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2019高考英语 阅读理解课件+专项练习(打包8套)
  NUMBER   1 
  Come Talk To The Animals 
  Whisper to a walrus. Patter to a penguin. Sing to a sea lion. 
  Pet a smiling dolphin or hug that world-famous killer whale, Shamu. He’s the biggest friend you’ll ever make! Plan to visit a beautiful Sea World Park this summer. Where else can you reach out to so many different marine animals? To talk. To touch. To laugh. To love. To understand each other. And where else can  you and your family be so entertained by your new animal friends? With a whole day of fabulous shows, shows, shows! It can only happen at Sea World. Where you can talk to the animals. And they can tal. Sea World Orlando•San Diego•Cleveland 
  NUMBER   2 
  “The Best Boats on the Canals”
  See beautiful England by water. Cruise Chester, Liangollen, enjoy 1500 miles of holiday waterways, picturesque towns and waterside pubs, Self-drive modern  cruisers with showers, double beds, flush toilets, fridges. Free tu ition. 
  Colour brochures and Boo kings:
  Wrenbury Mill, nr Nantwich, Cheshire
  CW5 8HG England: Tel 0270 78054  
  NUMBER    3 
  Business Opportunity-India
  We are reputed Engineering Company in India having spare capacity for manufacture of High Precision components & assemblies for engineering electronic industries. 
  We can provide long term competitive and reliable source. Our facilities include computer aided engineering and manufacturing, CNC technology, efficient processing centers etc. Including gold plating. We have adequate facility for research and development and a team of experienced engineers and technicians. Presently we are manufacturing  clock work mechanisms for defence applications and communication electronic component s. We are open to di scussion for sourcing of component, long term strategic alliance, technical collaboration or firm buy back arrangement. Please write to: 
  International Operation
  Fax NO. +91 99 461 5204 
  NUMBER   4 
  Without the eucalyptus tree of Australia’s wild bush lands, the koala can’t survive. 
  Yet development threatens much of th e precious habitat that’s so c rucial to Australia’s wildlife.
  Help the Australian Koala foundation save this rapidly dwindling resource.
  Because no bush lands means no eucalyptus trees.
  And no trees mean no Koalas. 
  NUMBER 5  
  Conneticut Department of Public Health: 
  What is a woman
  “You’re a mother, a sister, a wife. You’d rather do without than have your family do without .”(The firs t picture)
  “But how will your family do without you? If you’re a woman over the age of 40, you’re at greater risk for breast cancer. But early detection can save your life.” (The second picture) “Call in hotline to see if you qualify for a free mammogram. 1-800-203-1234. Care enoug h to care for yourself, call today.” (The third pictu re)  
  “Do you believe in life after death?” Jack’s boss asked Jack.
  “Yes, sir.”
  “Well, then, that makes everything just fine,” the boss went on. “About an hour after you left yesterday to go to your grandfather’s funeral(葬礼), he dropped in to see you.”
  1. What do you suppose Jack did the day before?
  A. He attended his grandfather’s funeral.
  B. He told a lie to get the day off.
  C. He meant to attend a funeral but didn’t.
  D. He did nothing special; he worsual.
  2. What do you suppose Jack’ s grandfather was doing the day before?
  A. He knew Jack had cheated his boss and came to expose him.
  B. He was thought to be dead but in fact was well and alive.
  C. He was dying but was saved by the doctors.
  D. He was going about his usual business.
  3. Who does the story tell us really believed in life after death? __________.
  A. Jack B. J a ck’s boss C. Jack’s grandfather D. No one
  Two young men went on a No. 40 bus on Nanjing Road and each bought a five-fen ticket with a 10-yuan note. They did that again when a further f are was out 10-yuan notes and this time started a quarrel when the conductor ran out of change. They were then arrested, according to Xinmin Evening New.
  China Daily Jan. 16, 1983
  1. Why do you think the young men got on the No. 40 bus?
  A. They wanted to go to some definite place on the No. 40 bus.
  B. They had no definite place to go to and were just wasting their time.
  C. They had some definite place to go to but got on the wrong bus.
  D. They were running from the police and happened to get on that bus.
  2. Why do you think the young men used 10-yuan notes to buy tickets?
  A. They did not have small change ab out them.
  B. Ten-yuan was in fact the right amount of their fare.
  C. They just wanted to give the conductor some trouble.
  D. They needed a lot of small change for some particular reason.
  3. The young men were arrested because __________.
  A. they rode the bus without paying the right fare
  B. they had stolen some ten-yuan notes
  C. they m ade it impossible for the conductor to do this work
  D. they quarreled loudly with each other on the  bus
  New York , 10 November — 5:27 pm, ye sterday. Biggest power failure in the city’s history.
  Thousands of people got stuck in lifts. Martin Saltzman spent three hours between the 21st and 22nd floors of the Empire State Building. “There were twelve of us. But no one panic ked. We passed the time telling stori es and playing word gam es. One man wanted to smot we didn’t let him. Firemen finally got us out.”
  “It was the best night we’ve ever had,” said Angela Carraro, who runs an Italian restaurant on 42nd Street. “We had lots of candles on the tables and the waiters were carrying candles on their trays. The place was full — and all night, in fact, for after we had closed, we let the people stay on and spend the night here.”
  The zoos had their problems like  everyone else. Keepers worked throu gh the night. They used blankets to keep flying squirre ls and small monkeys warm. While zoos had problems keeping warm, supermarkets had problems keeping cool. “All of our ice cream and frozen foods melted,” said the manager of a store in downtown Manhattan. “They were worth $ 50, 000.”
  The big electric clock in the lobby(大厅)of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel i n downtown Manhattan started ticking(滴答)again at 5:25 this morning. It was almost on time.
  1. Throughout the period of darkness, Martin Saltzman and the eleven others were _______.
  A. nervous B. excited C. calm D. frightened
  2. How long did the power failure last?
  A. Nearly 12 hours. B. More than 12 hours.
  C. Nearly 24 hours. D. More than 24 hours.
  In Mount Berry, Georgia, people find a group of schools built specially for mountain children. The schools, as well as the mountain itself, are named after Mart ha Berry, herself a daughter of a Georgian mountaineer.
  Martha Berry was born in 18 66. Luckier than most Georgian m ountain children, she received an education. But she never forgot other children of the mountains whose parents couldn’t afford to send them to school. In 1902 Martha Berry started a school for these children. It was housed in a single small log cabin and was attended by only five pupils. Now eighty years later, there are a score of Berry Schools in the area, with a total of over one thousand students and a waiting list of about five thousand.
  Martha Berry in her later years received many medals and honors for what she had done for the poor mountain children of Georgia, and in 1931 she was named one of the twelve most important women in the United States. Sh e never stopped working for the mount ain children till her death in 1942.
  1. Georgia is the name __________.
  A. of a mountain in the U. S. B. of a school in the U. S.
  C. of the mountain people in the U. S. D. of a state in the U. S.
  2. How many years of her life did Martha Berry devote to working for children?
  A. 40 year B. 36 years C. 29 years D. 76 years
  3. The first Berry School was founded ________.

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