《The World’s Cultural Heritage》ppt4(课件+试题+教学案,打包16套)

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  Module 6 The World’s Cultural Heritage Section Ⅰ Introduction & Reading-Pre-reading
  The Taj Mahal is considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings in the world and the finest example of the late style of Indian architecture. It is at Agra in northern India. It lies beside the River Jumna in the middle of gardens with quiet pools.
  The Taj Mahal was built by the Mogul emperor Shah Jehan, who ruled India in the seventeenth century. It is in memory of his favourite wife, Arjumand Banu Bagam, known as Mumtaz Mahal, who died in 1631. The building, which was completed between 1632 and 1638, was designed by a local Muslim architect Ustad Ahmad Lahori. The whole building, with gardens and gateway structures, was completed in 1643. The Taj Mahal stands at one end of the garden tomb with marble path. The room is softly lighted by the light that passes through double screens of carved marble set high in the walls. The building now is kept in good condition.
  The Taj Mahal took 22 years to build. Shah Jehan planned a similar building, but in black instead of white, to lie on the other side of the river. But before it could be built, Shah Jehan was imprisoned by his son and buried next to his wife in the Taj Mahal.
  Section_Ⅰ Introduction & Reading — Pre­reading
  Part 1
  The Amazing①Caves of oudian
  oudian is a small village about 50 kilometres south­west of Beijing. In the 1920s②, archaeologists③ discovered some prehistoric④ human bones there which changed China’s knowledge⑤ of its history⑥. They came from an unknown species⑦ of man and were the first evidence⑧ of primitive⑨ human life in China thousands of years ago. The remains⑩ were ... three teeth!
  In 1929, a complete skull⑪ was also discovered. Eventually⑫, archaeologists found almost 200 items⑬, including⑭ six skulls and more than⑮ 150 teeth. These discoveries⑯ proved the existence⑰ of a human species who lived in the area⑱ between 700,000 and 200,000 years ago.
  Four sites where Beijing Man and his relations⑲ lived⑳ were discovered on the northern face of○21 Dragon Bone Hill (Longgushan). They lived in the limestone○22 caves in the area.
  ①amazing adj.令人大为惊奇的
  ②in the 1920s=in the 1920’s
  prehistory n.[U]史前时期
  ⑤knowledge n.[U]知晓,了解
  ⑦species n.物种,种 ⑧evidence n.证据
  ⑪skull/skʌl/n.头颅,颅骨 ⑫eventually adv.最后,终于
  ⑭including prep.包括 including A=A included
  ⑮more than超过,多于 ⑯discovery n.发现
  ⑰existence/Iɡ’zIst ns/n.存在
  come into existence/being 产生,出现
  ⑱who引导定语从句,修饰“a human species”。
  ⑳where引导定语从句,修饰“four sites”。
  ○21on the northern face of在……北面
  Module 6 The World’s Cultural Heritage Section Ⅱ Introduction & Reading-Language Points
  记得准•写得对 记得快•记得多
  1.preservev.       保护;保存
  2.remainsn.  遗迹;遗体
  3.listv.  把……列表,列清单
  4.recommendv.  建议
  5.preciousadj.  宝贵的;珍贵的;贵重的
  6.requestn.  请求;要求
  1.agreementn.协议→agree v.赞同;同意
  2.investv.投资→investment n.投资→investor n.投资者
  3.existencen.存在→exist v.存在;生存
  4.relationn.亲属;亲戚→relationship n.关系,关联→relate v.使……有联系;叙述→related adj.有关系的,相关的
  5.sharpenv.使变锋利→sharp adj.锋利的→sharply adv.锋利地;锐利地
  6.evolutionn.进化;演变→evolve v.发展;(使)进化
  7.exposuren.暴露;显露→expose v.暴露;(使)曝光;揭露→exposed adj.无遮蔽的;无保护的
  8.contributev.促成→contribution  n.贡献;捐献→contributor n.捐献者;投稿人
  9.endangeredadj.濒危的→endanger v.使遭受损失,危及→danger n.危险→dangerous adj.危险的
  10.awarenessn.意识;认识;感悟能力→aware adj.知道的;意识到的
  11.proposev.建议;提议→proposal n.建议;提议
  12.assistancen.帮助,援助→assist v.协助;帮助→assistant n.助手
  13.estimatev.&n.估计;估算;估价→estimation  n.评价;判断 1.preserve v.保护;保存
  [联想] ①reserve vt.保留,预定
  ②conserve v.保护;节省 ③deserve v.应受;值得
  ④serve n.提供,端上(饭菜等);为(顾客)服务
  2.sharpen v.使变锋利
  [联想] 盘点后缀­en结尾动词
  ①weaken削弱    ②widen加宽
  ③deepen使加深  ④lengthen加长
  3.recommend v.建议
  [同义] propose, suggest, advise
  4.request v.要求 n.请求;要求
  [联想] ①require vt.要求,需要
  ②demand vt.要求
  5.agreement n.协议
  [串记] Finally we all agreed with what he said and reached an agreement.
  6.invest v.投资
  [串记] The American­Chinese investorinvested all his life savings in education that needs investment.
  7.existence n.存在
  [串记] The island existed for centuries; no one knows when it came into existence.
  8.exposure n.暴露;显露
  [串记] Never expose the paint to the sunshine, or it’ll come off as the result of exposure.
  9.contribute v.促成
  [串记] Qian contributed to science and technology and he’ll be remembered for his great contributions.
  10.assistance n.帮助,援助
  [串记] A kind­hearted assistant gave us much assistance when we went shopping yesterday.
  记牢固定短语 多积常用词块
  1.agree on     就……达成一致
  2.take place  发生
  3.even so  虽然如此
  4.all over the world  全世界
  5.in danger  处于危险之中
  6.contribute to  促成;导致
  7.of vital importance  至关重要
  8.apart from  除……之外 1.before the age of 14    十四岁以前
  2.live to the age of 50  活到五十岁
  3.an important tourist attraction  一个重要的旅游景点
  4.in the 1920s  在二十世纪二十年代
  5.exposure to the air  暴露于空气中
  6.cause serious damage  造成严重损害
  7.be removed from the list  从名单上除去
  8.raise public awareness  增强公众意识
  先背熟 再悟通 后仿用
  1.It has not only given us important information about prehistoric Asian societies, but also has provided amazing evidence about the process of evolution.
  它不仅为我们提供了史前亚洲社会的重要信息,还为我们提供了人类进化历程中惊人的证据。 not only ... but also ...“不但……而且……,不仅……还……”,在句中连接两个并列的谓语,还可连接两个并列的主语、宾语、表语、状语等。 Internet not_only expands our horizons, but_also saves us time and energy.
  Module 6课时跟踪练(一)  Introduction & Reading — Pre-reading
  Scientists recently discovered that pictures on cave walls at Creswell Crags are the oldest known in Great Britain. But they didn’t find out in the usual way.
  Archaeologists often date cave art with a process called radiocarbon dating. The technique can measure the age of carbon found in charcoal (木炭) drawings or painted pictures. Carbon is an element (成分) found in many things, including charcoal and even people. But in this case, there was no paint or charcoal to test. People carved the pictures of animals and figures into the rock using stone tools. The scientists had an “aha!” moment when they noticed small rocck to the top of the drawings. The small rocst have formed after the drawings were made.
  “It is rare to be able to scientifically date rock art.” said Alistair Pike, an archaeological scientist at Britain’s University of Bristol. “We were very fortunate that some of the engravings (雕刻) were covered by stalagmites (石笋).”
  When a test proved that the stalagmites formed 12,800 years ago, the scientists knew the art underneath them had to be at least that old. And some of the animals shown, like the European bison, are now extinct — another tip­off (征兆) that the art is quite old.
  The artists came to Creswell Crags. This place is one of the farthest points north reached by our ancient ancestors during the Ice Age. At that time, much of the North Sea was dry, so people could move about more easily.
  Some tools and bones found there are 13,000 to 15,000 years old. They show that the travelers hunted horses, reindeer, and arctic hares. Their artwork is similar to art in France and Germany. It tells scientists that the Creswell Crags artists must have had a close connection to peoples several thousand kilometers away — another important evidence of understanding how humans spread out across the world.
  1.The underlined word “Archaeologists” in Paragraph 2 refers to people ________.
  A.who study things left behind by people in the past
  B.who have rich experience in painting
  C.who are interested in wild animals
  D.who are good at using stone tools
  解析:选A 词义猜测题。根据第二段的内容可以看出,archaeologists意为“考古学家”。
  2.Why do scientists say the art is quite old?
  A.The art was carved into stone with stone tools.
  B.Most animals carved in the stone are extinct.
  C.The cave is one of the farthest points in the world.
  D.Some pictures were covered by stalagmites more than 10,000 years old.
  解析:选D 细节理解题。根据倒数第三段可知答案。
  3.By studying the cave art, scientists could learn about ________.
  A.how ancient people crossed the North Sea
  B.why some of the animals have died out
  C.how humans spread out across the world
  D.what ancient people had for food at that time
  解析:选C 细节理解题。根据最后一段最后一句“another important evidence of understanding how humans spread out across the world.”可知。
  4.Which of the following can be the best title for the text?
  A.Cave Art About Animals Is Most Beautiful
  B.Cave Art Is Found in an Unusual Way
  C.Cave Art Turns Out to Be Britain’s Oldest
  D.Cave Art Has a Great Influence on Britain
  解析:选C 标题归纳题。本文主要介绍Creswell Grags的洞窟艺术为什么是英国最古老的艺术,后半部分给出了证据。
  One week after I started working in Beijing, I decided to visit a place of interest called the Summer Palace. Before setting off, I researched into it on the Internet. The Summer Palace is composed mostly of a lat it’s surrounded by beautiful greenery and a walkway that circles the lake. It is recommended that you give the Summer Palace about three hours. If you try to w

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