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  Module 8 Accidents
  Unit 1 While the lights were changing to red,
  a car suddenly appeared.
   Knowledge objective
  To master the useful words and sentences.
  Words: pale, appear, round, corner, hit, glad, risk, side
  expressions: in time, fall off, pay attention, side by side
   Ability objective
  1. To help students to improve their ability of listening and speaking.
  2. Enable students to understand conversations about traffic rules.
   Moral objective
  1. To help students know the importance of traffic rules.
  2. Improve their sense of duty to follow the traffic rules.
  New words and expressions.
  To learn the grammar knowledge of the past continuous tense.
  Cultivating the ability of expressing opinions.
  PWP method, task-based method and interactive approach
  A tape recorder, multimedia and some pictures.
  Teaching Procedures:
  Step 1 Lead-in   
  Ss look the pictures and fill in the blanks.
  Step 2 Consolidate new words
  Look and say. The teacher shows the pictures of new words and let the students to say the new words as quickly as possible.
  Step 3 Say the meaning of the phrases.
  Work in pairs. Let Ss say the meaning of the phrases as quickly as possible.
  Step 4 Look at the pictures and say what’s happening
  Look at the picture and use the words from the box to say what’s happening at that time.
  Step 5 Listen to Activity 2 and read
  1. The driver was/was not going fast.
  2. The driver was/was not looking.
  3. The driver was/was not talking on his mobile phone.
  Step 6 Listen to the dialogue and answer the questions
  Let Ss listen to the dialogue and answer the two questions. Then check in groups.
  Step 7 Read the dialogue and answer the questions
  1. What was the boy doing when he was riding his bike?
  2. When did a car suddenly appear round the corner?
  3. Did the boy fall off his bike?
  Step 8 Read Activity 3 and complete the following advice.
  When you are riding a bike, thint the risk of an accident!
  Pay ___________ and stop at the___________.
  Don’t ______ too fast.
  Don’t ride ____________ with your friends.
  Don’t ______________!
  Step 9 Complete the passage with the correct form of the words from the box.
  Let Ss read the passage first and choose the words and expressions from the box.
  Step 10 Everyday English
  Are you all right?
  That’s very dangerous!
  That’s too bad.
  Anything else?
  Step 11 Language points
  Let Ss master the main points of the passage.
  Step 12 Listen and mark when the speases
  1. Listen and mark when the speases.
  1) While the lights were changing to red, a car suddenly appeared round the corner.
  2) When I was waiting to cross the road, the accident happened.
  2. Now listen again and repeat.
  Step 13 Work in groups of four
  Student A: You’re a policeman at an accident scene in the street. Ask people questions.
  Student B, C and D: You saw the accident. Answer the policeman’s questions
  Step 14 Grammar
  Step 15 Summary
  in time     fall off      pay attention      side by side
  Step 16 Exercises
  Do some exercises about the main points.
  Step 17  中考链接
  Do the exercises in the entrance exam to senior high schools.
  Step 18 Homework

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