《It is still read and loved》教案

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  Module7 Great books
  Unit2 It is still read and loved
  Adventure, escape, cave, dead, neighbour, funeral, surprised, alive, southern, state, action, everyday, dialogue
  get into trouble, run away, for a time, pay for
  .The story is set in the town of St Petersburg, Missouri, in the US,in the nineteenth century.
  .They hide and watch for a time when they see their family and neighbors coming to their funeral in the church.
  .It is written in everyday English and the dialogues sound especially real.
  .It is still read and loved by people all over the world.
  Step1. Read the first paragraph and find the answers to the two questions
  1. When and where is the story set (以… …为背景)?
  2. What kind of story is The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?
  Step2. Read the second paragraph, try to say something about each character(角色)then  finish the following forms .
  Step3. 标出文章中含有 “Be+done” 的结构并翻译成准确的汉语,看自己能否做到。
  Step4.1. Skimming
  Now we can find the answers? And Loogh the passage and match.2
  2. 学生默读课文,完成表格。然后两人一组问答,核对答案。最后,全班核对。
  Read the passage and complete the column.
  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  Writer 1.
  Place where the story is set 2.
  Main characters 3.
  Stories the book tells 4.
  Theme 5.

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