《School life》教案10

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  School life in the UK
  The article is taken from a school magazine written by an exchange student. After studying in the UK for one year, she gives us a brief but clear description about what school life in the UK is like from her own experience. The reading strategy of the unit teaches students two basic reading skills, skimming and scanning.
  Step1 Leading—in
  Asdents if they have brought some photos or materials about the UK. The teacher can either asdents to pass them around or invite some students to make brief descriptions of the photos. Encourage students to use the information to discuss the difference and try to think of the reasons for these differences like this:
  1.Do you know of any differences between the lives of Chinese and British high school students?
  2.Can you try to give some reasons for the differences?
  After the discussion, the teacher may say: What ma think of when you see the title?Which parts of school life in the U thinthor will talt in the article?
  Step2  Fast reading for general ideas
  Asdents to go through the passage as quickly as possible and try to find answers to the three questions in Part A. Remind students only to focus on and identify the most important information.
  1. What did Wei Hua think of her life in the UK? (She thought it was a very enjoyable and exciting experience.)
  2. What subjects did Wei Hua study in the past year? (English, History, English Literature, Computer Science, Maths, Science, PE, Art, Cooking and French.)
  3. Which British city did Wei Hua go to? (Manchester)
  Step3  Detailed reading for important information
  1. Asdents to reread the passage and complete Part C1 and C2 individually. Questions in Part C1 are to checdents’ ability to read and locate specific information. Statements in Part C2 serve as a strengthening activity for students’ comprehension of this passage.
  C1  1. F   2. T  3. T    4 .F   5. F   6. F
  C2  1. They should devote themselves to study.
  2 Because there were different students in some classes.
  3.Because all the homework was in English
  4. The teacher gave her much encouragement.
  5. She used English Everyday and spent an hour each day reading English books in the library.
  6. They like to eat dessert at the end of dinner.
  2. Asdents to go through the article first and find out what topics are covered in it.
  Are the following aspects of school life mentioned in the article?
  (Teachers, classmates, friends, subjects, homework/assignments, grades, timetable, activities, school facilities, host family, food, hobbies, customs, traditions, festivals  underlined are not mentioned )
  Ask the students to summary the main idea of each paragraph.
  3. Have students focus on the two exercises and ask them which of the reading methods they use when they are doing the two exercises. Ask them if they read word by word or sentence by sentence to find the answers to the two exercises. The activity can be conducted as follows:
  Now we've found out the most important information and got the main idea of the article. But I'm curious about the reading method you use when reading the article. Can you tell me how you find the main idea in such a short time? Do you thin have to read the whole article slowly and carefully in order to get a brief understanding of it?
  4. Explain some difficult points of the article (language points)
  5. Asdents to complete Parts D and E individually. Part D helps students to comprehend the meanings of the words from the context and match them with the correct definitions, while Part E is a letter from a British student who wants to make friends with Wei Hua. Students have to first understand the letter and then fill m the blanks with the proper words.
  D   1 d  2 g  3 a  4 e  5 b  6 c  7 f
  E   (1) experienced  (2) fond  (3) literature (4)  dessert
  (5) struggle    (6) respect       (7)  encouragement
  6. Do Parts A1 and A2 in Workbook so as to be familiar with the usage of the

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