《Save our world》单元练习试题

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  Module12 Save our world单元练习
  1. --- I                  an important old book by mistake last week.
  --- I'm sorry to hear that.
  A. ran away B. threw away C. put away
  2. He hasn't seen his mother for five years. He is                  forward                  his mother at once.
  A. look; to see B. look; to seeing C. looking; to seeing
  3. The classes                  5 groups when we went on our outing.
  A. was made intoccc B. was divided by
  C. was separated from D. was divided into
  4. --- Did you go to Mary's birthday party?
  --- No, I                  to her party.
  A. haven't invited B. wasn't invited
  C. am not invited D. didn't invite
  5. --- Have you found the information about the famous people                  you can use for the report?
  --- Not yet. I'll search some on the Internet.
  A. who B. what C. whom D. which
  6. Things made of plastics can't be                 .
  A. eaten B. recycled C. bought D. collected
  7. --- My aunt                  me to Europe for vacation next month.
  --- Have a good time!
  A. take B. took C. will take
  8. I thinr government should pass a law to                  food waste.
  A. save B. increase C. protect D. reduce
  9. No decision                  about that matter yet. We are still considering it.
  A. has been made B. has made C. will be made D. will make
  10. I'm sure that stricter rules to control cigarette smoking                  very soon.
  A. made B. will make C. were made D. will be made
  11. Don't pour dirty water and litter into the river. They will p                 the water.
  12. I think the first s                 to solve the problem is to call the police.
  13. He works hard these days and his work has got a r                 change.
  14. Don't w                 water. Please turn off the cock after you wash your hands.
  15. Tigers usually k                 other animals and eat them.
  16. The students r                 the story many times until they can tell the story naturally.
  17. Let's d                 ourselves into several groups and discuss the question in groups.
  18. I'm thirsty. I would like to drink three b                 of juice.
  19. We should stop all the f                 pouring waste water into the river.
  20. We should r                 waste and save energy.
  21. Yesterday we were                 (划分) into 4 different teams.
  22. Why do you                 (浪费) your money on useless things?
  23. My parrot is clever enough to learn to                 (重复) the words I say.
  24. The future seems                 (希望) because he is terribly ill.
  25. The victim had a lot of                 (敌人).
  26. Susan wants to buy three                 (瓶) of orange juice.
  27. Something has been done to stop the factory from                 (污染) the environment around it.
  28. The government took action to                 (减少) the pollution.
  29. He walked to the post office with a quick light                 (步伐).
  30. We have collected lots of waste paper and bottles for                 (回收) since last year.
  31. 这些旧裤子不应该被扔掉。
  Those old trousers should not be                                  .
  32. 这个句子可以被划分成三个部分。
  This sentence                  three parts.
  33. 为了节省纸张我们应该减少浪费。(词数不限)
  to save paper.
  34. 她决定采取措施去找一份工作。
  She decided to                                                    find a job.
  35. 我们真的需要很多天赋去完成这项工作。
  We really                                                    talent to finish the work.
  I can't remember when I started collecting litter(垃圾). But it was when I hated seeing litter nearby that I realised that     36     was going to picp.

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