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  Module 3 Sports
  A. 单词和短语:
  baseball, volleyball, boring, exciting, relaxing, already, matter, What’s the matter? hurt, Olympics, stadium, miss, mind, beat, careless, cheer…on, coach, fan club, against, train, practice, warm, warm up, usual, pleased, pass, chance, loudly, confident
  B. 交际用语:
  1. That’s too bad!
  2. I’m not sure about that.
  3. Bad luck!
  4. Never mind.
  5. — Which sport do you like better, swimming or running?
  — I like swimming better. It’s more relaxing than running.
  6. It’s more difficult to practise in winter.
  7. This year we’re passing more carefully.
  8. — What’s your favourite sport?
  — My favourite sports is swimming. It is exciting.
  9. This week’s match already more exciting.
  10. It’s more difficult to practise in winter.
  11. Watching is not dangerous, and it’s more relaxing, too.
  1. Function: Describing and comparing sports.
  2. Structure: Comparative adjectives (more); adverbs and comparative adverbs (-er, more); irregular comparatives.
  3. Skills: 1) Listening and understanding familiar topics (sports).
  2) Comparing sports, linking words correctly.
  3) Reading and understanding behaviours of characters; guessing the meaning of new words from the context.
  4) Writing about your school basketball team.
  4. Around the world: The marathon race
  5. Task: Making a sports poster.
  Comparative adjectives (more); adverbs and comparative adverbs (-er, more); irregular comparatives.
  Unit 1 Nothing is more enjoyable than playing tennis.
  ⅠTeaching model
  Listening and speaking 
  ⅡTeaching method
  PWP approach
  Ⅲ Teaching aims
  1. To understand conversations about sports, process information of comparison concerning sports;
  2. To talt the sports one lising comparative forms

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