《I used to be afraid of the dark》学案教案自测题(18份)

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  Unit 4 I used to be afraid of the dark.
  Section A 1a—2d
  I. 单项选择。
  1. I used to _________, but I _________ now.
  A. played the piano; play soccer            B. play the piano; play soccer
  C. play the soccer; play the piano           D. playing score; play the piano
  2. — What do you thinr school?
  — It _________ a lot since 2012.
  A. has changed    B. will change     C. changed      D. is changing
  3. — Does Sandy play basketball now?
  — Yes, but he just plays it _________.
  A. often         B. from time to time  C. a lot        D. very much
  4. — Sally used to be outgoing, didn’t she?
  — _________ But now she is so quiet.
  A. Yes, she didn’t.            B. No, she did.   
  C. Yes, she did               D. No, she didn’t
  5. The girl is afraid _________ the spiders because they look scary.
  A. for           B. of            C. about         D. with
  6. The young man is _________ to save the girl in the river.
  A. enough brave               B. brave enough   
  C. enough bravely              D. bravely enough
  7. The old teacher used to be strict, ________ he?
  A. used          B. did           C. didn’t         D. wasn’t
  8. Mary saw her elder brother _________ basketball in the playground.
  A. plays          B. to play        C. playing       D.to play
  9. Gina used to be _________ and she never spoke in front of the public.
  A. silent          B. noisy         C. outgoing      D. humorous
  10. It’s Father’s Day today, _________?
  A. isn’t he         B. doesn’t it      C. is it          D. isn’t it
  II. 词性转换。
  1. My friend Wang Lei is ___________ (humor). He often makes me laugh.
  2. Jacch a __________ (help) boy that all the neighbors like him.
  3. No matter what I ask, he is __________ (silence) and doesn’t say anything.
  4. John gets good __________ (score) in his tests every time.
  5. After she watched the soccer match, now she is more _________ (interest) in playing soccer.
  III. 根据汉语意思完成英语句子,每空一词。
  1. 玛丽害怕晚上一个人出去。
  Mary is ________ ________ go out alone at night.
  2. 艾米过去个子矮,但现在她1米7了。
  Amy ________ ________ ________ _________, but now she is 1.7 meters.
  3. 他仍然经常迟到。
  She still arrives late ________ ________ ________ ________.
  Unit 4 I used to be afraid of the dark.
  Section A 1a—2d
  1. 能听、说、读、写下列 能正确使用常用表达1) — Did Mario use to be short?             — Yes, he did. He used to be really short.
  2) — What’s he like now?                  — He’s tall now.
  2) — Mario, you used to be short, didn’t you?  — Yes, I did. / No, I didn’t.
  3)   He didn’t use to wear glasses.
  4)   She used to play the piano. 能力
  目标 能够熟练运用“used to”句型来谈论自己或者好朋友过去的一些性格特征及外貌特征。 情感
  目标 通过运用“used to”句型描述自己或他人的外貌和性格特征,学会正确地审视自己和评价他人。 教学重点 熟练运用“used to”句型来谈论自己或他人过去的性格特征、外貌特征及爱好。 教学难点 熟练运用“used to”句型来谈论自己或他人过去的性格特征、外貌特征及爱好。 教学方法 情景教学法;任务型教学法 二、【教学流程】
  环节 师生活动 二次备课 I.  复习
  热身 1. 检查生词预习。
  1). Preview the new words.
  Students read new words by themselves.
  Have a discussion about the difficulties.
  Read and remember new words.
  2. Guessing game 根据图片人物特征猜演员,同时谈论图片上的变化。
  3. Free talk:
  How do we describe people?
  A: What does she/ he look like?
  B: She has short hair.
  He is strong.
  She is thin.
  He is friendly.
  He if serious.
  He is funny.
  II. 感知
  体验 1. PPT呈现不同的图片,通过对比今昔变化,在表格中填写描述人外貌及性格特征的词。
  Fill in the chart with words to describe people.
  2. 通过对比图片的明显变化,呈现used to 的句型。
  Changes in appearance
  Kate is tall now. But she was very short in the past.
  Kate is tall now. But she used to be short.
  T: Do you like them? Can you describe what they used to look like?
  Ss: …
  3. 选词完成句子
  1. He used to be _______, but now he is outgoing.
  2. I used to be _______, but now I am tall.
  3. She is _______,  but her twin sister is a little shy.
  4. You should be ____________ to achieve success. III. 强化
  巩固 1. Activities 1b
  (1) Listen. Bob is seeing some friends for the first time in four
  years. What did his friends use to look like?  
  Answers: 1.short; glasses  2. tall; short hair  3.red; curly
  (2) Listen again and answer the questions.

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