《Our Body and Healthy Habits》ppt27(14份)

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  Module1 Our Body and Healthy Habits
  A  卷
  I. 语法过关 ( 1’ x 10 ) 。
  1. -- When ______ again?
  -- When she ______, I’ll let you know.
  A. she comes; come         B. will she come; will come
  C. she comes; will come     D. will she comes; comes
  2. Wherever you ______, you will receive a warm welcome.
  A. go       B. going      C. will go     D. gone
  3. How much would you rather ______ for this radio? I really want to sell it.
  A. cost      B. devote     C. take       D. pay
  4. At this time next week ______ to the United States.
  A. we are going to fly       B. we’ll be flying      C. we’ll fly   D. we are to fly
  5. If you ______ attend the party, you’d better leave now.
  A. are going to    B. will         C. were to        D. should
  6. It ______ every day so far this month.
  A. is raining      B. rained       C. rains          D. has rained
  7. We’ll go and plant trees if it ______ tomorrow.
  A. won’t rain     B. doesn’t rain   C. didn’t rain     D. wouldn’t rain
  8. My brother ______ to see me. He’ll be here soon.
  A. comes        B. has come     C. is coming      D. had come
  9. I didn’t know if he ______, If he ______, he’ll go to see you.
  A. will come; comes   B. comes; will come   C. comes; comes  D. will come; will come
  10. ______ harder, or you won’t catch up with others.
  A. To study      B. study        C. studying       D. studied
  II. 单词回放(-根据句意和首字母或中文提示,写出句子中所缺单词的正确形式。1’ x 10 )。
  1. She is so fat that the doctor asked him to be on a d________.
  2. I am a___________ about the parcel because it hasn't arrived.
  3. The old man opened the door and b________ in some fresh air.
  4. “ No pains, no gains” and “Time is money ” are p__________.
  5. You will i____________ your health by smoking too much.
  6. __________ (富有的)  men are not always happy.
  7. He put on his coat and __________ ( 向…行进 ) for the door
  8. An additional ___________ (症状) in the course of a disease, not necessarily connected with the disease.
  9. He was ___________ ( 队长 ) of the football team for five years.
  10. The teacher handed out the __________ (问卷) in order to mare whether the students were in favor of the plan.
  III. 句型转换(根据第一句句意,在第二句的空白处填上恰当的词,使两句句意相同。每空只填一词。2’ x 5)。
  1.When Jim’s mother saw him heading towards the door without a jacket on, she eyed him anxiously.
  ________ Jim heading towards the door without a jacket on , his mother________ _______ him anxiously.
  2.I don’t often get things lie either.
  Module1 Our Body and Healthy Habits
  B  卷
  I.单项选择 ( 2’ x 10)
  1. I’m surprised to see you drinch. You ________.
  A. used         B. didn’t use to    C. were used to   D. weren’t use d to
  2. They are looking for a room ________.
  A. to live        B. to live in       C. live in        D. living room
  3. Who would you rather ________ there with you?
  A. have to go     B. have go        C. have gone     D. had gone
  4. Some scientists believe that some day the sea will be used ________ electric power.
  A. to make       B. to making      C. to be made     D. being made
  5. --How do you deal with the disagreement between the company and the customers?
  --The key ________ the problem is to meet the demand ________ by the customers.
  A. to solving; making               B. to solving; made
  C. to solve; making                 D. to solve; made
  6. Whenever I was in trouble, he would do what he could ________ me.
  A. help          B. helping        C. to help        D. helped
  7. He is a man of few words. He won’t say anything unless ________.
  A. he spoken to   B. spoken         C. spoken to      D. he is spoken
  8. That man iet about the accident ________ lose his job.
  A. so not as to    B. so as not to      C. so as to not    D. not so as to
  9. Tom is a bright and diligent boy ________ his bother is just the opposite.
  A. when         B. as             C. while         D. however
  10. --I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been so rude to you that day.
  --You ________ your temper, but that’s OK.
  A. have lost      B. had lost         C. did lose       D. were losing
  II. 完型填空 (1.5’ x 20)
  As China faced up to a battle against bird flu, the government announced a range of control measures it believed would bring the disease under control.
  This bird flu  1  more than 16 people across Asia and was made certain in China in late January, 2004. No 2  cases had been found in the mainland but at least 13 of the country’s 31provinces, autonomous regions(自治区)and municipalities had__3__the disease in poultry(家禽).
  “It remains a _4   task for China to prevent and control the disease,  5   the government is confident in the fight,” said a Vice-Minister of Agriculture. He gave details of a range of measures designed to  6  the disease spreading. Poultry within 3km of infected farms was to be killed and those within 5km vaccinated(接种疫苗).  7  , there would be constant monitoring(监控)and daily  8   on the disease across the country, and  __9  production of bird flu vaccines.
  Among the 11 Asian countries and regions  10   by bird flu in animals, only Viet Nam and Thailand had reported human cases. The people infected were reported to have   11__   the disease from poultry.
  While the World Health Organization said there was  12   proof of human transmission(传播)of bird flu, it admitted that two sisters who died of bird flu in Viet Nam  13  have caught it from their brother.
  The big  14  was that the disease could combine with a human flu virus(病毒)to create a deadly  15   disease that would kill millions of people across the  16  . Many Asian farmers live closely with their animals and sell   17   chickens on the market. This greatly increases the ___18_ of human being infected with bird flu.
  An official from WHO said Asian countries affected by bird flu should introduce a more  __19 way of raising and selling chickens. They have to completely_ 20  their lifestyle and attitude towards animals.
  Module 1 Our Body and Healthy Habits
  I. 模块教学目标
  技能目标Skill Goals
   Talt healthy lifestyles
   Practice talking about future
   Practice talking about health problems
   Use nouns as verbs
   Learn to write an essay about a health problem
  II. 目标语言
  式 Talt the future
  “You’ll catch a bad cold,” said his mother.
  “I’ll be fine,” said ai, as he opened the door.
  “ai, you’ll get ill.”
  Practice talking about a health problem
  I think I’ve got pneumonia.
  Why? What are your symptoms?
  I’ve got a high temperature and my chest hurts when I breathe.
  Oh dear! What are you going to do?
  I’m going to stay in bed and ask the doctor to visit me.
  I’ll ring the doctor for you.
  Everyday English
  To be off work.
  Oh, dear!
  That couldn’t be better.
  I have a sweet tooth.
  I’m crazy about football.
  1. 四会词汇
  diet, fat, fit, flu, rare, toothache, unhealthy, wealthy, rarely, proverb, anxious, injure, pain, lifestyle, head, eye, overweight, lung, throat, breathe, captain, injury, painful, normal, X-ray, awful, questionnaire, dentist, sweets, insurance, fever
  2. 认读词汇
  pneumonia, prescription, symptom, migraine
  3. 词组
  be connected with, take exercise, be crazy about, have a temperature, lie down, begin with, put ... into..., become ill, get / catch a cold
  Nouns used as verbs
  When ai’s mother saw him heading towards the front door without a jacket on, she eyed him anxiously.
  And I’m not overweight so I never have to diet.
  Will / be going to for future actions
  Can you lie down, please, and I’ll examine you?
  I’ll write you a prescription.
  My wife’s going to visit her this afternoon.
  My wife’s going to picp in a quarter of an hour.
  And I’ll ring the hospital.

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