《Astronomy: the science of the stars》教案1

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  Module 3 Unit 4集体备课教案
  广东省梅州市蕉岭中学 高一英语备课组
  能力目标Skill Goals
  Talt the science of the stars, the development of life and space travel and gravity.
  Practise giving instructions.
  Practise talt problems in study or life.
  Learn to use Noun Clauses as the subject.
  Learn to write an essay to show your problems and the way to overcome them.
  式 Talt the science of the stars, the development of life and space travel and gravity
  Where do we come from?
  How did the universe begin?
  Why is the universe the way it was?
  How will it end?
  How much do you know about universe?
  Do you want to have a space travel?
  Do you know something about gravity?
  Do you know something about black holes?
  Practise giving instructions
  Please look at/ listen to...
  Please check that...
  You need...
  Please pay attention to...
  Don’t forget to...
  You’d better...
  Mare you...
  Watch out for...
  You mustn’t...
  Practice talking about problems in study or life
  My problem is...
  The difficulty is...
  My trouble is...
  The question is...
  My advice is...
  What I thint it is...
  The fact is...
  My suggestion is...
  词       汇 1 四会词汇
  astronomy, system, religion theory atom billion globe violent carbon atmosphere unlindamental harmful acid chain multiply oxygen exist thus dioxide puzzle biology biologist gravity satellite gentle physicist climate crash spaceship pull float mass
  astronomer, biochemistry, geophysics, solar, Big Bang, vapour, nitrogen, dissolve, amphibian, reptile, generally, mammal, global, comet, Issac Newton, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, lessen, weightlessly, cabin, exhaust, exclaim
  3 词组
  solar system, in time, lay eggs, give birth to, in one’s turn, carbon dioxide, prevent…from, bloct, cheer up, now that, breat, watch out
  语法 Noun Clauses as the subject
  Noun Clauses as the subject is also called the Subject Clause. That means a Noun Clause serves as Subject in the sentence. The words which are used in this Noun Clause are: that, whether, who, what, which, when, where, how, why, etc.
  1. What it was to become was a mystery.
  2. It was not clear whether the solid shape was to last or not.
  1.        Train students’ interest in science and stimulate their love for astronomy.

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