《Will people have robots》第一单元测试题

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  Unit1 Will people have robots ?
  一. 单项选择(共15小题,计15分)
  (    )1. — Where will you live?   — I will live ________ a space station.
  A. at      B. in               C. on         D. to
  (     )2. There ________ an English film this evening.
  A. will     B. is going to have   C. is going to be   D. will have
  (     )3. —What do you usually have for breakfast?
  —_______milk and _____eggs.
  A. A little;a few         B. A little;a little 
  C. A few;a little         D.A few;a few
  (    )4. Beijing is a very beautiful city. I fell in love ____ it when I came here.
  A. with      B. at     C. for    D. as
  (    )5.Though the old man lives _______, he doesn’t feel _________.
  A. lonely; alone  B. alone; lonely  C. alone, alone  D. lonely; lonely
  (    )6. They have________ work today and they’ll have________ tomorrow.
  A. more;more B. much;much  C. much;more  D. many;more
  (    )7. —When________ you _______here?  —In a month.
  A. will;moving  B. do;move C. will;move  D. did;move
  (    )8. There is ____ milk in this glass than in that one.
  A. less     B. little   C. least   D. fewer
  (    )9. I _______him as soon as he _______ back.
  A. will tell;will come       B. tell;will come
  C. tell;comes              D. will tell;comes
  (    )10. He seems________.   A. happily  B. happy  C. happiness  D. to happy
  (    )11. We have to wear _____ uniform to school.   A. a    B. an   C. the    D. /
  (    )12. _______ students went to the zoo last Sunday.
  A. Two hundred    B. Two hundred of  C. Hundreds    C. Hundred of
  (    )13. Japanese companies have already made robots _______.
  A. to walk and dance  B. walking and dancing  C. walk and dance D. walked and danced
  (    )14. The prediction that computers will be used at home has __________.
  A. come over     B. come true  C. come along      D. come out
  (    )15. —Do you think that there will be more trees in the mountain.  —___
  A. I hope so.                B. I hope not.  
  C. Oh, really?              D. Yeah, there will be fewer trees.
  Robots seem very new to most people. And they have a long history. The   16   one was made by a Greek inventor (发明家). You may   17  robots in some films. The robots in these   18   are stronger, faster and cleverer like people. In real life, most robots are used in factories. They are used to do many dangerous, difficult or boring   19  . Some people can’t look after   20   and robots are used to help them. For example, some people can’t see, many of these people use a   21   to help them move around. This dog is called a guide dog.

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