《Healthy eating》教案8

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  模块三 Unit 2 Healthy eating 教案
  广东省梅州市蕉岭中学 胡美娜
  Talt healthy diet
  Maggestions or giving advice on diet
  Distinguish the meanings of Modal verbs
  Make a balanced menu
  Enable Ss to know what healthy diet is, how to express their different opinions on different kinds of food and how to give advice to others. Mare Ss master what and how say when seeing a doctor.
  类别 课程标准要求掌握的项目
  话题 Problems with diet; balanced diet and nutrition
  词汇 diet n. 日常饮食 vi. 节食 raw adj. 生的; 未加工的
  nut n. 坚果; 果仁 vinegar n. 醋
  bean n. 豆; 豆科植物 lie n. 谎话; 谎言 vi. 说谎
  pea n. 豌豆 customer n. 顾客; 消费者
  cucumber n. 黄瓜 discount n. 折扣
  eggplant n. 茄子 weakness n. 缺点; 虚弱; 弱点
  pepper n. 辣椒; 辣椒粉 strength n. 强项; 长处; 力量
  mushroom n. 蘑菇 consult vt. 咨询; 请教; 商量
  peach n. 桃子 fibre n. 纤维; 纤维制品
  lemon n. 柠檬 digest vt. & vi消化 n. 摘要; 概要
  balance vt. 平衡; 权衡 n. 天平; 平衡 carrot n. 胡萝卜
  barbecue n. 烧烤; 烤肉 debt n. 债; 债务
  mutton n. 羊肉 bacon n. 熏咸肉; 腊肉
  roast adj. 烤制的 vt. 烤; 烘; 烘烤 poisonous adj. 有毒的
  fry vt. & vi. 油煎; 油炸 limit vt. 限制; 限定 n. 界限; 限度
  ought v. aux. 应当; 应该 limited adj. 有限的
  glare vi. 怒目而视; 闪耀n. 怒视; 炫目的光 benefit n. 利益; 好处 vt. & vi有益于; 有助于; 受益
  slim vi. 变瘦 adj. 苗条的; 纤细的 breast n. 胸部; 乳房
  curiosity n. 好奇心 garlic n. 大蒜
  hostess n. 女主人; 女主持人 sigh vi.  叹息n. 叹息; 叹息声
  spy vt. & vi窥视; 秘密监视 n. 间谍; 侦探 combine vt. & vi. (使)联合; (使)结合
  短语 balanced diet平衡膳食 in debt欠债
  ought to应该; 应当 spy on暗中监视; 侦查
  lose weight体重减轻; 减肥 cut down削减; 删节
  get away with被放过; (做坏事)不受惩罚 before long不久以后
  tell a lie说谎 put on weight增加体重
  win. . . back赢回; 重新获得 be amazed at对……感到吃惊
  earn one’s living谋生 compete with与……竞争
  重要句型 1. Wang Peng sat in his empty restaurant feeling very frustrated. (present participle used as adverbial)
  2. By now his restaurant ought to be full of people. (ought to)
  3. Nothing could have been better. (could have done)
  4. Something terrible must have happened if Li Chang was not coming to eat in his restaurant as he always did. (must have done)
  5. He could not have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies! (can’t/couldn’t have sb. doing)
  功能 1. Suggestions and advice
  What should we do?  Shall we. . . ?  How about. . . ?
  You must/mustn’t. . . .  I thin ought to. . . .  Perhaps you should. . . .
  You’d better. . . .  You need/needn’t. . . .  You have to/don’t have to. . . .
  My advice is/would be. . . .  You might. . . .  I suggest that you. . . .
  I would strongly advise you to. . . .  It might be a good idea to. . . .
  2. Seeing the doctor
  What’s the matter?  What’s wrong with you?
  What seems to be the trouble?  How long have you been like this?
  It’s nothing serious, only. . . .  I suppose you had better. . . .
  I thin ought to. . . .
  3. Agreement and disagreement
  I’m not sure that!  You could be right, but. . . .
  (I’m afraid)I don’t agree.  I agree up to a point, but. . . .
  That’s an interesting idea, but. . . .  Do you really think. . . ?
  Rubbish! /Nonsense!  You can’t be serious!
  Actually/As a matter of fact, I think. . . .  That’s not how I see it.
  语法 Modal verbs: ought to/ought not to
  have to/don’t have to/mustn’t/needn’t
  1. Get students to know about problems with a diet, a balanced diet and nutrition.
  2. Have students learn useful new words and expressions in this unit.
  3. Enable students to grasp and use the expressions of giving suggestions and advice.
  4. Let students learn the new grammar item: the use of ought to.
  5. Develop students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities.
  6. Have students learn how to deal with and solve problems correctly.

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