《Festivals around the world》教学设计

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  Unit 1 Festivals around the world (Reading)
  I. 课时教学目标
  1.Teaching goals
  ▲ Talt festivals and celebrations
  ▲ Write a short passage to introduce our traditional festivals Ss are familiar with
  2. Ability goals能力目标
  ▲To enable the students to know the earliest festivals with reasons for them and four different kinds of festivals that occur in most parts of the world.
  ▲Enable the students to learn some English expressions and phrases about festivals.
  3. Learning ability goals学能目标
  ▲Train the basic reading skills: predicting ,skimming and scanning.
  4.emotional ability goals情感目标
  ▲Arouse Ss’ awareness of the implied meaning of festivals 
  Teaching important points 教学重点
  Talt four kinds of festivals.
  Teaching methods 教学方法 
  Fast reading, task-based method
  Teaching aids 教具准备
  A computer, worksheet, blackboard
  II. 目标语言
  式 Talt festivals:
  *Festivals are meant to celebrate important events.
  *Festivals and celebrations of all kinds are held everywhere.
  *Some festivals are held to honor the dead or satisfy and please the ancestors.
  *Festivals can be held as an honor to famous people.
  *The most energetic and important festivals are the ones that look forward to the end of winter and to the coming of spring.
  *What festival? /When do they take place?/How/why do people celebrate it ?/ Where is it from?
  ①the Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated( /take place) in June/on May 5th at lunar calendar.
  ②People celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival in memory/honour of the famous poet Qu Yuan.
  ③The activities people hold on that day are to watch Dragon Boat Race and eat Zongzi.

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