《I like music that I can dance to》教学设计

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  English 课型 新授课 执教者 高松洁
  课题 Unit 6 I lisic that I can dance to.(3a-4)        
  教具准备 Some CDs and pictures
  技能 1. Key vocabulary: remind of, dislike, heart, string
  2. The sentences with the Attributive Clause.
  方法  According to use the sentences with the Attributive Clauses to express what they like or dislike.
  观 Try to exchange the opinions on CDs with your friends. It will help you to know more about your friends.
  教学重点 Teach the students how to use the key word.
  Practice using sentences with the Attributive Clause in real life.
  教学难点 Using sentences with the Attributive clause in discussing CDs.
  教学内容及步骤 学生活动 设计意图
  Step1 Revision
  Ⅰ.Revise the  Attributive Clause with that by asestions :What kind of music\groups do you like?
  Ⅱ.Revise the Attributive Clause with who by asestions:What kind of singers\musicians do you like? 
  Step2 Presentation
  1.Show my favorite CDs to the class and teach the phrase “remind of”.
  2. Tell the students that remind sb.of sth.=cause sb. to think of sth. Give more examples on "remind sb. of sth./sb. "
  eg.①The CD reminds me of my music teacher.She has a beautiful voice.
  ②The pictures reminded us the old days I once experienced.
  dislike=hate eg. ①His father bought him a book that he disliked.②He dislikes listening to the music that is too loud.
  3.Write the four questions on the blackboard.
  (1)What’s the name of your favourite CD?
  (2)Why do you like this CD?
  (3)What do you dislit this CD?
  (4)What does it remind you of?
  Get them to discuss in pairs. Ask a pair of the students to share their conversations with the class.
  Step3 Consolidation and extension
  I. Do activity 3a.
  Ask the students to read the review and match the sentences part by themselves, then check the answers.
  II.3b Pair work
  Ask a pair of students to read the model conversation in the box first, then make the students map  similar dialogues in groups.
  Note:1.called=named 被叫做,被称为eg.①I have a dog called tiger.② Do you know the singer called Hai Mingwei?
  2.heart eg.①Now my heart is beating faster and faster.②We should put our heart into English. ③I must learn English by heart.
  3.string  eg.The string of the kite  is too short.
  4. What do you think of …?=How do you like …?
  III. Part 4
  1. Show some pictures of the popular singers or groups among the students.     Let the students complete the sentences with their own words.
  2. Move around the classroom and asestions who feels the same way you do about each thing. And write down the students’ names in the blanks .
  Ask some pairs to say their conversations to the class.
  Note:be important to sb.对某人重要 be important for sb. to do sth.对某人来说做某事重要 eg. It is important for us to learn English well.
  Step 4 Summary and do exercises
  Revise the words and target language,then give them some exercises.完成句子。
  It is the kind of music_________.
  The building ________________my mother school.
  I prefer musicians_______________.
  She likes singers________________. 
  Answer the Attributive questions and review the Attributive Clause with that and who.
  Understanding the phrase“ remind of”and discuss in pairs.
  Read the review and match the sentence parts.
  Read the model conversation in the box first. Then map a similar dialogue.
  Complete this survey. Then find classmates who agree with you.
  Do exercises by themselves ,Then check their answers. 
  复习由that 和who 引导的定语从句,及时发现学生的问题,及时纠正。
  Unit 6 I lisic that I can dance to
  remind of, dislike,heart,string
  1.What’s the name of your favourite CD?
  2.Why do you like this CD?
  3.What do you dislit this CD?
  4.What does it remind you of?

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