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  Unit 1
  1.She was  hired  (hire) on the strength of her computer skills.
  2.The majority of the interviewees  prefer  (prefer) watching TV at home to going to the cinema.
  3.She became the first black woman  to be elected  (elect) to the Senate.
  4.It suddenly occurred  to  him that he should adopt the homeless child.
  5.We should not have  racial  (race) discrimination.
  6.I wish to be considered as an  applicant  (apply) for the position.
  7.Whoever breaks the school rules will surely receive  punishment  (punish).
  8.The bell  indicating  (indicate) the end of the class, interrupted our heated discussion.
  9. Apparently  (apparent), the iPods, if used properly, are helpful to our study, especially to our English listening.
  10.Great changes have taken place since our country  reformed  (reform) and opened to the outside world 30 years ago.
  1.The majority of the students has passed their biology exam. has→have 
  2.Emerson would always take down new ideas that were occurred to him. 去掉were 
  3.A great many of houses were knocked down in the earthquake. 去掉of 
  4.We regret to inform you that our company has hired on another girl for the job of secretary. 去掉on 
  5.Having punished by his boss, he was in a very bad mood. Having后加been 
  1.人们相信,未来越来越多的人将飞向月球。(It is believed that...)
  答案:It is believed that more and more people will fly to the moon in the future.
  2.这就是我早早离去的原因。(That is why...)
  答案:That is why I left so early.
  3.很有可能志愿者来帮忙打扫街道。(It is likely that...)
  答案:It is likely that volunteers are coming to help sweep the streets.
  4.他好像没理解我说的话。(take in)
  答案:He seems not to take in what I said.
  5.你当时难道没想到他在撒谎吗?(It occurs to sb. that...)
  答案:Didn't it occur to you that he was lying?
  (2018•石家庄模拟)I was born an albino(白化病人) in Pennaylvania in 1945. No one in my family had ever known what an albino was and what it meant to be an albino.
  My parents treated me just like they treated everybody else. That was just about the best thing they could have done. It helped me trust myself, so when the anger came along, I could deal with it.
  Like most albinos, I had terrible eyesight, but the fact that I could hardly see didn't trouble me that much.
  ld tease me, calling me “Whitey”. People stared at me when I held reading material right at the tip of my nose so I could see it well enough to read. Even when I was eight or nine, movie-theater clerks started asking me to pay adult prices because I “looked older”.
  Unit 2
  1.The students are forbidden, unless they have special passes,  to stay  (stay) out after 11 p.m.
  2.He has a strong objection to  smoking  (smoke) in public places, especially with females present.
  3.Why bother  going/to go  (go) abroad to study, when there are so many good universities at home?
  4.Our strength is from many sources, but most of all, we owe our success  to  the creativity of our people.
  5. Struck  (strike) by strong snowstorms, the area faced severe water and electricity shortage.
  6.The best way to undertake big projects is  to force  (force) them into your schedule.
  7.I have a sweet tooth and can't resist  eating  (eat) chocolate and ice cream.
  8.Do you know any  differences  (differ) between British English and American English?
  9.Living in the central Australian desert has its problems, of which  obtaining  (obtain) water is not the least.
  10.We had our furniture moved to the new house when the  decoration  (decorate) of the house is finished.
  1.You can go swimming in condition that you don't go too far from the river bank. in→on 
  2.Some rules should be made to forbid students of smoking. of→from 
  3.It suddenly struck to me that we ought to make a new plan. 去掉第一个to或strucrred 
  4.No one knows exact how the earth began as it happened so long ago. exact→exactly 
  5.Owe to a lacnds, the project will not continue next year. Owe→Owing 
  1.这张桌子的问题是放在我们屋里太大了。(The problem of ...is that...)
  答案:The problem of the desk is that it's too big for our room.
  2.我们决不会推迟这个计划的执行。(on no condition放在句首)
  答案:On no condition will we put off carrying out the plan.
  3.据报道,在那个国家很多工人在罢工。(be on strike)
  答案:It is reported that many workers are on strike in that country.
  答案:The twins differ from each other in character.
  5.我反对别人那样跟我说话。(object to)
  答案:I object to being spoken to like that.
  (2018•唐山模拟)A new method of delivering data, which uses the visible spectrum (光谱)  rather than radio waves, has been tested in a working office.
  Li-fi can deliver Internet access 100 times faster than traditional Wi-fi, offering speeds of up to 1 Gbps (gigabit per second). It requires a light source, such as a standard LED bulb, an Internet connection and a photo detector.
  It was tested this week using a Li-fi-enabled light bulb to transmit data at the speed of 1 Gbps. Laboratory tests have shown theoretical speeds of up to 224 Unit 3
  1.What was it that distinguished her  from  her classmates?
  2.We must always bear in mind  that  China is a big country with a huge population.
  3.The exhibition was organized by the school in  association  (associate) with local artists.
  4.When you come to school, please visit my office at your  convenience  (convenient).
  5.The service offers young people  practical  (practice) advice on finding a job.
  6.Whether or not the secretary will be fired is at the  mercy  (merciful) of her boss.
  7.I believe that you are  innocent  (innocence), and I'll stand up for you anywhere.
  8.We all have an  expectation  (expect) that he can pass the driving test next week.
  9.I have filled in the form and  filed  (file) my patent application with the Patent Office.
  10.In my opinion, only by facing difficulties bravely and  seizing  (seize) opportunities can one succeed.
  1.Distinguishing for its diligence and courage, the Chinese Nation has attracted the attention from the world. Distinguishing→Distinguished 
  2.Sometimes teachers will inform students of the heavy burden the students have to bear with. 去掉with 
  3.The teacher's abruptly ending speaking can make some students focus their attention on their listening. abruptly→abrupt 
  4.The new government must set out finding solutions to the country's economic problems. out→about 
  5.It is so cold and frozen that we have to stay at home. frozen→freezing 
  答案:Lose one hour in the morning,and you will be looking for it the rest of the day.
  答案:Only by doing so can we help to make the world a better place.
  答案:This star is so easy-going that she can get along well with her fans.
  4.我们必须牢记是共产党(the Communist Party)领导我们走向胜利的。(keep in mind)
  答案:We must keep in mind that it is the Communist Party that leads us to victory.
  5.似乎没什么可以做的了,只有派人去请医生。(There seem to be...)
  答案:There seemed to be nothing left to do but send for the doctor.
  (2018•衡水模拟)A team of engineers at Harvard University have been inspired by Nature to create the first robotic fly. The mechanical fly has become a platform for a series of new high-tech integrated systems. Designed to do what a fly does naturally, the tiny machine is the size of a fat housefly. Its mini wings allow it to stay in the air and perform controlled flight tasks.
  “It's extremely important for us to thint this as a whole system and not just the sum of a bunch of individual components (元件),” said Robert Wood, the Harvard engineering professor who has been working on the robotic fly project for over a decade. A few years ago,his team got the go-ahead to start piecing together the components. “The added difficulty with a project like this is that actually none of those components are off the shelf and so we have to develop them all on our own,” he said.
  They engineered a series of systems to start and drive the robotic fly. “The seemingly simple system which just moves  the wings  has a number of

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