《A famous story》教案2

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  Module 7 A famous story
  Unit 1 Alice was sitting with her sister by the river
  fall, follow, hole, rabbit, ssh, ground, tea party, twice, once or twice, suddenly, pink, pocket, field, thint, deep, while, land, dry 
  1. Ssh!
  2. Sorry!
  3. —What’s the book?
  —It’s about…
  4. Why was it running?
  5. Alice was sitting with her sister by the river.
  6. It was sitting in a tree and was smiling at everyone.
  7. They were having a tea party in the garden.
  8. She was playing a strange game!
  9. Where was it going?
  10. To see if you remember the story!
  11.—The Cheshire Cat was sitting on the grass.
  — No, it wasn’t. It was sitting in a tree.
  12. — The white rabbit was looking at its watch.
  — Yes, it was.
  13— What were you doing at 5 am yesterday?
  — I was getting up.
  二. 教学目标
  1. Function: Telling a story
  2. Structure: Past continuous
  3. Skills:
  1) Listening and understanding the plot development of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Understanding the major characters and events.
  2) Participating in a role-play with the teacher’s guidance.
  3) Reading and understanding the sequence of events in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
  4) Writing a short passage about what happened after Alice fell down the rabbit hole.
  4. Around the world: Stories
  5. Task: Writing a short story about your own experience.
  Grammar: Past continuous 
  Unit 1 Alice was sitting with her sister by the river.
  ⅠTeaching model
  Listening and speaking 
  ⅡTeaching method
  PWP approach
  ⅢTeaching aims
  1. Key vocabulary: fall, follow, hole, rabbit, ssh, ground, tea party
  2. ctures: Past continuous: was / were + v-ing 
  ⅣTeaching aids

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