《Animals in danger》教案6

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  Module 6 Animals in danger
  本模块以“Animals in danger”为话题,以学习动词不定式的用法为主线,介绍了当前濒临灭绝,需要人类保护的动物的情况, 并重点介绍了大熊猫的保护情况。在此基础上,学生可以根据自己的建议制定更合理的动物保护措施。
  Unit 1 It allows people to get closer to them.
   Knowledge objective
  To master the useful words and sentences.
  Words: snake, thin, danger, interested, allows, wild, protect, grow, enough, dirty, peace, earth, raise
  Expressions: in danger, at last, be interested in, think of, take away, in peace, on earth, in order to, look after
   Ability objective
  1. To help students to improve their ability of listening and speaking.
  2. Enabl e students to understand conversations about animals in danger.
   Moral objective
  1. To help students know the importance of protecting animals and our environment.
  2. Improve their sense of duty to love and protect animals.
  New words and expressions.
  To learn the grammar knowledge of infinitive.
  Cultivating the ability of expressing opinions.
  PWP method, task-based method and interactive approach
  A tape recorder, multimedia and some pictures
  Teaching Procedures:
  Step 1 Lead-in   
  Ss look the pictures and guess what the animal is.
  Step 2 Consolidate new words
  Look and say. The teachers shows the pictures of new words and let the students to say the new words as quickly as possible.
  Step 3 Say the meaning of the phrases.
  Work in pairs. Let Ss say the meaning of the phrases as quickly as possible.
  Step 4  Listening
  Listen and answer the questions.
  1. What’s this week’s Animal World about?
  2. Which animals are in danger?
  Step 5 Listen to Activity 3 and answer the following questions.
  1. Is Betty more interested in Wol ong Panda Reserve?
  2. Do many animals have a safe place to live?
  Step 6 Find out the sentence of infinitive.
  Work in pairs. Let Ss find out the sentences of infinitive as many as possible. Give the prize to the first group.
  Step 7 Read Activity 3 and answer the questions.
  1. Did Betty see the pandas at the zoo?
  2. Is Betty interested in the pandas?
  3. What does Lingling think of the pandas and other animals in danger?
  4. Why do many animals not have a safe place to live?

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