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  高考提能练  Module 1-2  仿真检测灵活拆组卷
  第一部分 听力 (满分30分,限时20分钟)
  1.What are the speakers talking about?
  A.The man’s weekend activities.
  B.The woman’s favorite sport.
  C.The city they live in.
  2.What does the man do?
  A.He’s a businessman.
  B.He’s a doctor.
  C.He’s a student.
  3.When did the speakers start talking?
  A.At 2:50.     B.At 3:00.    C.At 3:10.
  4.What does the woman want to do?
  A.Borrow money from the man.
  B.Go to the bank.
  C.Start up a business.
  5.What is the man’s research field?
  A.Education.   B.Insects.  C.Finance.
  6.What kind of job did the woman take after graduation?
  A.Teaching.    B.Marketing.  C.Volunteering.
  7.What does the woman think the man should do?
  A.Take his job immediately.
  B.Not worry about the money.
  C.Make a decision and stick to it.
  8.Where does the woman advise the man to apply for a job?
  A.In a newspaper office.
  B.In a travel agency.
  C.In a car factory.
  9.What does the man ask the woman about the job?
  A.The pay.
  B.The experience.
  C.The working conditions.
  10.Why didn’t the man realize his childhood dream?
  A.His parents didn’t support him.
  B.He was offered another good job.
  C.He lost interest in it later.
  11.What did the woman want to be when she was a little girl?
  A.A pilot.   B.A scientist.  C.A teacher.
  12.What languages is the woman good at?
  A.English and French.
  B.English and Italian.
  C.French and Italian.
  13.Who is Jenny?
  A.The man’s wife.
  B.The man’s sister.
  C.The woman’s colleague.
  14.How long has it been since the speakers’ graduation?
  A.Three years.
  B.Ten years.
  C.Thirteen years.
  15.What do we know about the man?
  A.He continued his studies after graduation.
  B.He once worked at a law firm.
  C.He is working in a trade company.
  16.When will the speakers meet each other again?
  A.This Saturday.
  B.This Sunday.
  C.Next Saturday.
  17.What is Bill Gates famous for according to the speaker?
  A.His family bacnd.
  B.His position in society.
  C.His educational bacnd.
  18.What did Bill Gates do in 1975?
  A.He went to Harvard University.
  B.He began to develop new software.
  C.He sold his inventions to MITS.
  19.When did Bill Gates leave Microsoft?
  A.In 2000.     B.In 2008.   C.In 2014.
  20.Which of the following is TRUE according to the talk?
  A.Bill Gates grew up in Washington.
  B.Bill Gates’ mother worked as a lawyer.
  C.IBM partnered with Microsoft for a short time.
  答案:1~5 ACBCB 6~10 BCABA
  11~15 BCABC 16~20 ABCBC
  (Text 1)
  W:What do you like to do during the weekend?
  M:I love cycling. On Saturday morning I usually ride around the city for two hours.
  (Text 2)
  W:What kind of college are you going to apply for?
  M:My father wants me to go into business but my mother wants me to go to medical school.
  (Text 3)
  M:How much time has passed since we started talking?
  W:It’s been only 10 minutes.
  M:So right now it should be 3:10 pm.
  (Text 4)
  W:Where did you get the money to start your restaurant?
  M:I have been saving my money for years.
  W:Is there any other way to get money to start up a small business?
  M:Yes, you can borrow some from a bank.
  (Text 5)
  W:Did you want to become a scientist when you were young?
  M:No. I became interested in insects only after I entered university.
  W:Are you happy with the working conditions in this university?
  M:Yes. It provides me excellent equipment and enough funding to do my work.
  (Text 6)
  M:What did you do after graduation?
  W:I’d planned to be a teacher, but then I was offered a good job doing marketing, so I changed my mind.
  M:Sounds li’re happy with your decision.
  W:I am. I enjoy my job very much. By the way, have you not had any job offers yet?
  M:I had one, but I didn’t like the job very much. I’d also really wanted to attend graduate school, but I was afraid I couldn’t pay that much money.
  W:I thin need to make a decision, stick to it and don’t be afraid of difficulties.
  (Text 7)
  W:Look, Jack! Here’s a job that might interest you.
  M:Are you sure? The last job interview you sent me to was really a disaster.
  W:Well, look! It’s a big company. You might get to travel.
  M:What kind of company is it, though?
  W:Um, let’s see. It’s a newspaper office. They say the pay is really good. And oh, look! They give you a car to travel around. That’s not bad, is it?
  M:Do they say anything about needing to have experience of a journalist?
  W:No, they want someone young and energetic. Oh, yes, they want a university graduate, so that’s O’ve been to university. The only thing is that you have to travel, but then that’s what the company car is for.
  M:Perhaps I’ll have a closer look at it.
  (Text 8)
  W:John, when you were little, what did you dream you’d grow up to be?
  M:Oh, I dreamed that I’d be a pilot when I grew up.
  W:So what happened? Did you just lose interest in being a pilot?
  M:No. My parents said it was too dangerous, and they wanted me to find a safer job. How about you? What did you dream of becoming when you were a little girl?
  W:When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a great scientist, but now, as you can see, I’m just a common office clerk.
  M:So what are your dreams now?
  W:Well, I really want to be a translator some day, so I’m working hard to learn English.
  M:You’re so good at language learning. Your French and Italian are already fluent. Well, I hope you succeed in that dream some day!
  (Text 9)
  W:Hi, Bob! I am so glad that you came.
  M:Of course I’d come. I couldn’t think of a better chance to see all my old friends.
  W:It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since graduation.
  M:How time flies! How are things going with you?
  W:It’s only recently that I’ve been able to start settling down. How about you? Are you still with Jenny?
  M:Yeah, Jenny and I got married right after graduation. It was hard for the first three years — I was supporting us both while she continued her studies — but now things are getting better. I work as a manager in a trade company and she’s working at a law firm. It’s all started to come together and we’re finally able to make a life for ourselves.
  W:Oh, that sounds wonderful. I have always known you two would make it. I hope I can keep in better contact with you.
  M:Definitely! Actually, we just moved into a new place. There’s a house­warming party this Saturday, if you are free? I know Jenny would love to see you again and it should be a good party.
  W:Sounds great! I am free this weekend and I’ll be there.
  (Text 10)
  Bill Gates, an American inventor, computer programmer and businessman, is reportedly worth nearly $80 billion, making him one of the wealthiest people in the country today. He founded and was head of Microsoft for years.
  Gates was born into a rich family in the state of Washington. His father was a lawyer; his mother was a banker. He is famous for being taken as the father of the modern computer. He studied at Harvard University but did not graduate because of his desire to develop new software.
  As a 13­year­old student, Gates was introduced to computer programming. In 1975, Gates spoke to a company called Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS). He convinced the owner of the company that he had written a program that would work well and make big money. The owner bought into Gates’ inventions, and the two men reached an agreement to develop software for the company. Then the Microsoft Company was born.
  Gates went on to develop the Windows operating system with then partner IBM. The two companies had differences though, and their partnership ended quickly. Gates worked as CEO until 2000. He remained active with the company for several years before leaving the company in 2008. In 2014, Bill Gates became the technical advisor of the firm.
  第二部分 阅读理解 (满分40分,限时35分钟)
  Get help now for your pet.
  Savannah from Joppa, MD.
  Pet Lover, Children Caretaker, Available Daily. I have owned pets for the past 14 years. I’ve taken care of all kinds of pets, such as cats, hamsters and rats. I love animals and frequently go to the local animal shelter to spend time with some of the animals there.
  $10­15/hr; 10 yrs of exp.
  Ahjah from Macon, GA.
  My plan is to go to college to become a vet, so I just want to have some experience to put on my college resume (简历). Than and I hope you understand.
  $10­30/hr; 0 yrs of exp.
  Elise from Moscow, TX.
  All my life I have pets such as cats, dogs, guinea­pigs and even a horse. I have a great love for pets, especially dogs. I am a very gentle person and love to show love for any animal.
  $10­15/hr; 0 yrs of exp.
  Kelsey from Tenino, WA.
  I’ve cared for many pets, including my own, over the past 10 years. I volunteer regularly at a local veterinary hospital and have experience of caring from 1 to over 50 animals at a time.
  $10­15/hr; 10 yrs of exp.
  高考提能练  Module 5-6  仿真检测灵活拆组卷
  第一部分 听力 (满分30分,限时20分钟)
  1.What are the speakers talking about?
  A.How the man became a driver.
  B.How the man had the accident.
  C.How the man bought the ticket.
  2.What does the man suggest the woman do?
  A.Repair the old TV set.
  B.Buy a new TV set.
  C.Keep the old TV set.
  3.How many people failed in the first interview?
  A.4.     B.12.     C.16.
  4.How will the guests go to the airport?
  A.By car.      B.By bus.       C.By taxi.
  5.Where will the man go?
  A.To the theatre.
  B.To the library.
  C.To the church.
  6.When did Dr. R. Sun plan to chect?
  A.On January 7th.
  B.On January 14th.
  C.On January 21st.
  7.What does the man want to do?
  A.Book a room.
  B.Cancel a booking.
  C.Change a booking.
  8.How did the man know Dr. Carter's office?
  A.He found it on the Internet.
  B.He saw it himself.
  C.His friend recommended it.
  9.When will the man meet Dr. Carter?
  A.At 7:30 am, Tuesday.
  B.At 4:00 pm, Wednesday.
  C.At 8:00 am, Thursday.
  10.What does the man think of flower arranging?
  A.Boring.      B.Useful.       C.Interesting.
  11.Why doesn't the man want to take photography?
  A.It lasts too long.
  B.It's expensive.
  C.It looks boring.
  12.What course will the woman take?
  A.Indian cooking.
  B.Flower arranging.
  C.Web design.
  13.Why does Jack say he had better stay at home?
  A.He has got a fever.
  B.He has to write his paper.
  C.He doesn't like the party.
  14.What day is it today?
  A.Wednesday.      B.Thursday.       C.Friday.
  15.Why won't Jack lend his car to Anne?
  A.He will use it.
  B.He has lent it to someone else.
  C.Anne hasn't got a driver's license.
  16.What did Jack finally decide to do?
  A.Go to the party.
  B.Drive Anne to the party.
  C.Call a taxi for Anne.
  17.What won't you find in Albert Einstein's wardrobe?
  A.Ties.      B.Gloves.       C.Socks.
  18.What did Einstein usually eat in the morning?
  B.Cabbage soup.
  C.Strawberry ice cream.
  19.Where will the company open the Fame Hotel next year?
  A.In London.
  B.In New York.
  C.In Paris.
  20.Which room does the speaker wish to stay in?
  A.Albert Einstein's.
  B.Elvis Presley's.
  C.Winston Churchill's.
  答案:1~5 BBBCB 6~10 CBBCA
  11~15 BABAC 16~20 BCBBC
  (Text 1)
  W:I don't understand how you got a ticket. I thought you were a careful driver.
  M:I usually am, but I thought I could get through the crossing before the lights turned red. I was driving too fast so I hit a car.
  (Text 2)
  W:Can you tell me how much it costs to repair the TV set?
  M:Well, the set is very old. It'll cost about 100 pounds. However, a new one may cost you 120 pounds more or less. So it's not worth repairing.
  (Text 3)
  W:How many people are they interviewing?
  M:They interviewed sixteen the first time, and now four of us were chosen to go back for the second interview.
  W:I hope it goes well. Good luck. I hope you can
  高考提能练  Module 3-4  仿真检测灵活拆组卷
  第一部分 听力 (满分30分,限时20分钟)
  1.What does the woman's son do most probably?
  A.A postman.        B.A policeman.        C.A guard.
  2.Why is the woman late?
  A.The traffic was heavy.
  B.The bus broke down.
  C.She took the wrong bus.
  3.What do we know from the conversation?
  A.The woman lost her new book.
  B.The man will buy a new book.
  C.The man doesn't care about the book.
  4.How long does the man work every week?
  A.For 50 hours.        B.For 55 hours.         C.For 66 hours.
  5.Who travelled with the man last month?
  A.Jeff and Richard.
  B.The man's dog.
  C.No one.
  6.Where does this conversation probably take place?
  A.In a store.        B.In a restaurant.        C.In a museum.
  7.How much does the woman pay for the bowl?
  A.60 dollars.       B.80 dollars.        C.90 dollars.
  8.Why didn't the father follow the old family recipe?
  A.One page is missing.
  B.He has his own recipe.
  C.He can't find the recipe.
  9.What does the girl think of the pizza?
  A.Terrible.       B.Tasty.       C.Unusual.
  10.How much did Laura earn a day for her first job?
  A.8 pounds.      B.12 pounds.       C.40 pounds.
  11.Why did Laura leave her first job?
  A.The shoe shop closed down.
  B.She had to study for her exams.
  C.A new shoe shop was short of hands.
  12.How long did Laura work in the shoe shops all together?
  A.For 18 months.
  B.For 21 months.
  C.For two years.
  13.What do we know about the house?
  A.It is large.
  B.It has one bedroom.
  C.It needs fixing.
  14.What is the man planning to buy?
  A.A garden.       B.A house.        C.A farm.
  15.What does the man suggest the woman growing?
  A.Corn.          B.Rice.           C.Potatoes.
  16.How do they get the money?
  A.They will get a bank loan.
  B.They have saved enough.
  C.They will borrow from friends.
  17.Which competition was held last year?
  A.Singing Competition.
  B.Reading Competition.
  C.Dancing Competition.
  18.What is the purpose of the Pet Competition?
  A.To help students select suitable pets.
  B.To teach students how to look after pets.
  C.To tell students loving animals is important.
  19.What will be at the Pet Competition?
  A.A lesson on dogs.
  B.A dog beauty contest.
  C.A dog's ability test.
  20.What do we know about the Pet Competition?
  A.Students will bring their pets.
  B.Students can vote for the dogs.
  C.Students need to pay for the competition.
  答案:1~5 ACCCB 6~10 ABAAB
  11~15 ABCCC 16~20 BBCBB
  (Text 1)
  W:Hello, this is Susan Howard. May I speak to my son, please?
  M:I'm sorry. He's still out on his duty delivering letters. Shall I take a message?
  (Text 2)
  W:I'm sorry I'm late.
  M:Oh, that's all right. I just wondered what was keeping you. The traffic?
  W:No, it was the bus I took. I took the wrong one. That was a disaster for me.
  (Text 3)
  W:I'm sorry, but I can't find the boo lent to me.
  M:Oh, that's all right.
  W:I must apologize. I'll buy you a new one tomorrow.
  M:No, please don't. I couldn't let you do that. It's an old boost let it go.
  (Text 4)

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