《The Great Sports Personality》ppt12(课件+试题+教学案,打包16套)

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  Module 5 The Great Sports Personality Section Ⅰ Introduction & Reading-Pre-reading
  For the first time, a Chinese player, Andong Song, has been picked by the New York Islanders in the NHL (National Hockey League) draft (选秀大会).
  Andong Song started playing hockey (冰球) in Beijing when his mother was trying to find him a sport. Once his talent was found, his family moved to Canada and he quickly improved after he began play­ing there as a 10­year­old.
  The fact that he's made it this faris something in itself.
  When his family moved to Ontario and coaches there heard that a Chinese boy was trying out, there was plenty of doubt. He proved himselfat each level.
  18­year­old Andong plays on one of China's national teams. “I'm really honored to bethe first Chinese player to be drafted,” he said.
  “Being the first Chinese player, there's been a lot of pressure from people back home, but good pressure,” Andong said.“I hope it will motivate (激励) me to become a better player and hopefullyI'll make them proud.”
  “When I started playing, there weren't a lot of people playing hockey in China and not much support for the game,” said Andong, whose brother still plays in Beijing.“But last year when I went back, it'd been like eight years since I'd seen Chinese hockey, and it was amazing. I'm sure China will keep trying to catch up withNorth America and Europe and Russia, but there's still a little gap (差距).”
  Section_Ⅰ Introduction_&_Reading_—_Pre­reading
  [原文呈现] [读文清障]
  A Life in Sport
  They called him① the prince of gymnasts②. When he retired③ at the age of 26, he had won 106 gold medals in major④ competitions across the world. They included⑤ six out of⑥ seven gold medals at the 1982 World Championship, and three at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles (as well as two silver and a bronze). Li Ning was the best. When sports journalists met in 1999 to make a list⑦ of the greatest sportsmen and sportswomen of the twentieth century, Li Ning's name was on it, together with⑧ footballer Pele and boxer Muhammad Ali. But even though he had won everything it was possible to win in his sport⑨, Li Ning retired with the feeling that he had failed⑩. He was disappointed⑪ because he had not performed⑫ well in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.
  ①call sb....把某人叫做……;称某人为……
  ④major adj.主要的;重大的
  ⑤include v.包括,包含
  ⑥out of表示“多少中的多少”,如six out of ten十个当中的六个,即十分之六。
  ⑦make a list列表
  ⑧together with ...和……一起;加之
  ⑨even though引导让步状语从句,而该让步状语从句又包含一个定语从句:it was possible to win in his sport,修饰everything,省略了引导词that。
  ⑪disappointed adj.(人)感到失望的
  disappointing adj.(事/物)令人失望的
  performance n.表演
  Module 5 The Great Sports Personality Section Ⅱ Introduction & Reading-Language Points
  记得准•写得对 记得快•记得多
  1.stadiumn.      体育场,运动场
  2.bacndn.  背景
  3.advantagen.  优势;长处
  4.guaranteevt.  保证
  5.purchasevt.  购买
  6.slogann.  标语
  7.symboln.  符号
  8.familiaradj.  熟悉的
  1.athleticsn.田径运动→athlete n.运动员
  2.retirevi.退休→retired adj.退休的→retirementn.退休
  3.performvi.表现→performance n.表现
  4.advantagen.优势;长处→disadvantage n.不利因素 1.stadium n.体育场,运动场
  [联想] ①gymnasium n.体育馆
  ②playground n.操场;运动场;游乐场
  2.advantage n.优势;长处
  [反义] disadvantage n.劣势;不利因素
  [联想] strength n.长处; weakness n.弱点
  [串记] They weighed the advantages and disadvantages before making the decision.
  3.symbol n.符号
  [联想] sign n.符号,标志; mark n.记号
  4.perform vi.表现
  [串记] The performance given by this performer who often performed in public was a great success.
  记牢固定短语 多积常用词块
  1.make a list of        列举出
  2.together with  与……一起
  3.compete with/against  与……竞争
  4.be made up of  由……组成
  5.come onto the market  上市
  6.on the increase  正在增加
  7.have an advantage over  比……有优势
  8.every ten seconds  每十秒钟
  9.more than  多于 1.at the age of 26         二十六岁
  2.perform well  表现得好
  3.a sense of failure  失败感
  4.a year after his retirement  他退休后的一年
  5.launch a new brand  开创一个新品牌
  6.manusual choice  做出不平常的选择
  7.at the right time  在适当的时候
  8.make money  赚钱
  9.since then  自从那时
  10.achieve their sporting ambitions  实现他们的体育梦想
  课时跟踪练(一)  Introduction & Reading — Pre-reading
  “Football is a very short­term career. Football really prepares you for almost nothing. The only thing I got out of football was the ability to work hard,” says Gales Sayers. So what do you do after your glory days on the field are over? Here's what one of the top players, Gales Sayers, did after he_put_down_the_pigskin.
  Gales Sayers: 40, Chicago Bears, Running Back.
  Gales Sayers became famous in 1965. After recovering from a serious knee injury in 1968, Sayers returned to the Bears in 1969 and was awarded the George Halas Award as “the most courageous player in professional football”. At the award ceremony, he owed his prize to his friend and teammate Brian Piccolo who was dying of cancer.
  Sayers couldn't get away from the injuries, though, and another blow to his t an end to his football career in 1971. His personal life was unfortunate as well, as he and his wife, Linda, split up that year. Shortly after that, Sayers started a new life and career as an assistant athletic director in the University of Kansas. By 1976 he was moving up the ladder at Southern Illinois University, becoming the first African­American athletic director at a major university.
  Sayers started a computer supplies company in 1984 with his second wife, Ardie, whom he married in 1973. The couple was looking for a field with a future, and computers seemed to have it all. Seventeen years later, the company that bears his name is a national provider of technology solutions, with 10 locations and over 350 employees across the country. Just like in the old days the honors started rolling in. Sayers was listed into the Chicago Area Entrepreneurship (企业家) Hall of Fame in 1999.
  1.What does the underlined sentence “he put down the pigskin” in Paragraph 1 mean?
  A.Sayers ended his football career.
  B.Sayers was too tired to go on playing.
  C.Sayers intended to start a new career.
  D.Sayers only wanted to test for some time.
  解析:选A 句意猜测题。前句“after your glory days on the field are over”指辉煌过后,下文叙述的也是他足球生涯结束后的发展,所以A项正确。
  2.How many times was Sayers honored in his life?
  A.Only once as a football star.
  B.Only once as a businessman.
  C.Twice in all.
  D.We are not quite sure.
  解析:选C 推理判断题。通读全文可总结出他第一次是获得足球职业中的“the George Halas Award”,第二次是获得“Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame”,故选C。
  3.Sayers started his new career mainly because of _______?
  A.the first knee injury in 1968
  B.his unfortunate personal life
  C.another more serious knee injury
  D.a friend's being deadly ill
  解析:选C 推理判断题。由第四段第一句中的“another blow to his t an end to his football career”可知,膝盖再次受伤导致他足球生涯的终结,这也是他新事业的开始。
  4.What can be learned from this passage?
  A.Football players are not successful all the time.
  B.A successful businessman should be a ball player first.
  C.A retired football player can easily make money.
  D.Whatever you do, working hard is the most important.
  解析:选D 主旨大意题。本文通过Sayers从辉煌的足球明星到成功企业家的发展经历,旨在说明努力奋斗的重要性。
  Betty Skelton was often called “The First Lady of Firsts” because of the many records she set. She grew up in Pensacola, Florida, watching airplanes flying to and from a nearby navy base. As a child, she persuaded her parents to let her take flying lessons. By 12, Betty made her first flight alone, though not legally permitted to do so until she turned 16

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