《My First Day at Senior High》ppt42(25份)

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  Cultural Corner
  Step 1 Presentation
  The teacher says, “What do you know about the high school system in the US?”
  Let the students speak up their view, such as the length of secondary school and high school and their school year.
  Step 2 Reading
  Paragraph 1  Questions:
  ① How long does secondary school cover in the US?
  (Seven years.)
  ② Which grades are high school?
  (Ninth to twelfth grades.)
  ③ What do they need if they want to go to college?
  (A high diploma.)
  Paragraph 2
  ① How many semesters are there in the school year?
  (Two semesters.)
  ② What are they?
  (The first of which is September through December, and the second January through May.)
  ③What is the school schedule?
  ( They start at 7:50 a.m. and finish at 3 pm.)
  Paragraph 3  What is the main idea of this paragraph?
  (The student’s after-school activity)
  Paragraph 4  What is the main idea of the paragraph?
  (The author wants to know something about the Chinese school system.)
  Step 3.Listen to the tape.
  Step 4. Compare the differences between American and Chinese school system?
  Things to compare US secondary school system Chinese secondary school system
  Years (from…to…) Ages11—16/18 Ages 12—18
  School diploma They have to get They have to
  First semester(time) September through December September through January
  Second semester(time) January through May February through June
  Summer Vacation June through August July through August
  School schedule Start at 7:50am and finish at 3 pm. Start at 8:00 am and finish at 5:00 pm.
  Compulsory subject Maths science art English  social science physical education hygiene safety Chinese English maths biology chemistry history physics biology politics geography
  Module 1 My First Day at Senior High Grammar
  Grammar 1 and Grammar 2
  Revision of the present tenses and Adjective ending in -ing and -ed
  Step 1 the present simple tense   一般现在时的基本用法
  1)   表示习惯性的,现在反复出现的动作或状态。
  He usually goes to bed at nine. 我通常九点钟起床。
  I write to my parents once a month. 我每月给父母写一封信。
  一般现在时表经常发生的动作或存在的状态时,常和always, often, usually, every day, sometimes 等表时间的状语连用,有时时间状语可以不表示出来。如:
  Where do you live? 你住在哪里?
  What do you do here? 你在这里干什么工作?
  2)   表示主语现在的特征、性格或发生、存在于说话时的感觉、状态等。
  This job calls for great patience. 这项工作需要极大的耐心。
  I feel very hungry. 我感到很饿。
  3)   表示客观事实或普遍真理
  Fire burns. 火会燃烧。
  Knowledge is power. 知识就是力量。
  Time and tide wait for no man. 岁月不待人。
  4)   纸、杂志、书籍不强调过去时间、单纯表客观事实(即所载文字依然存
  What does the newspaper say? 今天报纸说些什么?
  5)  表示要发生的将e, leave, start, return, begin等动词。
  The planes takes off at 10:00 飞机10:00起飞。
  School begins on March 5. 三月五日开学。
  6) 在连词when, before, until,if, as soon as,as引导的表示将来行为的状语
  I’ll wait till he comes. (用于时间状语从句)
  Next time I’ll do as he says. 下次我将按照他所说的去做。
  I’ll than if you give a lift.如果你能让我搭你的便车,那我就谢谢你了。
  7)   一般现在时也可用于宾语从句或定语从句中表示将来。
  See that the windows are closed before you leave.
  Listening and Vocabulary
  Step 1 Doing with the new words.
  1.correction n. 订正,修改;校正  He made several corrections. 他用红墨水修改数处.under correction 在可能有错误, 尚待改正的情形下 I’ll speak under correction. 我所说的话未必全对,请指正。
  2. encouragement ① un. 激励;奖励;促进 He received a lot of encouragement from his teacher. 老师给他很大的激励。② 鼓励的话或行为 The teacher’s words were a great encouragement to him. 教师的话对他是极大的鼓舞。
  3.enjoyment ① 乐趣,享乐 I take/get enjoyment in/from music. 我非常喜欢音乐。② cn. 令人愉快的事,乐事 Skiing is one of my enjoyments. 滑雪是我的赏心乐事之一。be in the enjoyment 享有,拥有。
  4. fluency n. 流利,流畅 speak with fluency 说话流畅 fluent adj. 流利的, 流畅的, 善辩的 speaent English 讲流利的英语 She is fluent in French. 她的法语很流利。
  5. disappointed 失望的,沮丧的 I was disappointed at/ in /with the result.我对那样的结果很失望。I was disappointed to hear the news. 我听了这休息很失望。
  6. disappointing adj. 让人失望的,扫兴的 How disappointing. 多扫兴
  Step 4 Finish activity 1 on page 5. At first read through the words in the box and have the students after the teacher.
  correct →correction  encourage→encouragement  enjoy→enjoyment ←enjoyable  explain→explanation  fluent→fluency misunderstand→ misunderstanding  progressive → progress  pronounce → pronunciation
  Step 5. Finish activity 2
  1.be  fluent  in 2. enjoyable 3. encouragement 4. make a lot of progress 5. pronunciation 6. have an interesting attitude to correction 7.misunderstood 8.explained
  Step 6 Listen to the conservation and finish activity 3
  Rob: Hi, Diane!
  Diane: Hi, Rob! How are you doing ?
  Rob: I’m fine. I’ve just been to my first language class.
  Diane: Oh really?  So have I
  Rob: Which language are you studying?  
  Diane: Spanish. Which language are you studying?
  Rob: Chinese.
  Diane: Is that right? Cool! How was it?
  Rob: It was good. The teacher’s name is Mr Davies.
  Diane: Mr Davies?
  Rob: Yes, he isn’t Chinese, obviously, but he’s fluent in Chinese. And there’s an assistant teacher called Miss Wang. She IS Chinese. We’re going to see her once a week.

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