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  1. What is the woman’s birthday present?
  A, A phone            B. A book        C. A box of chocolates
  2. Which sport does the man like?
  A Football             B. Basketball     C Baseball
  3. Where did the man go for his summer holiday?
  A. To London            B. To New York             C, To Washington.
  4. When will the next train to New York leave?
  A. Al 2: 00             B.A3:00                     C.At5:00.
  5. What does the man often use the Internet for?
  A Playing games        B Checking his email.          C Shopping online
  6. What does the man usually have for breakfast?
  A Eggs.             B. Sandwiches                  C Milk,
  7. How does the woman get to work?
  A By subway.             B On foot              C. By bus
  8. Where does the girl want to go?
  A. The history museum   B. The science museum    C. The art museum
  9. What do we know about the girl?
  A. She can get in for free  B. She is on Tomkins Street now  C. She will tas
  10. what's probably the relationship between the speakers?
  A. Teacher and student     B Doctor and patient.     C. Strangers,
  11. What kind of room does the woman book?
  A. A standard room.           B. A general room.        C. A single room.
  12. How much will the woman pay in total?
  A 480 yuan.                    B, 600 yuan,       C.500yuan,
  13. When will the woman leave the hotel?
  A Wednesday,             B. Friday.           C Sunday.
  14. What will the woman drink?
  A Coffee.              B. Tea                      C Orange juice
  15. How long was the woman in Beijing
  A. For 15 days.            B For 7 days,          C. For 6 days
  16. How did the iphone help her in China?
  A: To communicate.           B. To speak English      C. To learn Chinese,
  17. Who had an apple tree in the garden?
  A. The king.           B. The farmer.            C. The businessman
  18.Why did the king give the poor man a lot of money?
  William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in the English Midlands on St George's Day, April 23, 1564. He was the third child of John Shakespeare, who was a glove-maker, and Mary Arden. He went to Stratford Grammar School, where he received a good education, but he had no university education. In 1582, he married Anne Hathaway. They had
  three children.
  Shakespeare probably left Stratford around 1586. He joined a company of travelling actors and went to London. He became a very popular writer of plays and poems, Shakespeare wrote 38 plays-tragedies, comedies, historical plays and romances, Hamlet, like many of his plays. was performed at the Globe Theatre in London. The Globe was very different from a modern theatre-the plays took place in the open air in daylight when the weather was good. There was no scenery on the stage. Boys played the women parts, Between two and three thousand people from  all classes of society, were in the audience (观众)
  When he went back to Stratford. Shakespeare lived in a large, comfortable house called New Place. He died on his 52 birthday in 1616 and was buried in Holy Trinity Church. After his death, some friends published his works for the first time in a book called the First Folio in1623. If you go to Stratford, you can visit his birthplace. You can also see Mary Arden's house, Anne Hathaway's cottage(小屋)and, of course, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.
  21. What can we learn about William from Paragraph 1?
  A. He was born in 1582             B. He got married on St George's Day
  C. He had three children            D. He had no education at Stratford
  22. How can we describe Shakespeare's working life in London?
  A. Successful      B Hard.       C. Painful      D Romantic.
  23. In what way was the Globe Theatre similar to a modern theatre?
  A. There was a lot of scenery                   B. The actors performed on a stage
  C. Actors and actresses worked together           D. There were performances every nigh
  24. Which of the following can you see if you go to Stratford?
  A. Shakespeare's birthplace                    B. The Globe Theatre
  C. Mary Arden’s church.                       D. Anne Hathaway’s glove,
  25. How old was Shakespeare when he died?
  A.22            B.23.         C.30.          D.52
  I was 24 years old and a senior at New York University (NYU). At the time, I was planning to get a law and business degree and wasn't even job hunting I walked into the student center to fetch a Cot instead found a roomful of students. Clearly, I had accidentally walked into a job fair (招聘会). As I tried to walk across the hall, a man stopped me, saying" Hi.my name is Donny Mckenthan, Would you like to work for IBM?""I replied, "No, than. I'm Just going to get a Coke.”
  I ended up having a wonderful conversation with him about the company but I told him there was no way he could persuade me. I went out for dinner that night with some friends. When I mentioned this story, they couldn't believe I was foolish enough to refuse the interview with this amazing company! I went home that night, dug out his card from the rubbish and called him back.
  After a series of successful interviews, an IBM manager called me to give me an offer. When I asked what the salary (薪水) was, he said something like 18. I thought $18, 000 a year was low. So I started to bargain. He was shocked and explained that the starting salary for all trainees was set in stone.
  The next day, I received the offer letter. As it turns out, I misunderstood the offer-I would earn $1, 800 a month, not $18, 000 a year. That was a great salary back then, so of course, I took the job. A few months later the manager asked me to be placed in sales because I was the only trainee who had tried to bargain over a starting salary! That comedy of mistake ended up being a wonderful22- year career(职业) at IBM.
  26. What was the writer planning to do when he was a senior at NYU?
  A. To get a law and business degree.         B. To hunt

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