《Healthy food》教案4(5份)

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Module 4 Healthy food 单元测试题.doc
Unit 1 I love history.docx
Unit 1 练习.doc
Unit 2 We start work at nine o.docx
  Module 4 Healthy food 单元测试题
  Written test part (共80分)
  Ⅰ. 词汇(共10分,每小题1分)
  1. Mary’s favourite food is ________. 
  2. These ________ are delicious.
  3. I like some bread with ________.
  4. There are many ________ in the bag.
  5. Susan’s ________ are very white.
  6. He is very ________(劳累的) today.
  7. It’s very ________(重要的) to sleep well.
  8. Linda’s husband can ________(记住) her birthday.
  9. This kind of ice cream is very ________(甜的).
  10. I have a good breakfast ________(每个) morning. 
  Ⅱ. 单项选择(共10分,每小题1分)
  (  )11. I have got ________ orange.
  A. a                             B. an             
  C. the                           D. 不填
  (  )12. Some apples and ice cream ________ on the table.
  A. are                          B. is       
  C. am                           D. be
  (  )13. Bill ________ a new chair.
  A. has got                     B. have got
  C. there is                     D. there are
  (  )14. —Have we got ________ fruit?
  —Yes. We’ve got ________ apples and oranges.
  A. some; some           B. some; any
  C. any; any                D. any; some
  (  )15. —Has she got a new book?
  —________. Her new booe.
  A. Yes, she has            B. No, she hasn’t
  C. Yes, she does          D. No, she doesn’t
  (  )16. —What’s your favourite vegetable? 
  A. Hamburgers            B. Beef
  C. Sugar                      D. Potatoes
  (  )17. Mary’s favourite ________ is milk.
  A. drink                        B. vegetable
  C. fruit                         D. meat
  (  )18. Let’s ________ some chicken.
  A. eat                         B. eating
  C. eats                        D. to eat
  (  )19. The bread is delicious, ________ I don’t like it.
  Unit 1 I love history.
  ⅠTeaching model
  Listening and speaking 
  ⅡTeaching method
  Interactive approach
  Ⅲ Teaching aims
  1. To understand time expressions and identify school subjects.
  2. To understand conversations about “a school day”.
  3. To process information of time and school subjects in the listening.
  4. To talt one’s lessons with given information.
  Ⅳ Teaching Objectives
  Key vocabulary: half, past, o’clock, art, geography, history, IT, maths, (AM E math ), PE ( physical education ), lesson, then, difficult, love, subject, because, interesting, talk, begin, when
  ctures: It’s six o’clock .
  It’s half past six.
  Ⅴ Teaching aids
  Tape recorder, OHP , video , a clock
  Ⅵ Teaching Steps
  Step 1 Warming-up
  1. Show some pictures to explain time expressions.
  2. Listen and repeat the time.
  3. Ask and answer. What time is it?
  1.__________       2.__________       3.__________      4.__________
  4. Call back the answer from the whole class and check the answer .
  1. It’s twelve o’clock 2. It’s half past six  3. It’s eleven o’clock 4. It’s half past one
  5. Practice. Ask and answer. What time is it?
  Step 2 Practice
  1. Show some pictures of the subjects.
  2. Introduce the new words.
  3. Match the words with the pictures.
  Unit 1 练习
  Ⅰ. 找出各小题划线部分发音不同于其他三个的一项。
  (  ) 1. A. doctor                    B. geography
  C. talk                            D. o’clock
  (  ) 2. A. good                   B. look   
  C. book                    D. too
  (  ) 3. A. afternoon             B. school
  C. room                         D. cook          
  Ⅱ. 根据图片写出下列时间的英语表达(每空一词)。
  3.                          ___________
  4.                          ___________
  5.                          ___________
  6.                          ___________
  Ⅲ. 根据句意从方框中选出恰当的单词填空,有的需要变换形式。
  maths, lesson, love, interesting, begin, then
  1. We have four                on Friday morning.
  2. My parents                my brother and me.
  3. His favorite subject is               .
  4. We have IT at 2:30pm,                we have PE.
  5. Let’s                to have dinner, Mum.
  6. I like history. It’s               .
  Ⅳ. 根据各题后括号内的要求完成下列各题,每空一词(含缩略形式)。
  1. We have English at 4:00.   (对划线部分提问)
  do we               English?
  2. They have art today.  (改为否定句)
  They                              art today.
  3. I can talk with my new friends. (改为一般疑问句并补全否定回答)
  —                               talk with               new friends?
  —No, I               .
  4. I like IT. (改为一般疑问句并补全肯定回答)
  —                               like IT? 
  —               , I               .
  5. They have Chinese on Fridays. (用he改为单数句)
  Chinese on Fridays.
  Ⅴ. 将下列句子按照正确的顺序排列,使之成为一段通顺的对话。
  a. Hi, Bob. Is that a geography book?
  b. Who is your art teacher?
  c. Yes, it is. We have geography this afternoon.
  d. No, I don’t. It’s difficult. How about you, Jean?
  e. I like it. But my favorite subject is art.
  f. Hello, Jean.
  g. Oh, do you like geography, Bob?
  h. Miss Brown. She is a good teacher. 

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