《I’m more outgoing than my sister》教学设计1

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  学校:蠡县大百尺中学吴莉芳                       教材版本:  人教版
  课题 Unit3 I’m more outgoing than my sister Section A(1a-1c) 课时安排: 本单元共五课时,本节课为第一课时。 授课类型: 新授课
  一、Analysis of the students: Our school lies in a common but beautiful countryside. Most of the students in my class are lovely, active and full of curiosity, but Some of the students aren’t good at English, because they don’t pay much attention to English studying and have little interest in it. They hardly ever use English to express themselves and communicate with others. Some students aren’t active in English class, and they don’t want to open their mouths because they are afraid of making mistakes and losing face .
  Analysis of the teaching material
  The lesson is the first lesson of Unit 3 .The main content talt personal traits and the differences between three pairs of twins in order to compare people. Students love finding the differences between people, so this lesson is kind of interesting for them to study and this unit is mainly about the comparative form of adjectives. This is a very important grammar point .And this is the first time that students meet with it, so this lesson I will tell them the definition,the usage of comparative forms of adjectives, and encourage them to find the differences between two classmates with the comparative forms of adjectives.
  Teaching aims and demands : Knowledge objects :
  1) Read the new words of page 17, and make them master the words.
  2) Ask the Ss to describe the six boys one by one(mainly  focus on their hair, shape, characteristics and height)
  3) Finish the exercises in 1a and 1b.
  Ability objects :
  1) The Ss can express the differences in their hair, shape, characteristics and height as much as possible.
  2) Make the Ss work in groups and wort the tasks by themselves and at the same time understand each other in English communication.
  Emotion objects :
  Make the Ss know the differences between different people, and in our like, no one is the same with others, so we should encourage students to make friends with different people and enjoy friendship.
  四、Key points
  And Difficult points :
  Key points :
  The definition, formation and usage of the comparative form.
  1) Understand the meaning of the test.
  2) Have the ability of solving problems with the partners
  Difficult points :
  1) Master The definition, formation and usage of the comparative form.
  2) Enable the students to express themselves in English.
  3) Train the ability of solving problems in team work
  五Teaching methods :
  According to New Course Standard of English, combining with the language level of Ss, I take Task-teachings, Group work, Competitions, Communicative methods, Aural-oral methods with the help of the computer.
  Teaching Media :
  In the teaching process ,I will apply blackboard ,pictures , tape recorder and multi-media computer to arouse the Ss’interests in learning .
  六teaching media In the teaching process, I will apply blackboard , pictures , tape recorder and multi-media computer to arouse the Ss’ interests in learning
  七、Teaching procedures
  The teaching process
  The teaching process
  1) Warming up :
  In this period, I’ll show some pictures with the help of multi-media computer to arouse the Ss’interest and make them find the differences between two people. Let students find the structure by showing several power point:主语+ be+形容词的比较级+than+比较的对象。
  2) Then teach them the formation of comparative forms of adjectives. 
  Teacher activities
  Map some sentences with the pictures on the PowerPoint, and ask Ss to pay attention to the sentences’ structure, and the formation of comparative forms of adjectives: Lin Xinru is heavier than Zhang Bozhi, and Zhang Bozhi is thinner than Lin Xinru. Then ask them to map some comparative and superlative sentences about the pictures and they can use the words given by me.

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