《Developing and Developed Countries》教学设计

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  Module2 Developing and Developed Countries
  CULTURE CORNER—Town Twinning
  Step 1: Before you read
  Please go over the word list for this module, paying attention to the pronunciation of the word, the relationship between its pronunciation and its spelling.
  Step 2: While you read
  Cut0 the sentences into thought groups, blacken the predicates, underline the useful expressions and darken the connectives.
  Step 3: After you read
  Copy all the useful expressions into your Expression Boo may make sentences with these expressions.
  Useful expressions from Town Twinning
  medium-size towns of between 100,000 and 200,000 inhabitants, be important to…, be close to some of the most beautiful countryside, in the region, share something else, have a town twinning agreement, a new idea, have become more popular, in recent years, find out about…, visit other countries and towns, an agreement between towns or cities of similar size and age, have similar features, such as tourism, industry, culture and entertainment, encourage people from the two towns to visit each other, visits and exchanges between schools, visitors from the foreign town, stay in the private homes of the town, a big party for the visitors, be most useful for students and people, practice speaking another language, living with a foreign family, as a result, improve fast
  Periods 1&2
  Introduction and
  Reading—The Human Development Report
  ● To learn to read passages with link words about the Human Development Report
  ● To learn to read with strategies
  Step 1: Warming up by defining The Human Development Report
  HDR is an annual report launched by UNDP(United Nations Development Program联合国开发计划署) in 1990 to stimulate and inform global development debate. The world's 173 countries are ranked according to their level of human development. Usually every HDR focuses on some e such as democracy. Country by country assessment of trends towards achieving the UN MDGs (United Nations Millennium Development Goals联合国千年发展目标) is also given.
  Warming up by getting to know what human development is
  The concept of human development focuses on the ends rather than the means of 'development' and progress. The real objective of development should be to create an enabling environment for people to enjoy long, healthy and creative lives. Though this may appear to be a simple truth, it is often forgotten in the immediate concern with the accumulation of commodities and wealth.
  Human development denotes both the process of widening people's choices and the level of their achieved well-being. The most critical ones are to lead a long and healthy life, to be educated, and to enjoy a decent standard of living. Additional choices include political freedom, guaranteed human rights and self respect. The concept distinguishes between two sides of human development. One is the formation of human capabilities, such as improved health or knowledge. The other is the use that people make of their acquired capabilities, for work or leisure.
  Step 2: Before you read
  Please go over the word list for this module, paying attention to the pronunciation of the word, the relationship between its pronunciation and its spelling.
  Step 3: While you read
  1. Type of writing and summaries of The Human Development Report
  Type of writing An exposition writing
  Summaries of 1st part From an agreement agreed in 2000 came the Human Development Report.
  Summaries of 2nd part The report describes eight Development Goals.
  Summaries of 3rd part The 2003 Human Development Report gives example of successful development.
  Summaries of 4th part The report shows that we are making some progress but that we need to make greater efforts.
  2. A diagram of The Human Development Report
  The Human Development Report
  Paragraph 1: In 2000, The Human Development Report
  Paragraph 2: The Human Development Report Index
  Paragraph 3: Examples of successful developments 
  Paragraph 4: We need to make greater efforts.
  3. Complete the article with one word in each blank
  In 2000, 147 world leaders agreed to cooperate to _1_ poverty by 2015 or earlier. From this agreement the Human Development Report is _2_. One of the most important parts of this report is the Human Development Index. _3_ Development Goals are listed

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