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2017-2018学年高一英语北师大版必修一教学案:Unit 1 Section 1 Word版含答案.doc
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2017-2018学年高一英语北师大版必修一教学案:Unit 3 Section 4 Word版含答案.doc
  1.lifestylen.     生活方式
  2.stressfuladj.          充满压力的,紧张的
  3.switchvt.            转换,转变
  4.portableadj.         轻便的,手提(式)的
  5.remoteadj.          遥远的
  6.suppose→supposedadj.    想象的,假定的
  7.complain→_complaintn.   抱怨
  11.relaxing  adj.放松的→relaxv.放松→relaxationn.休闲,娱乐
  1.switch on    把开关打开,接通
  2.switch off把……关掉,关上
  3.switch over转换频道,转变
  4.do some exercise锻炼身体
  5.at one's desk     在伏案工作
  6.go off(爆竹、铃等)响
  7.get changed换衣服
  9.be filled with充满着
  10.complain (to sb.) about sth.  (向某人)抱怨某事
  1.What kind of lifestyles do you think people have?
  [句式分析] do you think为插入语,在句中只改变原句的语序而不改变其谓语动词的形式。
  [佳句赏析] 你认为他们什么时候回来?
  When do you think they'll be back?
  2.Of course, I couldn't live this lifestyle without a good wife.
  [句式分析] couldn't ... without为双重否定,表示肯定意思。
  [佳句赏析] 没有你的帮助我是不会成功的。
  I wouldn't have succeeded without your help.
  3. I always take my portable TV and I sit on the stone wall while the dog walnd in a circle.
  [句式分析] while表示“转折、对比”,意为“而”。
  [佳句赏析] 一些人富,而一些穷。
  Some people are rich, while the others are poor.
  4.I am always the first person to get to the office.
  [句式分析] 序数词或被序数词修饰的名词后,通常用不定式作定语。
  [佳句赏析] 在我们家他总是第一个起床的人。
  He is always the first to get up in my family.
  5.When I get home at about ten, I look at some documents that I bring back from the office so that I can be ready for the next day's  work.
  [句式分析] when引导时间状语从句,that引导定语从句,修饰先行词documents。so that意为“目的是,为了”,引导目的状语从句。
  Lifestyles are often connected with occupations. If you like doing  a  joy, you may have a lifestyle concerned with it. Look at the following pictures and answer these questions:
  What are you going to be when you grow up? Why?
  I want to be a tour guide, because I thinr guide work is most interesting, and I can go to many places of interest and get much knowledge.
  Choose the best answer according to the text.
  1.Brian Blakey watches different programmes on  TV except ________.
  A.sport        B.movies
  C.TV series            D.advertisements
  2.Brian Blakey ________ besides watching TV.
  A.does a lot of exercise  B.goes to work
  C.walks his dog        D.makes meals
  3.What does Bob Black most likely do?
  A.A teacher.           B.A secretary.
  C.A cleaner.           D.A doctor.
  4.Bob Black reads some documents when he gets home because ________.
  A.it is not late
  B.he can't finish his work in the office
  C.he likes doing some reading before going to bed
  D.he must prepare for the next day's work
  5.Which of the following can explain the reason for Bob's hard-working?
  A.He can make more money.
  B.His wife and children drive him to do so.
  C.He doesn't enjoy staying with his family.
  D.He can't stand his family's complaint.Ⅰ.把单词和英文释义匹配起来
  1.volunteer   A.to pass your final examinations at university
  2.graduate       B.help and encouragement
  3.minus         C.something new, exciting or difficult to do
  4.reduce         D.to make a telephone call
  5.challenge      E.pressure or worry
  6.stress         F.someone who offers to do a job without being paid
  7.support       G.below zero
  8.dial          H.to make sth. smaller in size
  9.design        I.to find the correct answer or explanation for sth.
  10. solve         J.to decide how sth.will look, work, etc., especially by drawing plans or                making models
  答案:1~5 FAGHC 6~10 EBDJI
  1.diet   limited kind or amount of food that a person is allowed to eat
  2.expertperson with special knowledge, skill or training in a certain field
  3.stand      to put up with
  4.prefer     to like sth. better
  5.suffer     to feel pain or great sorrow
  1.suffer from       忍受,遭受
  2.an expert in/at/on sth.       ……方面的专家
  3.under pressure            在压力之下
  4.can't stand doing sth.       不能容忍做某事
  5.be on a diet              在节食
  6.prefer to do ... rather_than do ...
  7.take place发生
  8.know about ...          了解(知道)关于……的情况
  9.prepare for ...           为……做准备
  10.pay attention to ...      注意……
  11.be used to do sth.  被用来做某事
  12.as soon as possible尽可能快地
  1.I find painting or drawing very relaxing.
  [句式分析] find+宾语+宾补(形容词)。
  [佳句赏析] 我发现这个电视节目很有趣。
  I find the TV program very interesting.
  2.Breathing exercises can help reduce stress.
  [句式分析] breathing exercises为动名词短语作主语,reduce stress为不带to的不定式作宾语。
  [佳句赏析] 锻炼身体有助于减少疾病。
  Taking exercise  can help reduce diseases.
  3.What can we do to relax and reduce stress?
  [句式分析] to relax and reduce stress为不定式短语作目的状语。
  [佳句赏析] 他早起以便赶上首班车。
  He got up early to catch the first bus.
  4.But it's very stressful to wait for exam results.
  [句式分析] 句中it为形式主语,代替后边的不定式短语。
  [佳句赏析] 保护好环境对我们来说很重要。
  It is very important for us to protect the environment well.
  考点1 suffer from 遭受,忍受
  John suffers from backache.
  He's been suffering from cancer for two years.
  You must have suffered from a cold.
  suffer from 往往表示“遭受战争、自然灾害所带来的苦难”及“患病”,如a war,the flood, cough, headache, flu等
  suffer 可用作及物动词,但宾语通常是表达损失、失败、痛苦等抽象意义的词语,如pain, loss, punishment, disappointment等

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