《Save our world》教案4

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  Module 12 Save our world
  Unit 1
  If everyone starts to do something, the world will be saved.
  Knowledge objective
  To master some words and expressions. 
  Ability objective
  To understand a conversation about pollution and a green school.
  Moral objective
  To learn the crisis of the earth and save the world.
  1. To learn and review some words and expressions:
  factory, pollute, recycle, waste, enemy, crop, kill, oil, less, such as, hopeless …
  2. To learn how to live a green life.
  PWP method, task-based method and interactive approach
  A tape recorder, multimedia and some pictures
  Teaching Procedures:
  Step 1 Warming up  
  Pollution is our great enemy, and we have to fight it. Let Ss watch a video about pollution. Ss look at the pictures and talt the questions.
  Step 2 Listening
  Work in pairs. Look at the pictures and talt them. Use the words in the box to help you.
  factory      pollute     recycle       waste
  Step 3 Listen and complete the sentences.
  1. The factory is causing a lot of _____________.
  2. There should be some ________ to stop the pollution.
  3. We can _______ waste products, such as __________ and paper in a recycling centre.
  Listen and read.
  Step 4 Consolidate new words
  Look and say. Look at the pictures of new words and let the students to say as quickly as possible.
  Step 5 Reading
  Read the dialogue and complete the notes.
  Pollution problems
  1. If the rivers are polluted, ________________________________________.
  2. In some places, pollution from factories ___________________________.【出处:21教育名师】
  3. The cars on the roads ________________________________________.
  What the students can do
  4. Support a green school: every class ___________ which can be ____________. Then the school _______________________ to help students ________________.
  5. Students learn _________________________. That means ___________.
  Step 6 Everyday English
  It’s no use …
  Such as …?
  Nice idea!
  Step 7 Language points
  1. It’s no use talking about things we can’t do. 
  It’s no use doing sth. 做某事没有用处
  e.g. It’s no use complaining.  抱怨没有用处。
  Listen, George, it’s no use living in the past.
  听着, 乔治, 活在过去是没有用的。
  2. Such as ...?
  such as 这个短语常用来表示举例说明。
  e.g. — There are lots of things you could do. 有很多你们能做的事。
  — Such as …? 比如说……?
  3. That means less waste.
  less     adj. 较小的; 较少的
  n. 较少数; 较少量
  less 是 little 的比较级, 指物体的体积或分量相对于别的物体少。
  e.g. The firm has less money and fewer staff than last year.

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