《The Great Sports Personality》教案

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  Module 5 The Great Sports Personality
  Introduction and Reading
  Step1. lead-in
  1. Get the students to talk the picture by asking the following questions:
  1) What can you see in the picture?
  S1:It shows us lot of people watching a petition.
  2) What is the man doing?
  S2:He is doing the performance. His performance looks sl and beautiful. All the attention is focused on him.
  3)Who is he ?
  Ss:He is Li Ning.
  T: Well, Today we’ll learn some about a famous gymnast li Ningand his life in sport.Can you give us some information about him?
  S1:.. S2:…
  T:Good. Now let us learn the text and get moreinformation about him.I hope everyone can learn something after reading this text.
  Step2: While-reading
  Task1: Fast-reading
  Ask the students to read the passage quickly and silently to divide 5paragraphs into 3 parts ,then get the general idea of each part.
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