《Good morning》教案8

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  Starter Unit 1
  Period 1
  Knowledge target
  1 learn how to read and write letters A-H
  2 master some big letters combination
  Emotion attitude and values
  Learn to do things seriously and carefully
  Learning strategy
  Group competition listening saying reading writing
  Teaching methods
  Cards- showing   video-watching  guessing  imitating
  Teaching tools
  Tape recorder multimedia cards
  Teaching processes
  Step 1 Lead-in
  T :Do you know how many letters in English? There are 26 letters in English. Today we will learn how to read and write 8 of them.
  Step 2 learn to read
  1 Teacher tat the letters card to show them each letter and emphasize the big letter and small letter , Ss repeat after T. Then ask Ss in groups or individually to say out the letters.
  2 Complete 3a. Play the tape for Ss to listen and follow . Ss should pay attention to the correct pronunciation.
  3 Ss complete 2b. Listen and number the letters they hear. Check the answer.
  Step 3 learn to write.
  1 T write A-H on the Bb. For each word , tell clearly the number of stroke ,the order of the stroke and the lines each letter occupies while Ss write on their own paper.
  2 Play a video showing how to write correctly and beautifully. Then after , Ss close their eyes to write in the air by heart which would help them to remember the writing better.
  3 Complete 2d and check the answer.
  4 Ss try to write by heart with letters A-H and T goes around the classroom to see how they master the writing.
  Step 4 Group competition.
  To have a competition among each group which will help better for Ss to master the letters.
  Round1 T show the cards of letters quickly for Ss to race to answer with “big …” or “small…”, each winner can win 1 mark for the group.
  Round 2 Ss come to the Bb to say A-H as a whole, those who pronounce correctly can win 1 score.
  Round 3 Ss can use their body language to act out the letter to let others to guess which letter he or she means. Those who act out and who guess can win 1 score each.
  Round 4 Guess the letter by looking at the shape of the lip. One student say 1 letter without making a sound for Ss in the same group to answer.
  Finally announce the winner group and give congratulations to them,.
  Step 5 Know about some big letters combinations.
  T: Do you know when to use big letters and when to use small letters?(give some situations when to use big letters and when to use small letters.Usually we use small letters more often but in some situations we must use big letters,eg.the first letter in a sentence;the first letter of the name in places,person’s names,institutions’ names; abbreviation forms of words;”I”and”OK”in any situation…)
  T:  In English, some big letters are used to substitute names of things to make these words more simply and sufficiently .
  T show the 3  combinations of big letters in 2a. Then T can ask Ss to give out some they meet during their daily life. Finally T can introduce some more common combinations.
  Step 5 Consideration after the class.
  Period 2
  Knowledge target
  learn how to greet people simply and master these words and sentences:
  hi, hello, morning, afternoon, evening
  Good morning/afternoon/evening/night!
  Emotion attitude and values
  Learn to communicate with others and make good relationships with people around.
  Learning strategy
  make dialogues with partner  listening 

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