《Save our world》教案2

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  Unit 8: Save our world!教案
  (lesson 57-lesson 64)
  Step 1: Teaching Words of Unit 8
  Teaching Aims: to learn the new words of unit 8 in one class, mare that the students can read ,listen, say and know the changes of them, also some of the students can remember 40% in this class.
  Key steps:
  Step1: Maty report about the world
  Step2: Revise the pronounciation ofthe letters or the letter forms , write some of them on the blackboard and ask the students to read loudly, pay attention to correct their mistakens when they are reading.
  Step3: Look at the Words and expressions of unit 8, find out all the verbs at first, then try to read them loudly, if it is possible , the teacher lesd them to read, ; next find out the nouns, adjs. , advs. , teach them in the same way.
  Step4: Now try to find the words that has the same pronounciations , get the students to read them together loudly.
  Step5: Explain the changings of some words, mare that the students can sum up and know the rules of their changes.
  Step6: Read and read the words in different ways, mare that the students can read them correctly . If the time is possible, get the students try to remember some of them and check each other.
  Class Closing.
  Ask the students to read and remember the new words of unit 8 after the class, then read the song of lesson 60.
  Step2: The song of lesson 60: Fix and mend.
  Teaching aims: 1.To teach the song , get the students listen and sing after the audiotape, mare that the students can sing it beautifully.
  2. To grasp the words: mend. Must, touch, repair, tear, cassette, deczz, exactly, reuse, power, have a fit.
  Class opening.
  . Read the words of unit8 and check some of them, see if they can remember.
  Key steps
  Step1: Ask the students that if they would like to protect oue environment.
  Step2: Have the class read the lyrics aloud as a poem. Divide the class into two groups and ask them to read one line and one line . Mare that the students can read  rhythmically with a good sence of the rhymes!
  Step3: Let the students to learn to sing the song after the audiotape , at first ,just listen; then , try to sing in a low voice; now try to sing the song follow the audiotape loudly till they can sing it well.

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