《A famous story》教案3

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  Unit 3 Language in use
  ⅠTeaching model
  Revision and application
  ⅡTeaching method
  Formal and interactive practice
  ⅢTeaching aims
  1. Function: Telling a story
  2. Structure: Past continuous
  3. Around the world: Stories
  4. Task: Writing a short story about your own experience.
  ⅣTeaching aids
  Tape recorder , OHP , handouts
  ⅤTeaching Steps
  Step 1 Revision
  1. Review the sentences (was /were + doing) that we have studied in Unit 1& 2.
  2. Show some pictures to talt the pictures.
  Step 2 Language practice
  1. Read through the example sentences in the box with the whole class.
  1) Alice was sitting with her sister by the river.
  2) It was sitting in a tree and smiling at everyone.
  3) They were having a tea party in the garden.
  4) Where was it going?
  2. Show some pictures to talt the pictures.
  3. Work in pairs.
  4. Grammar: Past continuous
  Step 3 Underline the correct words.
  1. Ask the students to read through the sentences in Activity 1.
  1) Suddenly, all the lights in my house were going off / went off. There was heavy rain outside.
  2) — I called you up at seven o’clock last night, but nobody answered it.
  — Really? I’m sorry, but I was teaching / taught a piano lesson at school.
  3) — I was seeing / saw you and Tom in the library just now.
  — Oh, we showed / were showing several visitors around the school.
  2. Underline the correct words.
  3. Ask the students to check with a partner.
  4. Check the answers:
  Step 4 Writing. 
  1. Ask the students to write sentences about what you were doing.
  1) At about seven o’clock last night, _______________________.
  2) This morning, on my way to school, ______________________.
  3) This time last year, _________________.
  4) Last Saturday, from about 1 pm to 4 pm, _____________________.
  2. Work in pairs.
  Step 5 Play a game. 
  1. Ask the students to read through the conversation in Activity 3.
  A: At eight o’clock last night I was watching TV. How about you, B?
  B: At eight o’clock last night I was sleeping. How about you, C?
  C: At eight o’clock last night I was having dinner. How about you, D?
  D: …
  2. Work in groups of four. Play a chain game.
  3. Write down what each member of your group was doing at eight o’clock last night.
  Sun Li was watching TV at eight o’clock last night.
  1) _________________________________.
  2) _________________________________.
  3) _________________________________.
  4) _________________________________.
  Step 6 Complete the sentences. 
  1. Ask the students to read through the words in the box in Activity 5.

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