《Festivals around the world》ppt102(9份)

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  Unit 1 Festivals around the world
  Section Ⅰ Warming Up & Reading-Pre-reading
  Reading Oktoberfest
  Palmer Park is the perfect place to host the first Reading Oktoberfest, which takes place 15-18 September 2017.
  You can experience everything that makes Oktoberfest, held in a huge Beer tent. We'll have live music and DJs and thousands of people going crazy.
  Opening hours:
  Thursday 15 September 17:00-23:30
  Friday 16 September 17:00-23:30
  Saturday 17 September 12:30-23:30
  Sunday 18 September 12:30-19:00
  Ramsbottom Festival
  With its riverside location (位置), Ramsbottom Festival is one festival which can truly be called beautiful. Here you can enjoy a mix of music, great arts and family shows, as well as a variety of Great British and international food.
  Ramsbottom Festival takes place 16-18 September 2017 at Ramsbottom Cricb, Bury, easily reachable by public transport from Manchester city centre.
  The Willow Festival Dorset
  The Willow Festival-the world's largest festival showing new and undiscovered live music bands and artists is coming to Dorset. Fun for all the family, the event also has a shopping area, a world food village, and plenty of activities for kids.
  Tickets are just £10.00, which covers a come-and-go attendance(出席)for all three days.
  River Cottage Festival
  It's our first ever family-friendly music festival, right here at River Cottage HQ in Devon.
  On 17-18 September 2017, the farm will be filled with live music from popular bands in the UK. In between all that dancing you'll be able to watch shows from local craftspeople (匠人) and mar own piece of jewelry.
  Tickets will cost you just £35, or £10 for children under 12 (babies under 2 go free).
  【文章大意】 本文是应用文。文章是四个秋季音乐节活动的介绍。
  1.What can visitors enjoy at Ramsbottom Festival?
  A.Family shows.
  B.Dancing on the farm.
  C.Making beautiful things by hand.
  D.International bands' performances.
  解析:A 细节理解题。根据Ramsbottom Festival部分中的Here you can enjoy a mix of music, great arts and family shows可知,在Ramsbottom Festival可以欣赏家庭表演。
  2.Both The Willow Festival Dorset and River Cottage Festival ________.
  A.are held in 2017 for the first time
  B.ask visitors to pay the same price
  C.take place near a river
  D.are family-friendly
  解析:D 细节理解题。根据The Willow Festival Dorset部分中的Fun for all the family以及River Cottage Festival部分中的It's our first ever family-friendly music festival可知,这两个节日都是非常适合一家人参加的。
  3.Which festival lasts the most days?
  A.River Cottage Festival.
  B.Ramsbottom Festival.
  C.Reading Oktoberfest.
  D.The Willow Festival Dorset.
  解析:C 细节理解题。对比文中的时间:Reading Oktoberfest:15-18 September, Ramsbottom Festival: 16-18 September, The Willow Festival Dorset: all three days和River Cottage Festival: 17-18 September可知,Reading Oktoberfest是四个节日中持续天数最多的。
  Unit 1 Festivals around the world
  Section Ⅱ Warming Up & Reading-Language Points
  1.Awarded (award) the first prize in the competition, he felt happy and satisfied.
  2.In order to go to the palace ball, the pretty girl is dressing herself up carefully.
  3.I think it's impolite to play a trick on others just for fun.
  4.The Spring Festival is coming. I'm looking forward to returning (return) home.
  5.If the task is difficult to_finish (finish) on time, you need to ask for help.
  6.Either the workers or the boss usually likes (like) eating in this restaurant for lunch.
  7.The top of the mountain, covered (cover) with snow, lootiful in the distance.
  8.The free expressive movements of modern dance were clearly influenced by the beauty (beautiful) of nature.
  9.Every year people all over the country hold different celebrations (celebrate) to honour the great day.
  10.On his arrival (arrive) in Beijing, Mr. Brown called Lucy and requested her to see him.
  Sweetest Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in October as a day to make someone happy. It is an occasion which offers all of us an opportunity to remember not only the sick, the aged, and children who have lost their parents, but also friends, workmates, relatives and neighbors whose helpfulness and kindness we have enjoyed.
  Over 60 years ago, when a Cleveland man noticed that some people, such as children who lost their parents and patients who lay in bed, too often felt forgotten and neglected(忽视), he developed in his mind the idea of showing them that they were remembered. He did this by giving them small gifts. With the help of his friends and neighbors, he gave those people small gifts on a Saturday in October. During the years that followed, other Clevelanders began to take part in the celebration, which came to be called “Sweetest Day”. Over time, the Sweetest Day idea of spreading cheer to the poor, the sick and children who had lost their parents was broadened to include everyone, and became an occasion for remembering others with a kind act or a small gift. Soon the idea spreaded to other cities all over the USA.
  Sweetest Day is not based on any single group'sreligious beliefs or on a family relationship. It is a reminder that a thoughtful word or deed enriches life and gives it meaning.
  Because for many people remembering takes the form of gift giving, Sweetest Day offers us the opportunity to show others that we care, in a positive(积极的) way.
  【文章大意】 文章介绍了美国的一个特别的节日(Sweetest Day)的由来,鼓励人们向周围的人展示自己的爱心。
  1.What can we learn from the first paragraph?
  A.Sweetest Day is a day to make others happy.
  Unit 1 Festivals around the world
  Section Ⅲ Learning about Language & Using Language
  1.He promised to meet us at the parking lot but hasn't turned up yet.
  2.He made an apology (apologize) to me for not keeping his word.
  3.It is obvious that without the help of the whole society, there would be no new school today.
  4.The brave soldier jumped into the river to save the drowning (drown) child.
  5.Today's homework was easy to_do (do), so Mike finished it quickly and went out to play.
  6.I find that doing physical exercise a couple of times a week makes me feel more energetic (energy).
  7.What he said just now reminded me of that American professor.
  8.I'll never forgive myself for mach a foolish mistake.
  9.p your courage, since life is made up of joy and sadness (sad).
  10.George Washington led the American colonies in the war of independence (independent) against England from 1775 to 1783.
  Holiday in Sydney is a good choice for people trying to get away from cold winter days. You can spend Christmas, New Year, and Chinese New Year in Sydney. All hotels in Sydney are also prepared for business activities. The Christmas spirit is more wonderful when evening falls. Nightlife in Sydney is full of energy, but during holidays it owns a special taste.
  White sandy beaches are located only within a short walk from hotels. You will find beach barbecues (烧烤), surfing, and diving under the sea very enjoyable. There are also public street festivals such as Chinese New Year between January and February. You need to book hotels in advance because they are often filled fast.
  Running from Christmas to the New Year, numerous musical events are held in different places, from hotel restaurants to the Royal Botanical Gardens. Christmas carol (欢歌) performances are free for visitors to enjoy when the Sydney Youth Orchestra plays at the Royal Botanical Gardens.
  Chinese New Year is one of Sydney's annual (每年的) attractions. 500,000 people will gather in the city, so if you are traveling to Sydney, this is a reason to extend your vacations.  Hotels near Belmore Park offer food events during Chinese New Year, and Darling Harbor runs traditional Dragon Boat Races. Others offer tours to the Sze Yup Temple, a Taoist (道教) Church located in Evergreen.
  Seasonal food is also offered at the restaurants, cafes, and room service. In addition, New Year brings the opportunity to celebrate dining with other guests at your hotel.
  【文章大意】 文章主要讲的是在悉尼度假以及节日的各种活动。
  1.Where could we find the passage?
  A.In a travel guide book.
  B.In a student's geography book.
  C.In a newspaper.
  D.In a popular youth magazine.
  解析:A 主旨大意题。本文主要讲的是在悉尼度假以及节日的各种活动。故能够在旅游指南上见到此文章。
  2.Which of the following sports can a visitor do in Sydney?
  A.Sailing.  B.Surfing.
  C.Camping.  D.Running.
  解析:B 细节理解题。根据第二段的第二句You will find beach barbecues,surfing,and diving under the sea very enjoyable. 可知B项符合题意。
  3.According to the passage, we can know ________.
  A.it is very cold during Chinese New Year in Sydney

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