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  Unit 1
  1.The little boy's bad  behaviour (behave)at the party made his parents upset.
  2.He has made up his mind to intend his son  to manage (manage) the company.
  3.He was unhappy because many people argued  against  his plan.
  4.With our teacher  supporting  (support) us,we feel quite encouraged.
  5.You should refer this matter  to  our teacher for a decision.
  6.Last night Bruce was observed  to leave  (leave) the building with two young men and take a taxi away.
  7.I deeply appreciate your  kindness  (kind) in coming so far to meet me.
  8.He is such a great man that all of us show our respect  for  him.
  9.We all know that Yuan Longping is famous for his scientific  achievements  (achieve).
  10.Computers have replaced televisions as our most popular form of  entertainment  (entertain).
  1.The meal over,the managers went back to the meeting room to carry out their discussion. out→on 
  2.I often look at the words I don't know in the dictionary or on the Internet. at→up 
  3.It didn't occur him that she would refuse his invitation. occur后加to 
  4.It is very easy to find a book intending for children. intending→intended 
  5.You promised to deliver the goods for our company immediately,but we haven't seen any of them yet. for→to 
  1.我突然想起我忘了去机场接我朋友了。(It hit sb.that)
  答案:It hit me that I forgot to go to the airport to pick up my friend.
  2.碰巧那个著名的演员是我的同班同学。(It happens that)
  答案:It happened that the famous actor was my classmate.
  答案:Once the damage is done it will take many years for the farmland to recover.
  答案:They finally arrived home,tired and hungry.
  答案:He came across some of his old photos in his wife's drawer.
  The Amish is the fastest growing religious group in the United States.By 2050,there will be about 1 million Amish living in the country.Over half of all Amish settlements in the US were founded after 1990.Today,there are about a quarter of a million Amish living in the US and Canada.One of the reasons for this situation is that the Amish has the highest birth rate in the country.
  They raise their children strictly according to religious values and their family traditions are not broken.However,as their farmland is getting limited,more and more Amish people are forced to change the way they live and adopt a new lifestyle.Especially the young Amish people are leaving their traditional home states and are moving west where land is still abundant(充足的).
  Today,more and more Amish people are looking for alternative ways of making a living.Raising cows and sheep is simply no longer enough to survive.They start to open up small businesses.Some have even started Internet-based shops,which is  a_far_cry_from  the typical Amish tradition.More than half of Amish people earn money from wortside agriculture.Though they still have horses at home,they use modern technology at work.
  Many have become very successful and their businesses are developing fast.Studies show they work harder than others and that the rate of failure is much lower than that of non-Amish companies.Amish teenagers are also forced to look for wortside agriculture.This means more income for the family,but it also means they break their tradition.
  Unit 2
  1.Dina, having struggled  (struggle) for months to find a job as a waitress,finally took a position at a local advertising agency.
  2.The high cost of  equipment  (equip) prohibits many people from tap this sport.
  3.I regret  to tell  (tell) you that your problems are beyond my  power.You'll have to turn to some other one,I'm afraid.
  4.With his attention  focused  (focus) on his homework,he forgot all about what I had told him.
  5.Though the price of the house has been reduced  by  10%,we can't afford it,either.
  6.I'd appreciate it if you can make helpful comments  on/about  my work.
  7.He returned from Paris and found his office was under someone else's  occupation  (occupy).
  8.His recent  discoveries  (discovery) have added to his reputation in the field of science.
  9.His confidence built  up  gradually as he gained more and more experience in teaching.
  10.The discovery of new evidence led to the thief's  being caught  (catch).
  1.In addition,they spend money on fishing equipments,fuel and boat repairs. equipments→equipment 
  2.Now the young man regrets waste so much time when he was at school. waste→wasting 
  3.Nowadays most of the people are living happy life. happy前加a 
  4.I would rather sleep all day than to play computer games for a long time. 去掉to 
  5.Thanks for the success of the business,we can afford a holiday this year. for→to 
  1.她挣扎着站起来,继续走。(struggle to one's feet)
  答案:She struggled to her feet and continued walking.
  答案:They equipped themselves with a lot of knowledge.
  3.由于他的带路,我们毫不费力地到达了那儿。(lead the way)
  答案:With him leading the way,we got there without any difficulty.
  4.如果可能的话,你应该再试一次。(if possible)
  答案:If possible,you should try it once more.
  答案:I regret to inform you that you are fired.
  (2018•广西重点高中第一次模拟)Growing up in Puerto Rico,our family was no different from so many others.My parents got married after my father came back when the war ended.Both of my parents were struggling with the hard economic realities of the time.But somehow,they found time to cherish those cultural values that shaped our everyday life.
  In our daily life,we celebrated together with our friends or family members every birthday,every graduation,and all holidays with music and dancing,typical foods.When we visited our family in the countryside—a trip that toot two hours in a car,with five children fighting as to who would get a window or the front seat—we would break into a song,and somehow the trip would turn into one full of happiness and fun.We would sing not only interesting children's songs but also beautiful love songs—songs about the love of the country though we didn't understand the meaning of the words many times.
  I came to Philadelphia for the first time in 1973 to do a residency (实习) in Unit 3
  1.Can you give us a detailed description of the  contents (content) of your lost wallet?
  2.We  finally managed  to make  the  customers   convinced  (convince) of the quality of the vehicle.
  3.He was surprised that his answer should have caused such a strong  reaction  (react).
  4.He is a  failure  (fail) as an artist,but a success as an art teacher.
  5.This picture was taken twenty years ago.I wonder if you can pict  my younger brother.
  6.The judge didn't believe his  explanation  (explain) that he had stolen the money in order to give it to charity.
  7.They were dancing and singing on the square,much to the  amusement  (amuse) of passers-by.
  8.The hotel wasn't  particularly  (particular) good.But I had stayed in many worse hotels.
  9.I admire my English teacher.I can remember very few occasions  when  she stopped working because of ill health.
  10.I knew I had made a mistake  directly  (direct) I handed in my paper.
  1.With the electricity being cut off,all the machines had to stop working. 去掉being 
  2.She loves the song in the particular,because her mother used to sing it. 去掉第二个the 
  3.We shouldn't complain about being poor—many families are much badly off than we are. badly→worse 
  4.To our amused,they had a quarrel about such a small thing. amused→amusement 
  5.He speaks English as if he is an Englishman. is→were 
  答案:It rained heavily in the south in the summer in 2017,causing serious floods.
  答案:As is reported,Mr.Smith was elected chairman.
  答案:We'll call you up directly we arrive there.
  4.他谈起罗马来好像他以前去过似的。(as if)
  答案:He talt Rome as if he had been there before.
  5.到现在为止,没有更有效的教育方法。(up to now)
  答案:Up to now,there has been no more effective way of education.
  A culture's values can be mirrored by its humor.Humor has been evaluated by many great minds such as Thomas Hobbes,who dislimor,“Laughter is nothing else but sudden glory arising from some sudden thought of feeling far better than others.” He thought humor to be a negative quality of human narrow-mindedness.
  However,Mordechai  Gordon,Ph.D  of Education,insists,“Humor allows us to view the world from an angle that is amusing rather than serious.” I agree with Gordon.Learning to look at the world through humor is important.
  In the  United States,every four years  an election occurs.Without humor as a way to express their feelings,how else would Americans keep from clawing their eyes  out  and going the  way of lemming? Television shows like The Daily Show have become important parts of American culture.They are mothering the masses by metaphorically (隐喻地) airplane-ing politics into our mouths.They make politics fun.

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