《School and Friends》全单元教案

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  Unit 1 School and Friends
  Lesson 1 Hello!
  ①Hello,I’m Jenny!
  ②I’m from Canada.
  ③What’s your name?
  ④How are you?
  ⑤I’m fine.And you?
  ⑥I’m good,thanks.
  ⑦Nice to meet you.
  Step 1:Lead-in
  Lead-in by discussing the following questions:
  1.What is your name?
  2.Where are you from?
  3.How are you?
  Discuss the questions in groups.The teacher shows some pictures of different people and places,such as Jenny,Danny,Li Ming,Canada,China.
  Ask the students to talt them for three minutes,and then let them present their results in class.
  Step 2:Listening
  Listen to the tape and find the answers to the questions:
  1.Where is Danny from?
  2.How is Li Ming?
  3.How is Wang Mei?
  Finish the task in class orally.
  Step 3:Reading
  Read the lesson and decide the following statements are true or false.
  1.Danny is from Canada.
  2.Jenny is fine.
  Finish the task in class orally.
  Step 4:Activities
  1.Greet with friends in groups.Map a dialogue between three or four students.Then present the dialogues in front of the class.The following sentences can be used:
  What’s your name?
  How are you?
  Where are you from?
  Nice to meet you.
  2.Work with your partners.Act out the dialogue between Jenny,Danny and Li Ming.
  Step 5:Write a short note
  Suppose you are going to introduce yourself.Write a short note.Remember to tell what your name is and where you come from.
  Practice for a while.Then let some students read their notes in front of the class.
  Step 6:Come to“Let’s Do It!”
  Listen to the tape and finish Exercise 1 together.Read the dialogue again and finish Exercise 2.
  Work with your partners.Act out the dialogue.Suppose you and your partners are Jenny and her parents.
  Practice for a while.Then ask some students to present their dialogues in front of the class.
  Finish Exercise 3 in“Let’s Do It!”.

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