《The written world》同步练习试题1

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  Unit 1 The written word
  一、 根据句子的意思选用恰当的单词,并用其正确形式填空
  plot spit resist intend abuse rescue reform adore
  1. He also likes watching movies a lot and, when he can, he     doing so relaxing on his sofa.
  2. Without the     of the economic management system our industry won􀆳t develop rapidly.
  3. They lost only one man on the journey and were eventually     .
  4. He has been charged with     his powers.
  5. Many lives were saved that day because people     the urge to panic.
  6. It is reported that the violence is     by the overseas illegal organization.
  7. If I had known her     , what happened later would have been different.
  8. They just would not stop. They kept swearing at him, and     on him.
  二、 根据句子的意思选用合适的词组,并用其正确形式填空
  be adapted from live up to be set in touch on be bent on 
  have nothing to do with come out be intended to
  1. I asked him again, and at last he         with the truth.
  2. The thief claimed that he         the case.
  3. Yesterday’s meeting         decide on whether it was necessary to have after-school activities.
  4. Having a star dream, the boy         becoming a football player in childhood.
  5. The TV serial Dream of Red Mansions         the well-known novel with the same title.
  6. He stressed that students should         certain standards of behaviour.
  7. The adventure story         London, drawing successfully on African traditions.
  8. Let me now deal more fully with the important question that         earlier.
  三、 同义句转换,每空一词
  1. She advises her father to stop smot what she does is a vain attempt.
  She             to persuade her father to stop smoking.
  2. The police made them stand up against the wall.
  They             stand up against the wall by the police.
  3. I would travel by train rather than by plane.
  I would         travel by train rather than by plane.
  4. Although he is a child, he can tell right from wrong.(改成倒装句)
  , he can tell right from wrong.
  5. When she heard the news, the poor little girl burst into tears.
  , the poor little girl burst into tears.
  四、 单项填空
  (  )1. —Tom has given a lot to many kinds of charity so far.
  —He is warm-hearted and always     with his money.
  A. strict B. careful C. generous D. enthusiastic
  (  )2. —Did Jay Chou sing at the opening ceremony?
  —Of course. His coming     the happiness of the audience.
  A. added to B. appealed to C. led to D. contributed to
  (  )3. —Shall we take some pictures on the beach?
  —    . Weather permitting, I’ll go with you. 
  A. It just depends B. It doesn’t make sense
  C. That’s all right D. I’m glad to hear that
  (  )4. The manager will retire from the post. The company has decided that another person will be promoted     him.
  A. at the sight of B. in the presence of
  C. in place of D. regardless of
  (  )5. Too many orange trees have been planted and this has caused oranges􀆳 prices to     . Thus, people can buy oranges at low prices.
  A. cut short B. come out C. cut off D. come down
  (  )6. Both teams were in hard training;     was willing to lose the game.
  A. either B. neither C. another D. the other
  (  )7. —Can you come on Monday or Tuesday?
  —I’m afraid     day is possible.
  A. either  B. neither  C. some  D. any
  (  )8. I agree with most of what you said, but I don’t agree with     .
  A. everything  B. anything C. something  D. nothing
  (  )9. He seldom has lunch at school,     ?
  A. hasn’t he  B. has he C. doesn’t he  D. does he
  (  )10. I won’t let you in     you show me the written

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