《Where’s my schoolbag》练习试卷(5份)

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  Unit 4 Where’s my schoolbag?
  Here is a picture. It is a picture of my __1__. This is my __2__. My quilt is on it. Two  baseballs are und er i t. They are white __3__. Look at my desk. A __4__ is on it. I liter games. A __5__ is on it, too. It’s 9:00. Under the desk is my model plane. My __6__ is in my schoolbag and two __7__ are in it, too. My books  are __8__, because(因为) I am not tidy. My keys are under the chair. __9__ is my school ID card? Do you __10__? Oh, it’s under my tape player.
  (A)1.A. room   B. school
  C. family  D. classroom
  (C)2.A. watch   B. radio
  C. bed  D. bag
  (B)3.A. keys   B. baseballs
  C. boys  D. room
  (C)4.A. photo   B. sofa
  C. computer  D. chair
  (B)5.A. photo   B. clock
  C. dictionary  D. books
  (C)6.A. pens   B. chair
  C. pencil  D. desk
  (C)7.A. book   B. tables
  C. erasers  D. pencil box
  (C)8.A. on the desk   B. in the bookcase
  C. everywhere  D. on the wall
  (C)9.A. What   B. How
  C. Where  D. But
  (C)10.A. spell   B. think
  C. know  D. say
  (C)11.Who is a teacher?
  A. Alan’s mother.
  B. Zhou Wen’s grandmother.
  C. Alan’s father.
  Unit 4 Where’s my schoolbag?
  1.  A:Where are the books?
  B:They’re on the sofa.
  2.  A:Where is the schoolba g?
  B:It’s on the bed.
  3.  A:Where are the keys?
  B:They’re on the bookcase.
  4.  A:Where’s the computer game?
  B: It’s under the bed.
  5.  A:Where are the pencils?
  B:They are in the pencil box.
  in, on, under, of, at
  6.Put the ball on the floor(地板), please.
  7.What’s that in/under/on the tree?
  8.That’s the picture of my family.
  9.Can you see two cats in the picture?
  10.Look at the boy. He’s my brother, Tom.         
  11.The pictures are on_the_wall.(对画线部分提问)
  Where are the pictures?
  12.His book is on the desk.(改为一般疑问句,并作否定回答)
  —Is his book on the desk?
  —No, it isn’t.
  13.It is a key.(改为复数形式 )
  They are some keys.
  14.Where are the books?( 用in the schoolbag回答)
  They are in the schoolbag.
  15.Where are your pens?(改为单数形式)
  Where is your pen?
  (C)16.—Are you Alice? —Yes , I’m .I_am
  A             B    C
  (B)17.Where is my parents?are
  A  B  C
  (A)18.This’s her pencil box .This_is
  A       B    C
  (C)19.The eraser is on the_her desk.去掉the或去掉her
  A B   C
  (B)20.I have a orange. It’s orange .an
  A B              C
  My name is Sally Miller. I am a 21.student(学生) in No.3 Middle School. Look! What’s that on the 2 2.chair(椅子)? It’s a ruler. It’s not my r u ler. Who 23.lost(丢失) it? So, I ask Anna, “Excuse me, is this ruler 24.yours(你的 )?” But she says it’s not 25.hers(她的). Her ruler is 2 6.under(在……下面) her English book. And Jack says it’s not 27.his(他的), either. He thinks it is my 28.cousin’s(表妹). She says she lost  29.her(她的) ruler. At last, I found the owner of it, Jenny . She is very happy to 30.find(找到) her ruler.         
  My name is Grace. This is my desk. __31__ on the desk? It’s my bag. The   __32__ is white. A watch, a hat, two CDs and a picture __33__ in it. The watch is from(y m om. It is __34__. I lie, and it is __35__ favorite color. What color is the __36__? It’s red. It is from my sister Gina. Gina is a nice __37__. The __38__  CDs are yellow and w hite. __39__ are from my father. The picture is from my friend Bob. It’s a __40__ of his room. His room is tidy.
  (C)31.A. What              B. Where
  C. What’s              D. Where’s
  (A)32.A. b ag      B. book   
  Unit 4 Where’s my schoolbag?
  1.My books are in the bookcase.
  2.—Where are my pe ns?
  —They are on the sofa.
  3.His hat is on his head.
  4.Where is my English boost  find it.
  5.My keys are on the table.            
  6.This is their(they) classroom.
  7.Mike thinks(think) the pen is Bob’s.
  8.This is my parents’(parents) bedroom.
  9.Excuse me(I). Can you spell this word?
  10.We must find our(we) books.
  where’s,  under, they, desk, in
  Dad:Come on, Bob!
  Bob:Ot I can’t find my bag. 11.Where’s it?
  Dad:Is it on  your 12.desk?
  Dad:Is it 13.under the chair? Look! It’s on the sofa.
  Bob:Than, Dad. Where’s the map?
  Dad:I think it’s 14.in your grandparen ts’ room.
  Bob:Yes, it’s on 15.their bed!
  16.The book is on the schoo lbag.(改为同义句)
  The schoolbag is under the book.
  17.This is a photo of his family .(改为复数形式)
  These are photos of his family.
  18.Those are Englis h books.(改为单数形式)
  That’s an English book.
  19.Lily’s CDs are in_that_bag.(对画线部分 提问)
  Where are Lily’s CDs?
  20.Your tapes are on the desk.(改为否定句)
  Your tapes aren’t on the desk.
  Hello! I’m Cindy. Thi s is  21.__a__ photo of  my room. My bed is blue. I lie very much. Where is 22.my(I) tape player? It’s 23.on my desk. My pencils 24.and pens are on the desk, too. My 25.books(book) are in the bookcase. I think reading books 26.is(be) very interesting(有趣的). In the bookcase you can 27.find(find) some 28.dictionaries(dictionary), 29.too. W here is my computer? Oh, it’s in my 30.father’s (father) room.
  (C)31.________ students are in Susan’s class.

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