《A taste of English humour》教案5

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  New Senior English For China
  Student’s Book 4
  Unit 3  A taste of English humor
  The Second Period
  Teaching Aims:
  1.     Learn and master the useful words andphrases.
  2.     Let the student learn from nonverbal humor.
  3.     Train the students’ predicting, skimmingand summarizing ability during reading the text.
  4.     Encourage the students to keep optimisticattitude to life, foster sense of humor and cultivate their taste.
  Teaching Important Points:
  1.     Master the following phrases and words:
  feel…content with, performers, astonishing,unfortunately, worse off, ordinary, bored, entertaining, throughout, homeless,moustache, failure, overcome, leather, pict, cut off, chew, convincing,direct, star in, outstanding, Switzerland.
  2.     Enable the students to understand the textbetter.
  3.     Improve the students’ predicting, skimmingand summarizing ability.
  Teaching Difficult Points:
  1.     How to make the students understand thetext better.
  2.     How to make the students understand thefollowing sentence.
  Not that Charlie’s own lifewas easy!
  Teaching Methods:
  1.     Playing the footage of The Gold Rush and asking the students some questions.
  2.     Scanning the text to get some informationabout Charlie Chaplin.
  3.     Careful reading to summarize the main ideasof each paragraph.
  4.     Individual, pair or group work to makeevery student work in class.
  Teaching Aids:
  1.     a multimedia classroom
  2.     the blackboard
  Teaching Procedures:
  Step Ⅰ Greetings
  Greet the wholeclass as usual.
  Step Ⅱ Leading-inand Pre-reading
  1. Review thecontent of last class (Comparing Chinese and western humor).
  2. Play the footageof The Gold Rush.
  3.     Let the students thint and discussthe questions in the part of Pre-reading.
  If the studentscan not answer the questions perfectly, the teacher should consummate theanswer.
  Step Ⅲ Reading
  1.      Let the students scan the text to get someinformation about Charlie Chaplin and accomplish Comprehending One.
  Suggested answers:
  Born: 1889  
  Job: Actor  
  Famous character: Little tramp
  Costume: moustache, large trousers, worn-out shoes,small round black hat, walking stick.
  Type of acting: nonverbal humor
  Died: Switzerland, 1977
  2.      Let the students carefully read the text andaccomplish Comprehending Two.
  Suggested answers:
  Paragraph 1:  Atalent comedy actor
  Paragraph 2: Life
  Paragraph 3: Little tramp
  Paragraph 4:  Example
  Paragraph 5: Achievement

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