Unit2 The universal language单元测试

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Unit 2 The universal language
1. In fact, newspaper editors sometimes do not even _____ control over large sections of their newspapers.
  A. exercise B. make C. decline D. develop
  2. ______ can you expect to get a pay rise.
  A. With hard work        B. Although work hard
  C. Only with hard work     D. Now that he works hard
3. John, _____ Mary is to blame for the matter.
  A. rather than   B. other than    ore than   D. less than
4. I am a _____ friend of his, because we all live very _____ to our school, and I know
  very well that he sleeps with the windows ___ even in summer.
  A. closing;close; close      B. close;closely;closing  
  C. closing;closely;closed     D. close;close;closed
5. It was _____ the ambulane _____ to the hospital.
A. until;that the boy was sent B. until;that was the boy sent
  C. not until;that the boy was sent D. not until;that was the boy sent
6. ----The boss said we had only three days to finish the work.
  ----Don’t worry. We have already ______ two thirds of it.
  A. got down B. got through C. given in D. given away
  7. --Did they e to the biology laboratory ?
  --I don’t know. They __________ while I was out.
  A. might have e B. might e
  C. should have e D. must have e
  8. I can’t see any coffee in this cupboard. ____?
  A. Has it all been finished B. Was it all finished
  C. Has it all finished D. Did it all finish
  9. I was ___________ of crossing the road __________ the car accident happened.
  A. around the time; when B. on the point; that
  C. at the moment; when D. on the point; when
  10. ------Shall we go to the art exhibition right away?
  ------ .
  A. It’s your opinion B. I don’ t mind
  C. It’s all up to you D. That’s your decision
  11.You must keep on working in the evening,. ______ you are sure you can finish the
  task in time
  A. as B. if C. when D. unless
  12. -----How do you find the book?
  -----It’s ____.
  A. of great useful        B. of very value
  C. of great usefulness     D. of great use
13. ------Who cleaned the classroom?
  ------We consider Tom ____ it.
  A. to clean         B. cleaning
  C. to have cleaned     D. to have been cleaning
14. ------How did you ____ with that idea?
  ------I read a book.
  A. e up   B. take off    C. run over   D. map
  15. ------How many chapters does the book have?
  ------It ____ three chapters.
  A. consists with  B. consists of C. including    D. is contained
16. ------How many books do you think he has?
  ------I think the books he has e to ____ 1000.
  A. as much as   B. as more as C. as long as    D. as many as
17. ------Shall we meet tonight
  ------Sorry, I’m busy. How about_______ day?
  A. every other B. the other C. any other D. some other
  18. He was in hospital only because he was too excited at the fact ____ he won the first
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