《Nelson Mandela-a modern hero》基础知识检测试题

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  河北省石家庄市第四十二中学高一英语Unit 5 基础知识检测题
  参考用时:40分钟 满分:100分
  高中英语组   孙志岭
  (说明:1. 注重基础知识。2. 内容力求贴近学生生活,学以致用。3. 采用百分制,有利于鼓励学生,增加学生的成就感。)
  I. 单词拼写,根据首字母或汉语提示完成句子共10小题,每小题2分,满分20分)
  1. It is strange that the son is very g_________ while his father is quite mean.
  2. We should be more concerned with q___________ than quantity.
  3. The People’s Republic of China was f_________ on October 1,1949.
  4. Zhang Hua’s brother studied law in college and now he is a famous l_______.
  5. Most students in Senior Grade One are Youth L__________ members.
  6. Life is often compared to a (舞台)_________ .
  7. All the people on earth are (平等的)_____________.
  8. (教育)__________ is a social ladder up which you can climb higher.
  9. Obama is now (总统)__________ of America.
  10. In my opinion(看法,意见)___________ , our class is the best one in our school.
  II. 单选题(共10小题,每小题2分,满分20分)
  11. In time of trouble, we usually ___________ our friends and relatives.
  A. turn on B. turn to C. turn over D. turn around
  12. Our teachers are so kind and selfless that they devoted all their time _________ us students.
  A. to teaching B. with teaching C. in teaching D. to teach
  13. We have voted _______Wang Fei to be our monitor because we believe he is fit for the job.
  A. against B. for C. on D. with
  14. Do you still remember the day __________ we first came to our new school?
  A. which B. that C. why D. when
  15. The reason _______ our teacher advised us to buy that dictionary is that it is very helpful to us.
  A. why B. for C. in which D. which
  16. Only when you work hard ___________ succeed.
  A. do you B. you do C. will you D. you will
  17. National Day saw  people ___________ happily in the streets.
  A. sing and dance B. to sing and dance
  C. singing and dancing D. to sing and to dance
  18. In his life, he has always tried to help those __________than himself.
  A. less fortunate B. more fortunate C. most fortunate D. least fortunate
  19. I __________  what he says. However, I don’t _________ him because he is not reliable.
  A. believe in; believe B. believe; believe in
  C. believe in; believe in D. believe; believe
  20. The prisoner has been __________to death because he killed a three-year-old child.
  A. judged B. sentence C. sentenced D. judge
  III. 用所给的词或词组翻译下列句子(共5小题,每小题4分,满分20分)
  21.在中国,女孩和男孩一样享有平等受教育的权利。(enjoy equal rights)
  22. 在过去的两年中,设计者发生了巨大的变化。(see great changes)
  23.直到考试以后我才意识到自己学习不够努力。 (realize)
  24.事实上,谁都不希望自己有麻烦。(be in trouble)
  25.为了你,我什么都愿意做。(be willing to do sth)
  Nelson is a poor black worker in South 26_________. He first met Nelson Mandela when life was very 27____________ for him. He 28__________ to Mandela because he had little education. He 29________ school at six. However, two years later, he had to leave it because  his 30________ could not continue to pay the school 31_________ and the bus 32_________.As a result, he could not read or 33_________ well. And it’s hard for him to get a job. The day when Nelson Mandela helped him was one of his 34___________. He never 35___________ how kind Mandela was.
  (关键词:love & forgive)
  Both my parents came from broken families and had difficult childhoods. But they never 36_____ about how unfortunate their families were. They were 37_________ survivors (生存者), but not survivors at someone else’s expense. From my mother, I saw love’s ability to 38_______.

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