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  Module 5 Museums
  A. 单词和短语:
  upstairs, exhibition, rule, against the rules, in trouble, tail, rope, entry, No entry, no good, no wonder, missing, downstairs, punish, communications, physics, chemistry, dig-dug-dug, coal, energy, X-ray, experiment, sand, control, truck, wheel, compare… with , of all ages, whole
  B. 交际用语:
  1. Me, too.
  2. No shouting, please!
  3. It’s against the rules.
  4. That’s no good!
  5. No wonder…
  6. What’s the matter?
  7. Stop! Don’t cross that rope! Can’t you see the sign, Kid?
  8. Sorry. No photos. See?
  9. Don’t worry.
  10. There certainly are a lot of rules in this museum.
  11. — Must we iet in the classroom?
  — Yes. No shouting in the classroom.
  12. But the Science Museum is different … It is noisy!
  13. … if you want to….
  14. If you compare the medicine of the past with the medicine of today…
  15. Don’t be rude!
  16. If you ever go to London, mare you visit the Science Museum.
  17. No swimming.
  18. No football.
  19. No right turn.
  20. No parking.
  21. No littering.
  22. No food and drinks.
  二. 教学目标
  1. Function: Talking about rules.
  2. Structure: Imperative sentences; adverbial clause: if…do.
  3. Skills:
  1) Listening and understanding specific information.
  2) Describing and understanding long sentences.
  3) Reading for specific information and taking notes.
  4) Describing a museum by using notes and identifying and using reference words it, they, there.
  4. Around the world: The Louvre.
  5. Task: Planning a guide to a museum.
  Grammar: Imperative sentences; adverbial clause: if…do…
  Unit 1 Don’t cross that rope!
  ⅠTeaching model
  Listening and speaking 
  ⅡTeaching method
  Communication approach
  Ⅲ Teaching aims
  1. To listen and understand the sentences giving instructions;2•1•c•n•j•y
  2. To understand the conversation;
  3. To learn to use imperative sentences and modal verbs to give instructions.
  Ⅳ Teaching Objectives
  Key vocabulary: upstairs, exhibition, rule, against the rule, in trouble, tail, rope, entry, No entry, no good, no wonder, missing, downstairs, punish
  Ⅴ Teaching aids
  Tape recorder, picture, OHP , video
  Ⅵ Teaching Steps
  Step 1 Warming-up
  1. Show some pictures of the signs.
  2. Learn the new words.
  Step 2 Listening and vocabulary
  Finish Activity 1 on page 34.
  1. Ask the students to look at the pictures on the right in Activity 1.
  2. Read through the names of the signs.
  1) Don’t touch.  2) No smoking.  3) No shouting.  4) No photos.
  3. Match the signs with the rules.
  4. Check the answers.
  5. Now work in pairs. Tell your partner the rules.www.21-cn-jy.com
  Step 3 Listen and answer the questions.
  1. Ask the students to read through the questions.2-1-c-n-j-y
  1) Where did Lingling find the guide?
  2) How many people are going to the museum on Saturday?
  2. Play the recording and ask the students to listen carefully.
  3. Listen and answer the questions.
  4. Check the answers.
  Step 4 Listen and read
  1. Play the recording and ask the students to answer the questions.
  1) What room do the children want to visit?
  2) Are there lots of people in the museum?
  2. Check(√)the rules mentioned in the conversation.【】
  1) Ask the students to look at the pictures in Activity 3.
  2) Read the conversation again.
  3) Check (√) the rules mentioned in the conversation
  4) Check the answers.
  3. Read the conversation again and find main points.

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