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  Module 11 Photos
  本模块以photo display为话题。本单元是通过照片展览竞赛锻炼学生描述照片的语言表达方式。通过本单元的听说活动,给学生提供充足的体验和运用语言的机会。
  Unit 1
  He's the boy who won the photo competition last year!
  Knowledge objective
  To master some words and expressions. 
  Ability objective
  To understand a conversation about competition subject.
  Moral objective
  To know more about photos.
  1. To learn and review some words and expressions:
  You bet, The thing is, general, standard, feeling, difficulty, subject, add, recently, be in with a chance, menu …
  2. To learn how to describe photos.
  PWP method, task-based method and interactive approach
  A tape recorder, multimedia and some pictures
  Teaching Procedures:
  Step 1  Warming up  
  Ss look at the pictures and answer the questions.  21*cnjy*com
  Step 2  Listening and vocabulary
  Work in pairs. Look at the picture and say what is happening.
  Step 3  Listen and complete the sentences.
  1. The boy _________ is the guitar player.
  2. The boy __________ is the singer.
  3. The boy __________ is the drummer.
  Listen and read.
  Step 4  Consolidate new words
  Look and say. Look at the pictures of new words and let the students to say as quickly as possible.
  Step 5  Reading
  Read the dialogue and answer the questions.
  1. What did He Zhong do last year?
  2. Which subject does Daming suggest Tony should choose? 21教育网
  3. Where is Tony’s real home town?
  4. What does Daming suggest Tony should do?
  5. What does Tony think of Daming’s suggestion?
  Step 6  Everyday English
  You bet!
  The thing is, …
  It doesn’t matter.
  You’re in with a chance!
  Step 7  Language points
  1. Daming: Are you going to enter the photo competition, Tony?
  Tony: You bet!
  bet   v. 打赌;下赌注
  bet + on / against 打赌某事不会发生
  e.g. I bet against your winning.
  you bet! 意为“的确; 当然; 一定”。
  e.g. — Will you tell her the truth? 你会告诉她真相吗?
  — You bet. 当然会啦。
  — Are you coming to the party? 你来参加晚会吗?
  — You bet. 当然来。
  2. The thing is, he’s really good.
  the thing is 意为“答案是;问题是”, 用来解释或者阐述一件事情。 
  e.g. The thing is, I have plans on Saturday night.
  问题是, 我星期六晚上有计划了。
  3. And the general standard of the competitions is much higher this year.
  general   adj. 整体的; 普遍的 
  n. 一般
  e.g. The general opinion is good for us. 普遍的舆论对我们有利。
  In general, woman lives longer than man. 一般来说, 女性比男性长寿。
  standard     n. 标准; 水准
  standard 指事先制定出来的一种或一套客观、公正的规则。
  e.g. There is no absolute standard for beauty. 美是没有绝对的标准。www-2-1-cnjy-com
  The standard of length in France is the metre. 法国的长度标准是米。  21*cnjy*com
  4. I have a feeling that we can solve these little difficulties.
  feeling     n. 感觉; 知觉; 直觉看法
  e.g. I’ve lost all feeling in my hands. 我的双手失去了知觉。

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