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人教版高中英语 选修9 Unit 4 Exploring plants单元教学课件(含音视频+教案)
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  Unit 4 Exploring Plants
  I. 单元教学目标
  技能目标skill goals
  ▲ Talt plants and the history of plant exploration
  ▲ Learn to express emotions of wonders and disgust
  ▲ Learn the Direct Object and the Indirect Object
  ▲ Read about flowers and their animals pollinators
  ▲ Write a description of a plant
  II. 目标语言
  功 能 句 式 Expressions for wonder and disgust
  I’m surprised / shocked!
  That’s amazing!
  It can’t be!
  It smells terrible!
  It’s smelly!
  This is disgusting!
  词 汇 1.四会词汇
  pollinate, courtyard, balcony, exotic, distant, Egypt, goods, botanist, scale, conflict, endeavor, anchor, tight, tightly, seal, container, restriction, fluency, shave, thunderstorm, pirate, appeal, dove, lower, beard, ripe, irrigation, weed, spear, string, spade, postpone, pyramid, monument, rot, nectar, bat, evolve, evolution, attach, moth, wasp, beetle, typical, petal, tube, delicate, fragrant, daisy, odor, odorless, dull, musty, fruity
  pollinator, missionary, d’Incarville, Joseph, Nathaniel Ward, Wardian case, Father Farges, chrysanthemum, red date, pitcher, Rafflesia arnoldii, humming-bird
  date back to, appeal to, attach to, give out
  pollinate, exotic, distant, botanist, tightly, container, evolve, evolution, attach, typical, delicate, fragrant, odor, odorless
  结构 1. Direct object and indirect object
  2. –ing form or the infinitive as the object
  重点句子 1. Collecting “exotic” plants, as they are called, dates back to the earliest times. P32
  2. An important group of collectors were French Catholic missionaries who, by the middle if
  the 18th century, were beginning to set themselves up in China. P32
  3. Sir Banks was a very famous British plant collector who accompanied James Cook on his first voyage from England to Oceania. P32
  4. The world of plant exploration was completely changed with Dr Nathaniel Ward’s
  invention of a tightly sealed portable glass container. P32
  5. This invention, called the Wardian case, allowed plants to be transported on long journeys.
  6. Pollen becomes attached to the animal during its visit to a flower and is then passed on to another plant’s blossom on its next visit. P38
  7. Through evolution, most flowers have adapted to attract specific types of pollinators. P38
  8. This kind of evolution where two species have become totally dependent on each other is called co-evolution. P78
  Ⅲ. 教材分析与教材重组
  1. 教材分析

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