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10 必修2 Module Three Music.docx
10 高一上听力录音10.mp3
11 必修2 Module Four Fine Arts-Western, Chinese and Pop Arts.docx
11 高一上听力录音11.mp3
12 必修2 Module Five Newspapers and Magazines.docx
12 高一上听力录音12.mp3
13 必修2 Module Six Films and TV Programmes.docx
13 高一上听力录音13.mp3
14 必修2 Revision Modules 1-6.docx
14 高一上听力录音14.mp3
15 Revision Verb Infinitive 复习动词不定式.docx
15 高一上听力录音15.mp3
16 Revision 完型填空解题方法指导.docx
16 高一上听力录音16.mp3
17 必修2 重点词汇和句型复习.docx
17 高一上听力录音17.mp3
18 高一上听力录音18.mp3
18 期末复习.docx
8 必修2 Module One Our Body and Healthy Habits.docx
8 高一上听力录音8.mp3
9 必修2 Module Two No Drugs.docx
9 高一上听力录音9.mp3
  1 词汇能力 熟悉并使用健康相关词汇:
  dentist, diet, fat, fit, flu, get a cold, health, toothache, unhealthy, fever, injure, injury, pain, painful, sore throat, stomachache, the health care system. 其它词汇(见词汇部分讲解)
  2 听说能力
  掌握常见医患对答和常用语。 3 阅读能力
  阅读课文中出现的两篇与健康有关的文章,掌握其中语言点。 4 语法能力
  1. diet n.饮食;特种饮食
  to go on a diet 节食;吃限定食物
  He began his diet a week ago.  他在一星期前开始节食。
  People who are on a diet mustn't have chocolate.  正在节食的人不能吃巧克力。 vt., vi. 节食;吃限定食物
  The doctor has dieted the patient strictly. 医生严格规定病人的饮食。
  2. fit adj. (与for连用)合适的,适宜的;健康的
  This food is not fit for your visitors. 这食物对你的客人来说不合适。
  After the interview, the employer concluded that she was fit for the job. 面试后老板下结论说她能胜任这项工作。
  Do you feel fit? 你觉得身体好吗?
  He runs to keep fit.  他跑步为了保持健。 在表示“合适的”时,fit 与suitable 的区别:
  fit  意思是对某一意图、场合是合适的,表示服装时更强调大小适合;
  a tractor fit for heavy duty; 适合干重活的拖拉机
  not a fit time or place for an argument. 不是争论的好时间或好地方
  suitable  暗含符合某要求、完成某需要的能力,表示服装时强调款式、颜色等;
  an overcoat suitable for everyday wear; 适合平时穿的外套;
  a booitable for children. 不适合孩子们看的书。
  →vt., vi. (fitted, fitted) 合适;合身 The lid fits badly.这个盖子盖不上。
  Her new shoes didn't fit so she took them back to the shop and changed them for another pair.
  她那双新鞋不合穿,所以她去商店换了一双。 Your clothes fit well. 你的衣服很合身。
  3. anxious  adj. 焦虑的 (be anxious for /about);渴望的 (be anxious to do sth.) We are all anxious about/for his safety. 我们都为他的安全而忧虑。
  He is anxious to enter for the competition. 他很想去参加比赛。
  →anxiety  n. 忧虑, 焦急, 渴望
  4. injure  v. 伤害
  There were two people injured in the car accident. 有两个人在车祸中受了伤。
  She was injured badly in an accident during the work. 她在一次工伤事故中受了重伤。 比较injure,hurt,wound 的区别。
  injure 可以指对健康、外表等伤害,尤其指因为事故受伤;
  She was badly injured in an accident. 她在一次事故中被重伤。
  hurt 除指肉体受伤外,主要指心灵上的痛苦; My feelings are hurt. 我的感情受到了伤害。 wound   多指战斗中受的“刀、枪”伤。
  The soldier was wounded in the arm.这个士兵的胳膊受伤了。 injury  n.伤害, 侮辱
  5. pain  n.痛苦;疼痛;讨厌的人;讨厌的物;  (pl) 辛苦, 努力
  His bad behaviour caused his parents a great deal of pain. 他的不良行为使他的父母感到非常痛苦。
  He had a pain in his head. 他头疼。
  He has pains / a pain in the shoulders.他两肩痛疼。 Has the pain passed off yet? 不痛了吧?
  She's a real pain.她真是一个令人讨厌的人。
  No pains, no gains.不劳则无获。
  We must give him sth. for his pains.我们必须给他点什么以便酬报他的辛劳
  →take pains to do sth. 尽力去做某事
  →painful adj.疼痛的, 使痛苦的 ache 和 pain 的区别:
  pain 应用非常广泛,可以是全身的、局部的;剧烈的、轻微的;长期
  1 词汇能力
  bronchitis, cancer, cigarette, death, heart disease, injured, tobacco,  addictive, blood pressure, break into, cannabis, crack cocaine, danger, drug addict, drug dealer, heart attack, heart rate, immediately, increase, inject, needle, powerful, reduce
  2 听说能力
  掌握agreement &disagreement 的不同问答形式。 3 阅读能力 阅读本模块中的两篇文章,掌握其中语言点。
  4 语法能力
  5 写作能力 写一篇与吸烟或吸毒有关的文章。
  1. addict vt. 使沉溺, 使上瘾  n. 入迷的人, 有瘾的人 a film addict 电影迷
  He became addicted to the drug. 他上了毒瘾。
  The children are addicted to computer games. (喻)孩子们对计算机游戏上了瘾。 addict oneself to v. 沉溺于, 吸毒成瘾
  addictive adj. 上瘾的
  addicted adj. 沉溺于某种嗜好中的 addiction n. 沉溺, 上瘾
  2. danger n. 危险,威胁; (具体)危险的人或物
  In war, life is full of danger for everyone. 在战争中,每个人的生活都充满了危险。 Smoking is a danger to health. 吸烟对健康有害。
  in danger 在…危险之中
  The bridge is in danger of collapse. 桥要塌了。 out of danger 脱离危险
  He is now out of danger. 他现在已经脱离危险了。
  dangerous adj.危险的
  3. inject  vt.注射; 注入
  to inject a drug into the body  向体内注射药物
  We hope to inject new life into our business. 我们希望使我们的业务工作充满朝气。 injection n. 注射, 注射剂
  4. reduce v.减少, 缩小, 简化, 还原
  They've reduced the prices in the shop, so it's a good time to buy. 商店已经降低了商品的价格,看来现在是买东西的好时候。
  The fire reduced the forest to a few trees. 大火把森林烧得仅剩下几颗树。
  This experienced editor is said to be able to reduce the misprints to almost nothing.
  据说这位经验丰富的老编辑能把印刷错误几乎降低到零。 reduction  n.减少, 缩影
  5. crime n. 罪;罪行;罪恶
  Killing people is a crime. 杀人是一种罪行。
  criminal n. 罪犯, 犯罪者 adj.犯罪的, 犯法的, 罪恶的 commit a crime 犯罪
  6. illegal adj. 不合法的;违法的
  It is illegal to steal things. 偷东西是违法的。 legal  adj.法律的, 法定的, 合法的
  the legal owner.法定拥有人
  legal business operations. 合法的生意经营
  7. likely  adj.很可能的, 合适的, 可靠的, 有希望的
  常见的两个结构是:1)be likely to do   2) It is likely (possible / probable) that … The train is likely to be late. 这趟火车很可能晚点。
  = It is likely that the train will be late.
  She is the most likely girl to win the prize.  她是最有希望得奖的女孩。 They are likely to become angry with him. 他们可能会对他发怒。
  = It is likely that .
  反义词: unlikely 不可能的
  同义词辨析:possible,  probable,  likely这三个形容词的一般含义是“可能的”。 possible表示 “某件事的可能性”,这时说明的是事物的性能。
  Scientists are now trying to discover if this is possible. 科学家现在正在努力去探索这是否有可能。 probable在表示某人做某事、或事物的可能性时,具有“迹象”或推理的内涵,     可能性是三
  likely 所修饰的人或物应当具备这样的特点:已被断定、被提出或被坚持的可能性
  Rain is possible, but not probable before evening. 有可能要下雨,但天黑前不可能下。
  possible 和 probable 不能用在 be + adj.+ to do 的句型中。
  常见搭配:as likely as not 很可能
  Not likely. 不可能
  8. ban n. 禁令  vt.禁止(ban sb. from doing sth.) There is a ban on smoking. 有一个禁烟令。 Smoking is banned in school. 在学校禁止吸烟。
  9. affect vt. 影响, 感动
  The slight change of weather can affect her health. 天气稍有变化就会影响她的身体。 I was deeply affected by the news 深深被这消息所感动。
  effect  n. 结果, 效果, 作用, 影响
  10. recognize v. 认出;承认;认可
  I recognized Peter although I hadn't seen him for 10 years. 虽然我有10年没看到彼得了,但我认出了他。
  I don't recognize this word -- what does it mean? 我不认识这个单词,它的意思是什么?
  1 词汇能力 与音乐有关的词汇:
  audience, choir, classical, composer, conductor, drum, guitar, musical instrument, jazz, musician, orchestra, piano, pop, rock, saxophone, violin, musical, symphony, compose, album, band, solo, tune, record
  其他词汇:lose, peasant, talent, catchy, influence, complex, lecturer, mix
  2 听说能力
  谈论喜好(likes and dislikes) 3 阅读能力
  阅读本模块中的两篇文章,掌握其中语言点。 4 语法能力
  时间状语从句 5 写作能力
  1 audience n. 听众, 观众
  Three thousand audience crowded the concert hall.
  The audience is/are always very excited by a wonderful goal. 一个精彩的进球总会使观众们非常激动。 注意:audience作整体看待时,谓语动词用单数,看作许多人时,谓语动词用复数。 类似的集体名词还有:family, team, class, club, folk, commitee, crowd, government, party, public, enemey, group, population, couple等作主语时,如果作为一个整体,谓 语用单数,如果作为一个个成员讲,谓语用复数。
  His family is going to have a long journey. His whole family are watching TV now.
  2 lose
  v. 遗失, 浪费, 错过, 输去, 使失去, 使迷路, 使沉溺于
  I cannot find my watch;I must have lost it. 我找不到手表,我一定把它给丢了。
  I tried hard not to lose a word of his lecture. 我努力想听清他讲课讲的每一字每一句。
  Our team lost the football match. 我们队足球比赛输了。
  He has lost his mind. 他失去理智力。 He has lost his job. 他失业了。
  We have no time to lose. 我们没有时间好浪费。
  I've lost interest in that subject. 我对那事已没有兴趣了。 She lost herself in the book. 她专心在书上。
  They lost their way in the mist. 他们在雾中迷路了。 关于lose比较常见的一个题是:
  in thought, he almost knocked into a car on the road.
  A. Lost  B. Losing  C. Being losing D. Had lost 3 talent
  n. 天才, 才干, 才能 (= gift)
  My sister has a talent for music. 我妹妹有音乐才能。
  = My sister has a gift for music. talented  adj. 有才能的
  辨析:genius指天才,表示最高的,最全面的,最富有创造力的才能,具有先天性。 Talent指后天从模仿和训练得来的才能,才干。
  4 catchy
  adj. 吸引人的;动人的 = attractive or appealing:
  a catchy idea for a new television series. 为一部新电视系列剧出的吸引人的主意 a song with a catchy tune.  一首调子好记的歌
  5 influence
  n. 影响, 感化, 势力, 有影响的人(或事) vt. 影响, 改变 = affect
  My teacher's influence made me study science at college. 由于我老师的影响,我上大学学了理科。
  Many a woman has had civilizing influence upon/on her husband. 许多妇女对其丈夫的言谈举止有潜移默化的影响。
  My teacher influenced my decision to study science. 我的老师对我学理科的决定起了影响作用。
  6 record
  n. / vt. 记录;记载;录制;
  The doctor keeps a record of all the serious illnesses in the village. 这个医生保存了这个村庄所有严重疾病的记录。
  The songs were recorded by the radio company. 这些歌曲是由广播公司录下的。
  a world record in weightlifting 某项举重的世界记录。
  a record for cold weather. 寒冷天气的记录。

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