《My First Day at Senior High》教案14

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  STEP 1 STEP 1 Dictation
  Dictate the new words what we learned last lesson.
  STEP 2   Prediction
  1. Ask Ss to discuss what Li Kang will mention about his first day at Senior High ----predict the topic
  2. Ask Ss to predict what Li Kang‘s first day will be lise some adjectives to describe
  STEP 3  Scanning
  Ask Ss to do Ex 3 on page 2----Find the answers to the 3 questions
  What are difference between Li Kang’s Junior High school and this school?
  The teacher read and the students write on the exercise book.
  Exchange the paper to correct.
  Volunteer to guess.
  Students read the passage quickly and answer the questions on the PPT.
  师生活动及时间分配 个案补充
  程 2.What are the two things that the English teacher thinks are important to do in class?
  3.What are the two things that the English teacher wants to improve?
  Discuss and check the answers in pairs
  STEP 4 Skimming
  Find the topic sentence of each paragraph and summarize the main idea -- pair work
  Paragraph 1
  Paragraph 2
  Paragraph 3
  Paragraph 4
  Paragraph 5
  Paragraph 6
  Check the answers and then ask Ss to do Ex 6 on page 4 ---Decide which is the best summary of Li Kang‘s opinion about the new school
  STEP 5  A better understanding of the text
  1.Do Ex 4 on page 3 ---learn how to paraphrase the difficult sentences
  2.Do Ex 5 on page 4---learn the new words and ask Ss which words appear in the text and read out the sentences with the words
  Write a composition with a title “My Senior High School” to introduce the school, teachers ,lessons and your classmates.
  Each group appoints one student to answer the question.
  Work in pairs to answer the questions.
  And then collect the answer.
  If necessary, the teacher adds.
  Work individually.
  And then try to retell the passage.

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