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  Unit 1
  1.The local government has taken some effective measures, aimed/aiming  (aim)at cutting down the cost during the tough economy.
  2.The boys made an attempt  to leave  (leave) for camping but were stopped by their parents.
  3.Above all,man's dearest  possession  (possess) is life,and it is given to him to live but once.
  4.It was quite a long time before I figured  out  what had happened to the manager.
  5.A certain man planted a rose and watered it  faithfully (faith) and before it blossomed,he examined it.
  6.The animal welfare organizations provide care and  adoption  (adopt) for homeless or abused animals.
  7.Not  having predicted  (predict) the risks in the stock market,they are now suffering a great financial loss.
  8.The parents have a strong preference  for  their youngest child.
  9.As far as I am concerned,the short message is  typical  (type) of information technology,but it needs to be used with care.
  10.An  exhibition  (exhibit) of peasant paintings from Longmen will be put on in Huizhou Museum at 2:00 p.m. on July 4th.
  1.Then a discussion will be held, aim to improve mutual understanding. aim→aiming 
  2.All attempt to control the spread of the disease have failed because of the bad weather in that area. attempt→attempts 
  3.Many world-famous paintings are in possession of the wealthy old man. in后加the 
  4.We appreciate your apologies and goodwill,but we hope that you can figure a good way of settling the matter. figure后加out 
  5.Distance learning is being adopted as in several countries to help children in remote rural schools. 去掉as 
  答案:My remarks were not aimed/didn't aim at you.
  答案:This painting is fairly typical of his early works.
  3.首相呼吁年轻人行使他们的投票权。(appeal to)
  答案:The Prime Minister appealed to young people to use their vote.
  答案:At the bottom of the paper are these words.
  答案:I didn't come for the money,otherwise I would have left earlier.
  (2018•山东半岛联盟模拟)Exchange a glance with someone,and then look away.Do you realize that you have made a statement?Hold the glance for a second longer and you have made a different situation.There is a permissible time that you can hold a person's stare without being friendly,rude,or aggressive.If you are on a lift,what stare-time are you permitted?To answer this question,consider what you typically do.You very likely give other passengers a quick glance to size them up and to assure them that you mean no harm.Since being close to another person signals the possibility of interaction,you need to send out a signal telling others you want to be left alone.So you cut off eye contact-what sociologist Erving Goffiman calls “a dimming (变暗) of the lights”.You look down at the floor,at the indicator (指示) lights,anywhere but into another passenger's eyes.Should you breale against staring at a stranger on a lift,you will make the other person extremely uncomfortable,and you are likely to feel a bit strange yourself.
  Unit 2
  1.Life is lis  loaded  (load) with passengers, each man to his destination.
  2.In everyday communication, information  conveyed  (convey) by gestures is often misinterpreted.
  3.Many students with a large amount of pocket money may not know how to use it  appropriately  (appropriate).
  4.Some students feel that  exchanging  (exchange) gifts can make more friends and expand their network of friends.
  5.As Chinese chat app WeChat moves into merchandising,it  has opened (open) an on-ground “test”WeStore in GuangZhou.
  6. To  his sorrow, he has lost all his relations in the earthquakes.
  7.There were several reasons contributing to the problem,not any one  in  particular.
  8.English is one of the  branches  (branch) of Germanic family of languages.
  9.We had many difficulties at first, but  eventually  (eventual) we succeeded.
  10.We should use our schedule  flexibly  (flexible) to balance our academic and spare time.
  1.After a long journey,he has run out his energy. out后加of 
  2.If you worked hard then,you would be in the university now. worked前加had 
  3.The reason he gave me that he didn't attend the meeting was that he was badly ill. 第一个that→why 
  4.Let your child know that you expect him or her to act appropriate towards other people. appropriate→appropriately 
  5.Some of us always take for granted that our parents or grandparents should take care of us. 第一个take后加it 
  答案:There are various reasons why they want part-time jobs.
  答案:With a great many articles to write,he won't have time to go shopping this morning.
  3.他给我们解释的理由是他之前没有读过。(the reason which/that)
  答案:The reason which/that he explained to us was that he hadn't read it before.
  4.我们喝完了牛奶,吃完了面包,只好忍受饥饿。(run out of)
  答案:We ran out of milk and bread and had to suffer hunger.
  5.放松几天你就又能去工作了。(take it/things easy)
  答案:Take it /things easy for a few days and you will be able to go to work again.
  Mini Book Excerpts(节选)
  When Salinger learned that a car park was to be built on the land, the middle-aged writer was shocked and quicght the neighboring area to protect it. The townspeople never forgot the rescue and came to help their most famous neighbor.
  J.D.Salinger:A Life by Kenneth Slawenski (Random House,$27)
  “You're a smart boy.Benny's death was no accident, and you're the only one who saw it happen.Do you thinrderer should get away with it?”The boy was staring stubbornly at his lap again.
  A thought suddenly occurred to Annika,“Did you...You recognized the man in the car,didn't you?”
  The boy hesitated, twisting his fingers,“Maybe,”he said quietly.
  Red Wolf by Lilund (Atria Books,$25.99)
  Short Stories
  She wants to say to him what she has learned,none of it in class.Some women Unit 3
  1.He was ashamed  of  having asch a silly question.
  2.They hurried to catch the train due to  leave  (leave) at 4:15 in the afternoon.
  3.Judging from what he said and did, we can conclude that he was desperate  for  fame.
  4.Alice's not accustomed to  making  (make) speeches publicly;it's so embarrassing.
  5.Cigarette advertising should  be banned  (ban)because smoking is bad for our health.
  6.It is said that those who are  stressed  (stress) or working overtime are likely to put on weight.
  7.Though  disappointed  (disappoint) to know he wouldn't get the job after the interview, Frank thans politely.
  8.These exercises are designed  to strengthen (strength) muscles.
  9.The number of people infected with HIV may reach 50 million by 2020 unless  effective (effect) measures are taken to prevent the spread of the disease.
  10.The new survey shows that the number of students  addicted  (addict) to computer games has been on the increase in recent years.
  1.I'm not a little tired today after giving the room a thorough cleaning and I have never had as more tiring a day as today. 去掉more 
  2.Next time you will pay a visit to Shanghai, I'll show you around. 去掉第一个will 
  3.The conference has been held to discuss the effects of tourism to the wildlife in the area. 第二个to→on/upon 
  4.Accustoming to living in Tianjin for quite a few years, Mr. Park had little difficulty understanding Chinese.
  5.After seeing your ad,I thinr six-week English course is very fit to me. to→for 
  答案:Do be careful when crossing the street.
  2.尽管大雨,我们仍旧在操场上踢足球。(in spite of)
  答案:In spite of the heavy rain,we still kept on playing football on the playground.
  3.说实话,我不喜欢处理这样棘手的问题。(feel like)
  答案:To be honest,I don't feel like dealing with such urgent problems.
  4.三年前他染上抽烟的坏习惯。(get into the habit of)
  答案:He got into the habit of smoking three years ago.
  5.真遗憾她不能在这儿看电视。(It's a shame that)
  答案:It's a shame that she can't be here to watch TV.
  When I was about ten years old,I was walking down the street with my mother.She stopped to speak to Mr Lee,and I knew I could see Mr Lee any time around the neighborhood,so I didn't pay any attention to him.After we passed Mr Lee,my mother stopped me and said something that has stuck with me from that day until now.She said,“You let that be the last time you've ever walked by somebody and not opened up your mouth to spease even a dog will wag its tail when it passes you on the street.” Mother's words sound simple,but it's been a guidepost for me and the foundation of who I am.

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