《Save our world》单元检测试卷

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  Module 12 Save our world
  1. Please ___________ the lights when you leave the room.
  A. turn on  B. turn off     C. turn up  D. turn down
  2. Thousands of trees should ________ on the mountain.
  A. be planted     B. plant     C. planting       D. planted
  3. ---Had we better leave right away?
  ---It’s better__________for another five minutes.
  A. wait B. to wait C. waiting   D. to waiting
  4. We should plant more trees because trees___________our environment..
  A. is good for B. are good at C. are good for    D. does well in
  5. --- What can _______ to help reduce the pollution?
  --- Glass, metal and paper.
  A. be recycled B. recycle C. be sent D. send
  6. Many students are left alone in the countryside. Let’s try our best__________them.
  A. help  B. to help    C. helping   D. helps
  7. There are usually _________ people in the supermarket every weekend.
  A. too much B. much too C. many too     D. too many
  8. These are plastic bags. Don’t __________.
  A. throw away it     B. throw it away
  C. throw away them D. throw them away
  9. Please give up smoking. It’s___________to your health.
  A. harm   B. harms   C. harmful D. harmless
  10. Do you ________ our country’s future?
  A. care for       B. care about       C. take care     D. worry
  11. ---The government has succeeded in stopping the factories__________the river.
  ---Really? Good news!
  A. to pollute      B. pollute   C. from polluting   D. to polluting
  12. These old textbooks can be _______ by students in lower grade. So don’t throw them away.
  A. replied  B. repeated  C. reused   D. reduced  
  13. His help made a difference to ______ the wildlife in this area.
  A. save B. saving C. waste D. wasting
  14. It’s no use_________at the boy. He’s deaf.
  A. shout B. to shout C. shouting D. shouted     
  15. Please _________these students________two groups.
  A. divide of         B. divide in      C. divide into     D. divide with
  阅读下面短文, 掌握其大意,然后从A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项。
  There are many kinds of pollution around us,    16   air pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution and light pollution. They are bad    17   our health in many ways.
  Burning gas, oil and coal creates air pollution. It can cause sore eyes and   18   problems.
  With the increase of pollution and the development of industry, litter is everywhere. It mar environment dirty. People put lots of rubbish in the land. Farmers use too many    19    in the fields. They destroy the soil. So soil pollution has become serious.
  Noise pollution can make people    20    . For example, people may lose their hearing if they work in a    21   place for a long time. Too much noise can cause high blood pressure    22    .
  Working for a long time in strong, changeable light   23   cause some kinds of illnesses. It makes people feel    24    and is especially bad for the eyes.
  With    25    pollution, our planet will become greener and our health will be better. Let’s be greener people.

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