults以及people to retire可知此处要填ages,意为“我们可以看到这一定律对各年龄段的人都有效”。
  ❸ A.working B.living
  C.playing D.going
  解析:根据该空后面的with their new toys可知孩子们是“玩耍”新的玩具,所以此

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