《Save our world》检测试卷

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  MODULE 12  Save our world检测试卷
  一、 听力部分(满分20分)
  第一部分 听对话,回答问题
  1. A. She wants to have a rest.   B. She is tired.      
  C. She’s ill.
  2. A. Climb hills.              B. Go fishing.      
  C. Go shopping.
  3. A. Basketball.             B. Baseball.  
  C. Table tennis.
  4. A. He will play football.            B. He can’t play football. 
  C. He doesn’t like playing with them.
  5. A. Go hiking.    B. Have a trip.   
  C. Have a picnic.
  6. A. Boring.             B. Funny.               
  C. Wonderful.
  7. A. At 6:30.    B. At 7:00.   
  C. At 7:30.
  8. A. Twice a week.            B. Twice a month.       
  C. Twice a year.
  9. A. Buy a new car.             B. Drive his car to work at once.
  C. Change a wheel (轮子) for his car.
  10. A. A market.    B. A cinema.     
  C. A bookshop.
  第二部分 听短文,回答问题
  11. How long did Mr Black work in a restaurant?
  A. For ten years.    B. For ten months.   
  C. For ten days.
  12. Once Mr Black had to see a doctor because something was wrong with his________.
  A. ears    B. eyes   
  C. nose
  13. What did Mr Black decide to do?
  A. To open a hotel.    B. To open a shop.   
  C. To open a hospital.
  14. Who came to knock at his door one evening?
  A. A stranger.    B. A woman.   
  C. A doctor.
  15. What happened to the man after he took Mr Black’s medicine?
  A. He got better.    B. He got well.   
  C. He became worse.
  16. How does Tony go to school?
  A. By underground.  B. On foot.        
  C. By bus.
  17. What time does Tony’s school day finish?
  A. At 2 pm.        B. At 3 pm.        
  C. At 4 pm.
  18. What sports does Tony play in summer?
  A. Football.        B. Basketball.      
  C. Tennis.
  19. What does Tony do in his favourite class?
  A. He learns about drama and theatre.
  B. He learns how to draw and paint.
  C. He learns how to use the computer.
  20. Where do students go to get work experience?
  A. Different places. B. Offices in London.
  C. Schools in other countries.
  二、笔试部分 (满分80分)
  Ⅰ.根据句意及首字母提示完成单词(每小题1分,满分5 分)
  1.My watch doesn’t work;it needs r_______.
  2.There are many d_______ between the two languages.
  3.The dictionary c_______ me 20 dollars.
  4.There’s a lot of p_______ in the air in London.
  5.Nothing is h_______ if you put your heart into it.
  Ⅱ.用所给词的适当形式填空(每小题1分,满分5 分)
  6. We should give up those _______ (waste) habits in order to save our world.
  7.If someone doesn’t show good manners to others,he or she is_______(polite).
  8.He seemed_______(friend)at first,but now I’ve got to know him and I realize he’s warm and kind.
  9. Most students in our school often collect _______ (reuse) waste for recycling.
  10. If we don’t look after our earth well, the future will be _______ (hope).
  Ⅲ.句型转换(每小题1分,满分5 分)
  11. It is not possible to clean up the river in two days.(改为同义句)
  _______ _______ to clean up the river in two days.
  12.It is full of hope for the team to win the match.
  It _______ _______ for the team to win the match.
  13.This dictionary cost me 50 yuan.(就画线部分提问)
  _______ _______ _______this dictionary cost you?
  14.Why didn’t he pass the exam? I want to know.(改为复合句)
  I want to know_______he_______ _______the exam.
  15.Li Lei runs faster than Wu Yun.(改为同义句)
  Wu Yun doesn’t run so_______ _______Li Lei.

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