《The world online》教学设计1

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  Module7 Unit 3 The world online
  Project:Doing research on the Internet
  授课教师: 易卫平
  Teaching aims:
  1.Enable students to know more about how to search information online.
  2.Develop students’ listening,reading,writing and thinking ability.
  3.Grasp some important phrases and sentences.
  4.Help students know the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet.
  Teaching content:
  1.Talt surfing the Internet.
  2.Learn the text on P46-47 and practice using the language points in it.
  3.Make a poster.
  Teaching difficult points:
  1.Understand the passage and use the key language points.
  2.Make a poster.
  Teaching procedures:
  T:In what ways can we get information?
  S1:reading newspapers and magazines
  S2:watching TV programs 
  S3:listening to the radio
  Step2:Lead in
  Q1:Have you ever used the Internet to do research information?
  Q2:What steps do you follow when you research information on the Internet?Listen and answer.
  Step one: _________________________
  Step two: _________________________
  Step three: ________________________
  Step3:Learning the text
  Fast reading:read Step one and answer questions.
  Step one: choosing a search service
  Ask and answer :
  Q1:What are the two search services mentioned in the guide?_______________________________
  Q2:What do they both give us?________________________________________________________
  Q3:Can you set some examples of search engines?________________________________________
  Detailed reading:  True or false questions
  1.Search engines are a type of computer program.(Line10)
  2.Search engines present evaluated contents because the information has been checked by a person.(Line13-14)
  3.You need to be patient when using subject directories because the links go to the full articles or pages.(Line16)
  4. The links of the search engines are not classified by subject.(Line10-11)
  5. Subject directories not only present correct information, but also are up to date.(Line28-29)
  Step two: searching for information
  T:What things should take into consideration when you are searching?
  Find the right answer:
  1.Where will many websites state the date?(line34)
  A. In the middle of the page.         B. At the bottom of the page.
  C. At the front of the page.          D. Usually on the right side.
  2. According to the passage, why do we usually need to check the source of the information we find?(line37-38)
  A. Because the date is too old.           B. Because we can’t surf on personal web pages.
  C.Because not every person bothers to read over their own writing and make corrections.
  D. Because we are afraid of virus.
  3. Which of the following web pages is much better for doing research on the Internet?(40-41)
  A. Personal web pages     B. Pages managed by organizations and companies you trust.
  C. Government pages.     D. B and C.
  4. According to the passage, if you want to learn about sports but you don’t want any information about swimming, you should type______.(47-48)
  A. sports swimming              B. “sports”- “swimming”
  C. “sports”+ “swimming”    D. sports or swimming
  Step three: using your information to fill in the blanks.
  To copy the words just as you found them is not only cheating, but also not legal. So remember to:
  Write an ______(Line55) of the information you have found.
  Use your own ______(Line56)and mar own ________ (Line56)about what it means.
  ______(Line58)a list of the _______(Line58) you got your information from.
  Work in two groups and debate about this topic:

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