《Great inventions》教案2

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  Module 9 Great inventions
  Module 9的主要内容为运用一般将来时的被动语态来描述伟大的发明,包括造纸和印刷术的发明,电脑的出现和网络的广泛使用。从全书来看,本模块承接上一模块对被动语态的学习和运用,着重一般将来时被动语态的使用,让同学们通过课堂活动来掌握其用法。
  Unit 1 Will computers be used more than books in the future?
   Knowledge objective
  1. Words: borrow,website,mail,textbook,mainly,page,electronic,powerful,memory,full,fix,
  instructions, lend, properly
  2. Expressions: put up, thousands of
   Ability objective
  1. To listen and read the materials about computer.
  2. To make a dialogue about the wide use of the computer.www.21-cn-jy.com
   Moral objective
  1. To arose Ss’ interest in great inventions.
  2. To make Ss be proud of our great inventions in our country.21*cnjy*com
  3. To make Ss love our country and study hard.
  PWP method, task-based method and interactive approach
  A tape recorder, multimedia and some pictures
  Teaching Procedures:
  Step 1 Leading-in   
  Ss look the pictures and answer the questions.
  Step 2 Presentation
  Look and say. The teacher shows the pictures of new words and let the students to say as soon as possible.
  Step 3 Look and say
  Look at the pictures and answer the questions in pairs.
  1. How have these inventions changed people’s lives?
  2. Which one do you think is the most important?
  3. What other important inventions can you think of?
  Step 4 Listening
  1. Listen and complete the sentences.
  1 Linging loves her mobile phone because she can ______________.
  2 All of Daming’s friends’ numbers are _______ in his phone.
  3 Today’s cameras are better than old cameras because they do not ________ and the photos can ______________.
  4 Lingling thinks everything ___________ by computer to some degree, so the computer is __________________ invention.21世纪教育网版权所有
  2. Listen to Part 3 and answer the following questions.
  1. What will Tony do on the school visit to the museum?
  2. Where did we get mainly information in the past?
  Step 5 Reading
  1. Find out the sentences which belong to the passive voice in the dialogue.
  1. They’ll be put up on the school website.
  2. And they can be seen on the Internet by other classes.
  3. Will computers be used more than books in the future?
  2. Now read the summary of the conversation. Underline the wrong information and correct it.
  Tony wants to borrow his father’s camera and take some photos of the school dance and the basketball match. The photos will be shown in the school magazine. Tony’s dad lends the camera. He promises Tony to look after it.21•cn•jy•com
  3. Find the sentences in the conversation which mean:
  1 Changing the subject, can I get the camera?
  2. It is not a problem. I will use another memory card.
  3 I will do what you tell me to do.
  4. Answer the questions.
  electronic   fix   instruction   invention   lend   mail   page   website 
  1 How do you fix a camera if the memory is full?
  2 When do you need to read the instructions?
  3 How often do you send messages by mail?
  4 How many pages does this book have?
  5 Which website do you often go to when you get online?
  6 What is an example of electronic technology?
  7 When you lend something to someone, what do they have to do later?
  8 What do you think is the most important invention in human history?
  Step 6 Everyday English
  Let Ss say the everyday English that they have learnt in the passage.
  • I wonder …
  • Perhaps.
  • Here it is.
  • Promise!
  Step 7 Language points
  1. Can I borrow your camera?

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